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En la región noroeste de Inglaterra se ha creado una red centinela local de médicos generales para la vigilancia de la gripe. En el invierno 2001-02, las tasas de consultas por síndromes gripales (influenza-like-illness; ILI) fueron bajas, pero la red de vigilancia pudo demostrar variaciones subregionales en el momento de aparición de los picos de actividad gripal, así como la infección ... Salir con la MTB en Región del Noroeste de Inglaterra es una de las mejores formas de explorar esta zona de England. Para ayudarte a descubrir lo mejor de la región, hemos hecho un repaso de nuestra colección para seleccionar las 20 mejores Rutas en MTB. Haz clic en la que te guste para ver fotos y consejos de otros riders de komoot y encontrar el itinerario perfecto para tu próxima salida. A pesar de lo que el nombre sugiere, el Castillo de Leeds no está localizado en Leeds sino en Kent. Un castillo en el mismo lugar data del siglo XI, y dos siglos más tarde se convirtió en una de las residencias preferidas del rey Eduardo I. En el siglo XVI, Catalina de Aragón, la primera esposa de Enrique VIII, también residió en el castillo de Leeds. Datos Climáticos, temperaturas, horas de sol y cantidad mensual de precipitaciones en Manchester, Noroeste de Inglaterra. Y a partir de este viernes, en varias localidades del noreste de Inglaterra que suman casi dos millones de personas, está prohibido reunirse entre diferentes hogares y todos los lugares de ... El más grande de ellos es el lago Ullswater, que es también el más grande de Inglaterra, y que es posible navegar de un montón de maneras, como a bordo de un vapor o por cuenta propia en un kayak. Tres de los cuatro hombres que encontraron la colección son de Tyneside, en el noreste de Inglaterra, incluso dormían en tiendas de campaña para evitar que los hallazgos fueran robados. El grupo estaba formado por tres amigos: Andrew Winter, los hermanos Tobiasz y Mateusz Nowak, y otro hombre que no conocían en ese momento, Dariusz Fijalkowski. El gobierno británico anunció el jueves nuevas restricciones en el noreste de Inglaterra debido al aumento de los contagios de coronavirus, una 'segunda joroba' de la pandemia que el primer ... Bucklebury Bucklebury es una localidad y una parroquia civil de Berkshire, en Inglaterra que data de la época prenormanda. Fue un señorío real, que pertenceció à Eduardo el Confesor. Su descripción detallada con su iglesia, figura en el Domesday Book. Ediciones disponibles de este autorM Lab. En nuestro sitio, le ofrecemos descargar el libro Campings en la granja noreste de inglaterra (con data de gps y mapas detallados) a PDF de manera gratuita para poder leerlo en su ordenador u otros dispositivos electrónicos. Únase a nuestra comunidad y obtenga un libro gratuito Campings en la granja noreste de inglaterra (con data de gps y mapas ...

[Translation] Which La Liga club fits each Premier League team?

2020.01.17 11:33 LordVelaryon [Translation] Which La Liga club fits each Premier League team?

Good morning lads and lassies of soccer. To celebrate that the Bundesliga finally comes back I bring you the transcripton/translation of a pretty interesting video I had watched some time ago, related (and literally titled) "Which La Liga team fits each team of the Premier League?"
Now, I know the issue about fans that have simpathy for "second" teams is polarizing and as we all know after last year, it can become something completely vomitive, but this video is indeed trying to give fans of Spanish clubs reasons to like a particular English club, and with that said, tbh I believe at the end of the day most fans, plastic or not, do feel at least some simpathy for some clubs above others excluding their own. From the small town fan who supports their local club but also the "big" team that challenges for the league in the top division, to the Ultra that hates every club of their country that isn't his but do likes a foreign club of which he befriended their respective Ultras in the past, I'm pretty sure that most football fans do feel at least a bit of simpathy for some particular club of a foreign league.
But well, that discussion shouldn't be the topic of this. The fact is that these Spaniards of the video do like particular English clubs and to guide other similar Spaniards analyzed the situation and created this "guidebook" about which Premier League club "currently" fits each La Liga club, and that is what will be shown here.
With a last emphasis in the "currently", there's nothing else to say as preview. Just remember that these aren't my opinions and I'm only sharing what they decided.

Newcastle United & Athletic Club

  • Both are clubs that come from the northern parts of their countries. The Basque Country literally faces the English Channel, while Newcastle is in North-East England, facing both Scotland and the Northern Sea.
  • Both have pretty big stadiums with almost the same capacity (52k and 53k respectively) that also coincidentally are in the center of their respectives cities, something that is laudable in these modern times where stadiums are being designed to be in the outskirts, and not few clubs are forced to traslate them from their original places because of the economical advantages.
  • And another thing that united them is that they are one of the few historical rich clubs that doesn't have a derby rival in their city. So, if you're born in Bilbao you better fucking support Athletic and there is no room for debate about it, and something similar happens in Newcastle. And in the same way, the derby that the clubs have actually have (Sunderland and Real Sociedad) goes beyond football and is a derby between the whole cities.
  • They faced each other in the 94/95 UEFA Cup Round of 16 and what highlights it was that it was an epic clash that ended in a global 3-3 draw where Athletic won thanks to away goals, and that in the second leg had a pitch invasion from Basque fans that after celebrating with their team, went to laud the away stand, as the English visitors had been great and even cheered for Athletic after the end of the match, thing that a lot of old fans from both clubs would remember forever.
  • That match would be so iconic for some that Rob Lee, one of the best Newcastle players of the last decades, would require his farewell match for the Geordie team to be... against Athletic. And such wish was granted.

Crystal Palace & Getafe

  • Both are clubs from the south of the metropolitan areas of the capital of their countries. Selhurst for London and Getafe for Madrid respectively.
  • Both are managed by tacticians with a similar ethos: Bordalás and Hodgson. The parallels of both teams are easily spotted when you watch both teams: strong rigid defenders, fast strikers, sitting back and counterattacks, the whole 4-4-fucking-2 package, et al.
  • Vicente Guaita played for both teams, and in fact was directly tranferred from Madrid to London.
  • Both have blue as their main colour,

Liverpool & Real Madrid

  • Both are the European royalty of their respective leagues. Real Madrid is just the most successful in history and nobody comes close, while Liverpool has the double of Champions Leagues than the second most succesful English team and only Milan between them and Real.
  • Both stand out for their mentality and comebacks. Istanbul and Lisbon, for example, are among the most dramatic Champions League finals in the whole history. One team comeback from a 3-0 in the first half, the other tied and later won a match that they were losing until the 90'+3.
  • Xabi Alonso, Steve McManaman, Alvaro Arbeloa, Dudek, Antonio Núñez, Rafa Benitez, Michael Owen, Fernando Morientes and the greatest of all, Nuri Sahin, served in both clubs.
  • Both stand out for being the best teams of the 20th century in their countries by far, which nevertheless suffered many years of drought after the golden years until they eventually achieved an epic again, being Mijatovic's goal and the penalty saved by Dudek, the final actions that crowned them for the first time in decades as European champions for the seventh and fifth time, respectively.

Norwich & Valladolid

  • Both won the league cup of their countries in the same years (84/85).
  • Both highlight for the atypical colour of their kits (violet and yellow/green).
  • Both are the biggest teams of relatively isolated counties.
  • Mohammed Salisu plays for Valladolid and has been linked to Norwich.

Bournemouth & Eibar

  • The two smallest stadiums of each league. Dean Court has a capacity of barely above 11,000 in a league where the average is above 40k, while the Municipal de Ipurua has only... 8164 seats.
  • Likewise, both are clubs from pretty small cities that almost nobody would know if it wasn't for their football teams. Lets just say that Eibar isn't exactly in the same tier of the other Basque cities like Bilbao, San Sebastian or Pamplona, while Bournemouth only has 190k inhabitants and was founded as recently as the 19th century, something strange for English standards.
  • And finally and ringing the same bells, they are two small teams that were promoted to the top tier for the first time ever in recent years (2014-15) to the first division, and that also coincidentally, have never descended from that time despite their (lack) of historical status.

Burnley & Alaves

  • Both are extremely physical and defensive teams that also highlight for their lack of possesion (the lowest and second lowest of their leagues respectively).
  • Turf Moor and the Estadio de Mendizorroza have almost exactly the same capacity (20k).
  • John Guidetti played for both.

Sheffield United & Mallorca

  • Both are clubs with over a century of history, however, both are currently united by their quick promotions of recent years. Few clubs do it each season, but those who climb two divisions practically in-a-row, even less.
  • The English club was in the third tier of the English pyramid from 2013 to 2017, after which they won the promotion to the Championship after becoming champions with 100 points. After that, they finished 10th in their first season there, just to assure the promotion in dramatic tones after Leeds implosion in the late stages of the 18/19 season.
  • Meanwhile the island club was even more epic in their promotions. After failing to Segunda B (the third tier of Spanish football) for the first time in 40 years, they fired everybody but 4 players, but still were able to win their local group of the division and later compete in the final play-offs that gave the promotion spots, and in that they first assured a promotion spot and later become champions of the division. And then? they arrived to the Second Division with the hopes of not being relegated, but overperformed and in an epic way assured the last position that gave a spot to the play-off for the final promotion spot, and despite losing 2-0 in the first leg of the final, the won 3-0 the second leg and completed their return from the Third Division to La Liga in the fastest possible way.
  • Finally but not less important, both have red in their kits.

Brighton & Levante

  • Both are small clubs from coastal towns.
  • Both won the promotion from the second division in 16/17.
  • Brighton logo shows a seagull and they're known as such.
  • Levante's coast has a record for having the biggest number of a certain breed of seagulls in the whole world.

Leicester & Villarreal

  • Both are clubs that are relatively small when it comes to historical status... and for the same reason both were part of some of the best underdogs stories of the world in recent decades.
  • Villarreal, the Yellow Submarine, comes from a small Valencian city of around 50k, and despite having a history of almost a century, they never reached the top division until 1998, just to be relegated in the same year. But they didn't gave up and came back to La Liga as quickly, and this time they stayed, and in what a way! Pellegrini's Villarreal spearheaded by Román Riquelme and Diego Forlán surprised Europa by ending third in La Liga just behind the Galacticos and Ronaldinho's Barca and won the right to play the 2005/06 Champions League, in what would end being their greatest moment in history so far by eventually reaching semifinals and barely losing the chance of playing the final in their first season thanks to some cursed penalties against the Arsene Wenger club. Even in defeat, the history that they made was epic as few others.
  • But one that actually was it even more was what Leicester did exactly 10 years later in the Premiership. From barely avoiding being relegated to win the whole league was a FIFA Career-esque story, and for the same it will be remembered forever.
  • And finally, what made even more iconic both legendary performances was the charisma of some of their players. Vardy, Forlán, Riquelme more precisely.

Southampton & Leganés

  • Southampton are called the Saints and their stadium is named St Mary's.
  • Leganes' stadium is called after a religious figure (Virgen de Butarque).
  • Guido Carrillo and Mauricio Pellegrino served in both clubs.

Watford & Granada

  • The Pozzo family: originally known from being the owners of Udinese in the Serie A, eventually the Italian family diversified their investments, first buying the small Spanish team in 2009, and later the English one in 2012. Because of financial reasons they sold their participation in Granada in the late 2016, aye, however, there was a timelapse that lasted years were both clubs where effectively in the same hands.
  • And for the same reasons, a number of players have been "property" of both clubs. Isaac Success and Adalberto Peñaranda the most iconic of them.

Chelsea & Atletico Madrid

  • Both are pretty big clubs in the capital but that have lived in the shadow of their historically bigger neighbour for more time than not, a certain Arsenal and Real Madrid respectively.
  • An impressive number of illustrious names have passed through both teams, and not few times from one to the other and even in some times back again: Fernando Torres, Diego Costa, Filipe Luis, Thibaut Courtois, Mateja Keman, Tiago Mendes, Maniche, Radamel Falcao, Jesper Grönkjaer, Hasselbaink, Morata, and more.
  • Both suffered for tragic defeats in the Champions League final, Chelsea in 2008, Atleti in 2014 (and 2016). One team had their captain slip and missed the crucial penalty, the other ended losing a final that was winning until the 90'+3. Coincidentally, all those finals were between teams from the same country.

Tottenham & Sevilla

  • Both have white jerseys.
  • Both were managed in recent years by Juande Ramos.
  • Both are famous because of their fierce rivalry with a neighbour, that makes them part of one of the most iconic derbies in their country.
  • Both are clubs that have a long history and that in recent years have had a pretty great period, but still weren't able to truly displace or replace the historically bigger clubs from their place.
  • Diego Armando Maradona.

Manchester United & Valencia

  • Both are of the biggest clubs with the biggest fanbases of their country, and both are currently underperforming when you see their historical status, which enrages such fans.
  • Both have some of the worse owners that a big club that want sportive instead of just financial success could have, and that are one of the main causes of their decline in recent years: the Glazers and Peter Lim.
  • And fanbases of both clubs also hate the right-hand of their owners that is the most direct responsible of the sportive issues of their clubs: Anil Murthy and Ed Woodward.
  • Peter Lim is also a big Man United fan and the owner of restaurants and pubs with Mancunian thematics in his Asian domains... and is also a partial owner of the Class of 92's creation, Salford City.
  • Gary Neville and Juan Mata are some names that both clubs share.
  • And finally but also most important: Valencia played against Valencia in Valencia.

Everton & Real Sociedad

  • Both are proud clubs with an illustrious history despite being the smaller club compared to their more famous neightbours, and also are clubs that these days suffer more time than not.
  • Both had their peak in the 80's, with Everton two leagues and one cup, exactly the same numbers than la Real. That decade would also be the last one when they had any major success, with Sociedad only being able to say that they ended second in the 02-03 La Liga and the Toffees with that they won a FA Cup in 95'.
  • David Moyes.

Manchester City & Barcelona

  • Pep Guardiola, of course.
  • Also of the first stages of the changes after the arrival of the Sheikh was the creation of a sports city for young players, imitating la Masia, probably the second most famous thing of the Spanish club.
  • And another was the bet for a female team, in what now both are powers, unlike their historical rivals that are shamefully far behind them on it despite their historical status.
  • Also beyond Pep there are other people that both clubs share: Ferran Soriano and Txiki Begiristain, financial director and sports director respectively of both teams in the past and now.
  • Claudio Bravo played for both, although with different kind of performances.
  • And finally, not a few Barcelona fans today complain that the closest thing to the Barca that touched the sky today is Manchester City.

West Ham & Espanyol

  • Both are clubs of a big city where there are bigger teams. West Ham is arguably the 4th biggest London club these days after Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham, while Espanyol are the second biggest but loyalist club of Barcelona, where there is a certain secessionist bigger Catalan club.
  • Both are clubs that have been almost all their history in the top division and yet have never won it. Likewise, both had their peaks and almost did it in the 80s, where both ended 3rd, in almost the same year (86' and 87').
  • Both were clubs that had an old stadium as traditional as loved (Estadi de Sarrià and the Upton Park) that were eventually replaced by stadiums built by the city for the Olympics (Espanyol eventually left his one though).
  • Both have never being relegated to the third division of their countries despite being some of the oldest clubs around.
  • Both had their bittersweet European moments, sweeter definitely for West Ham though.

Wolves & Real Betis

  • Both are the club with most Mexicans of their league, Raul Jimenez vs Diego Lainez plus Andres Guardado respectively, what makes their teams far more popular than what they should in the CONCACAF giant.
  • Joey Guðjónsson and Alfred N'Diaye played for both clubs.
  • Six Portuguese have played for Betis in this century. Six Portuguese play for Wolves this season.
  • They played a friendly last year.

Aston Villa & Celta de Vigo

  • Both are related to the sky-blue colour.
  • Both clubs are characterized for having a player that is almost a demigod for the fans and club overall: Jack Grealish and Iago Aspas.
  • Those demigods are local players who have been fans of their club since they were children, and love them so much that played for them even in the second division.
  • Both teams currently have their great derby rivals in the second division (Birmingham and Deportivo La Coruña). -They played in the late 90s in the UEFA Cup.

Arsenal & Osasuna

  • Both are related to the colour red.
  • Both are known for having local fans closer to the left-wing of politics.
  • Nacho Monreal, Carlos Vela and Fran Merida played for both teams.
  • Both won their league in 1953.
*and that's it. Hope that you liked it as I did. Do you have any opinions about how to make this even more accurate? feel free to share them.
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