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2020.07.30 16:36 Soul_Man2004 Photographers

An editing base for David Bowie's photographers. From paparazzi to good friends.
The original was removed by bots so I'm using my profile instead. Don't think I'll be able to put it anywhere else.
Anyone coming into my profile to use this, feel free. It's unorganized as hell.
Notes: Low Symphony 92, 90 shades, 87 little girl and studio, red ghost duke
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2020.04.19 18:24 CyrusWaugh My thoughts on this week of new music

This week is a bit relaxed, but a few good hits are here and some of them are capable of making you rip your hair out. So let’s dig in.
No I In Beer-Brad Paisley
Brad Paisley for a while has been trying to make a comeback in the mainstream, sure he’s a massive star, and I actually believe he’s capable of making a comeback, he has the resources and the skill to do it but this song I doubt is that comeback. However I think its fun single, and I’ll probably grin a bit when hearing it on the radio. This is a mixed bag in production, you have really nice moments throughout the song, but the percussion is way too loud. Lyrically it is a bit shallow, but I like the lyric there’s no I in beer but there’s about to be a lot of beer in you and I, really clever writing in a few places, it’s a fun summer anthem, I don’t think it is a smash hit, but check it out if you’re bored out of mind as you are trapped inside.
More Than My Hometown-Morgan Wallen
In case you don’t know him, Morgan Wallen is a rising star in Nashville, he had the number one single in 2019, and for an artist who debuted about a year before that’s impressive. Morgan Wallen has made a name for himself for a guy who isn’t afraid to delve into Neo-Traditional production but at the same time isn’t afraid to delve into pop production. I view him as a middle lane artist, but on to the actual song, some people view this song as a disappointment or praise it. I am in the middle on this, it is not a dustin lynchified song like many say it is. It reminds of the production of Chief with its driving rocking beat. I don’t think this style suits Morgan Wallen, I see him at his best when he has a more rustic Appalachia sound. I think it is a bit too checklisty with saying things like when the bass hits the hook, when the guy gets the girl at the end of the book, instead knowing what you love less than her, explain why you love your hometown, with Give Me Back My Hometown, that central dialogue is put at the center of the song. However I’d give this song a thumbs up anyways, it is far too simple yes, but it is a smash, and I see it doing well in the future, I’m still mad Cover Me Up isn’t a single but it is what it is. I like Wallen’s vocals on it, the timbre of his voice has so much quality and he makes it an earworm that’s hard to get rid of. Tempo wise this is fine, some people say they should’ve slowed it down, I disagree, I tried slowing it down and honestly worked even less. So I’ll take the song as it is thank you very much.
Cold Beer Calling My Name-Jameson Rodgers ft. Luke Combs
This has to be a dug-up song from 2013, you cannot convince me otherwise. This melody is so forgettable, the production is so dated. Oh my god you need a beer! I’ve never heard that before, there is literally a thousand songs with this same story, even before bro country they had songs like these. This is going to be forgotten about, because it has nothing interesting whatsoever, it doesn’t have Luke’s powerful vocals, instead he has to sit back and sing like any other douche bro artist. You can’t even let the guitar solos come out because you need the snap tracks to be louder. Luke’s having a running trend right now of doing the same songs over and over, whether that’s a break up song, a southern pride bro song or in this case a song about wanting a beer, I hope he breaks this trend fast. I would call it the worst release of the week if it weren’t for the song after this one.
Do Si Do-Diplo ft. Blanco Brown
My first listen had my jaw dropped for about 12 seconds. To put this song in context, imagine you were kidnapped, you were dumped in a trunk in a burlap sack, then you are taken to an abandon farm and you’re blind as a bat then you hear someone whisper in your ear: “Let me see you get tipsy Get loose, gettin’ frisky Baby, let me see your favorite move Break it down, let me see what you can do. These honestly sound like the words of a serial rapist, I’m not trying to make a joke that’s just what it sounds like. I am just disgusted, the chorus is him literally moaning than saying do si do 10 times in a row. This has to be the worst song of 2020, even Dustin Lynch and Chase Rice did a better job than the piece of garbage laid before me, I thought Diplo’s first outing with Morgan Wallen was decent enough but no, this is just terrible in every single way, I’ll only recommend it so you can see what I mean if you’re skeptical of my claims.
Gabrielle-Brett Eldredge
Brett Eldredge caught my attention with The Long Way in 2018, which was an intriguing. I prefer songs leave names out of it, but every now and then I give it a pass, this isn’t one of those cases. This feels like it belongs in the 90’s, it is honestly more forgettable than I thought it was after my second listen, he’s trying to sing like a 90’s R&B singer and he does a terrible job, tell me something about this girl if you want to just blurt out her name. It’s forgettable in almost every single aspect, its not terrible like other songs this week but it’s probably the most boring of them all.
Southpaw-Kip Moore
Wild World was a snooze fest, but this is at least interesting. My biggest issue is when listening to this is that I keep hearing ear rape that’s being muted which is irritating, it’s bland lyrically but it has a few things going for it. He moves the rhythm pretty well, but I swear his rhythm rips off Brothers Osborne’s I Don’t Remember Me. But I’d rather take a song with interesting qualities and tries to engage a listener than a song that doesn’t do that in the slightest. I think Kip Moore’s glory days are behind him but if he continues to build up in quality with each release, we may get a great record from him.
Untouchable-Jana Kramer
Right after Grady Butchered Jana Kramer’s Said No One Ever this song pops up on my radar. And I definitely think it’s a step in a positive direction after that monstrosity she gave us. I think its heart is in the right place, but it just misses a few bullseyes for me. Instead of song looking for a love that’s untouchable, how about someone who is looking for that kind of love but accepts its impossibility, because there is no perfect love for you out there, no human being is perfect and a song with that narrative would’ve been extremely compelling, but no, its mild love song with standard Nashville pop production, I think she sounds nice on this track but I hope we get the Jana Kramer from Why Ya Wanna back because the person has disappeared off the face of the earth.
Guys Named Captain-Kenny Chesney
HOLY…CRAP! I thought I was dreaming, this just beautiful, I never thought talking about the lives of Captains was something I needed, yet here we are. Kenny Chesney won me back with Songs For The Saints a master class album then lost me again with Tip Of My Tongue and he’s winning me back again with this song, its productions puts me in the place of the captain, out on the sea, I get an image in my head with every line Kenny delivers. You get awesome lyrics like “The Wink Of An Eye, A Shadowy Past, Lifelines from Smoke Up Your Glass” Kenny Chesney’s album if it doesn’t get delayed will be amazing, I doubt it will rise to the level of Saints due to the previous releases but I think it will be great nonetheless.
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2019.09.06 03:20 Pickup_your_nuts Today In History 06/09

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2019.04.29 11:12 tombstoneshadows28 Full Turner Classic Movies schedule for the month of May, 2019. (USA-EST)

Wednesday, May 01, 2019
(6:00 AM) Alias French Gertie (1930/68m/George Archainbaud)
(7:30 AM) Blondie Johnson (1933/68m/Ray Enright)
(8:45 AM) House of Numbers (1957/92m/Russell Rouse)
(10:30 AM) Stronger Than Desire (1939/78m/Leslie Fenton)
(12:00 PM) This Woman Is Dangerous (1952/97m/Felix Feist)
(1:45 PM) Paid (1930/86m/Sam Wood)
(3:30 PM) Lady Gangster (1942/62m/Florian Roberts)
(4:45 PM) Midnight Mary (1933/74m/William Wellman)
(6:15 PM) Ring Of Fire (1961/91m/Andrew L. Stone)
(8:00 PM) Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956/113m/Robert Wise)
(10:00 PM) The Rack (1956/100m/Arnold Laven)
Thursday, May 02, 2019
(12:00 AM) Until They Sail (1957/95m/Robert Wise)
(1:45 AM) The Helen Morgan Story (1957/118m/Michael Curtiz)
(4:00 AM) The Silver Chalice (1954/135m/Victor Saville)
(6:30 AM) Public Enemy’s Wife (1936/68m/Nick Grinde)
(7:45 AM) China Sky (1945/78m/Ray Enright)
(9:15 AM) The Chocolate Soldier (1941/102m/Roy Del Ruth)
(11:00 AM) Cause For Alarm (1951/74m/Tay Garnett)
(12:15 PM) The Heavenly Body (1943/95m/Alexander Hall)
(2:00 PM) Sinner’s Holiday (1930/60m/John G. Adolfi)
(3:15 PM) The Guardsman (1931/82m/Sidney Franklin)
(4:45 PM) Rage In Heaven (1941/85m/W.S. Van Dyke II)
(6:15 PM) It’s Love I’m After (1937/90m/Archie L. Mayo)
(8:00 PM) Since You Went Away (1944/172m/John Cromwell)
(11:00 PM) Mrs. Miniver (1942/134 m/William Wyler)
Friday, May 03, 2019
(1:30 AM) Happy Land (1943/75m/Irving Pichel)
(3:00 AM) The Human (1943/117m/Clarence Brown)
(5:15 AM) The White Cliffs of Dover (1944/126m/Clarence Brown)
(7:30 AM) The Scarecrow (1920/18m/?)
(8:00 AM) Two Arabian Knights (1927/92m/Lewis Milestone)
(9:45 AM) Turnabout (1940/84m/Hal Roach)
(11:15 AM) Dodsworth (1936/101m/William Wyler)
(1:00 PM) The Southerner (1945/93m/Jean Renoir)
(4:30 PM) The Black Book (1949/89m/Anthony Mann)
(6:15 PM) Our Town (1940/89m/Sam Wood)
(8:00 PM) The Time, The Place and the Girl (1946/105m/David Butler)
(10:00 PM) Lady of Burlesque (1943/90m/William A. Wellman)
Saturday, May 04, 2019
(12:00 AM) Born To Dance (1936/106m/Roy Del Ruth)
(2:00 AM) Mac and Me (1988/99m/Stuart Raffill)
(4:00 AM) The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987/97m/Rod Amateau)
(6:00 AM) The Haunting (1963/112m/Robert Wise)
(8:00 AM) MGM CARTOONS: The Calico Dragon (1935/8m/Hugh Harman)
(8:10 AM) Dancing on the Ceiling (1937/9m/Murray Roth)
(8:21 AM) The Big Blue Goose (1956/8m/Van Campen Heilner)
(8:30 AM) Sundown Trail (1931/53m/Robert F. Hill)
(9:30 AM) FLASH GORDON CONQUERS THE UNIVERSE: Stark Treachery (SERIAL) (1940/21m/?)
(10:00 AM) POPEYE: Lost and Foundry (1937/7m/Dave Fleischer)
(10:09 AM) The Falcon’s Brother (1942/63m/Stanley Logan)
(11:30 AM) Once Over Lightly (1938/19m/Will Jason)
(12:00 PM) Dodge City (1939/104m/Michael Curtiz)
(2:00 PM) Forbidden Planet (1956/98m/Fred McLeod)
(3:45 PM) The Wonderful Country (1959/98m/Robert Parrish)
(5:30 PM) The Train (1964/133m/John Frankenheimer)
(8:00 PM) Marty (1955/90m/Delbert Mann)
(10:00 PM) The Catered Affair (1956/94m/Richard Brooks)
(11:41 PM) Dark Magic (1939/10m/Roy Rowland)
Sunday, May 05, 2019
(12:00 AM) Nightmare Alley (1947/111m/Edmund Goulding)
(2:00 AM) Petulia (1968/105m/Richard Lester)
(4:00 AM) The Gypsy Moths (1969/107m/John Frankenheimer)
(6:00 AM) Conquest (1937/112m/Clarence Brown)
(8:00 AM) The Woman In White (1948/109m/Peter Godfrey)
(10:00 AM) Nightmare Alley (1947/111m/Edmund Goulding)
(12:00 PM) Ninotchka (1939/110m/Ernst Lubitsch)
(2:00 PM) Gilda (1946/110m/Charles Vidor)
(4:00 PM) The Miracle Worker (1962/107m/Arthur Penn)
(6:00 PM) In the Heat of the Night (1967/110m/Norman Jewison)
(8:00 PM) The Misfits (1961/12m/John Huston)
(10:15 PM) McLintock! (1963/122m/Andrew V. McLaglen)
Monday, May 06, 2019
(12:30 AM) The Noise of Bombs (1914/12m/?)
(12:30 AM) Shot In The Excitement (1914/12m/?)
(12:30 AM) Life In The Balance (1913/11m/?)
(12:30 AM) His Bitter Pill (1916/20m/Fred Hibbard)
(12:30 AM) Comrades (1911/11m/Mack Sennett)
(12:30 AM) The Great Toe Mystery (1914/11m/?)
(2:00 AM) Princess From The Moon (1987/121m/Kon Ichikawa)
(4:15 AM) Her Brother (1960/98m/Kon Ichikawa)
(6:00 AM) Five Came Back (1939/75m/John Farrow)
(7:30 AM) Keeper of the Flame (1943/101m/George Cukor)
(9:15 AM) The Great Lie (1941/108m/Edmund Goulding)
(11:15 AM) Life Begins For Andy Hardy (1941/101m/George B. Seitz)
(1:00 PM) The Wrong Man (1956/105m/Alfred Hitchcock)
(3:00 PM) The Green Promise (1949/81m/William D. Russell)
(4:30 PM) Close To My Heart (1951/90m/William Keighley)
(6:15 PM) Stage Door (1937/92m/Gregory LaCava)
(8:00 PM) Cabin In The Sky (1943/99m/Vincente Minnelli)
(10:00 PM) Bright Road (1953/68m/Gerald Mayer)
(11:30 PM) A Raisin In The Sun (1961/128m/Daniel Petrie)
Tuesday, May 07, 2019
(2:00 AM) Shaft (1971/100m/Gordon Parks)
(4:00 AM) Within Our Gates (1920/74m/Oscar Micheaux)
(5:15 AM) The Jackie Robinson Story (1950/77m/Alfred E. Green)
(6:45 AM) Gary Cooper: American Life, American Legend (1991/46m/Richard Schickel)
(7:45 AM) It (1927/77m/Clarence Badger)
(9:00 AM) One Sunday Afternoon (1933/69m/Stephen Roberts)
(10:15 AM) Friendly Persuasion (1956/138m/William Wyler)
(12:45 PM) A Farewell To Arms (1932/89m/Frank Borzage)
(2:15 PM) Dallas (1950/94m/Stuart Heisler)
(4:00 PM) The Hanging Tree (1959/107m/Delmer Daves)
(6:00 PM) The Wreck of the Mary Deare (1959/105m/Michael Anderson)
(8:00 PM) It Happened One Night (1934/105m/Frank Capra)
(10:00 PM) Bluebeard's Eighth Wife (1938/85m/Ernst Lubitsch)
(11:45 PM) My Man Godfrey (1936/94m/Gregory LaCava)
Wednesday, May 08, 2019
(1:30 AM) Bringing Up Baby (1938/102m/Howard Hawks)
(3:30 AM) Rafter Romance (1933/73m/William Seiter)
(5:00 AM) Petticoat Fever (1936/80m/Geo. Fitzmaurice)
(6:30 AM) The Girl Downstairs (1938/77m/Norman Taurog)
(8:00 AM) The Big Steal (1949/71m/Don Siegel)
(9:15 AM) Jeopardy (1953/69m/John Sturges)
(10:30 AM) Border Incident (1949/95m/Anthony Mann)
(12:15 PM) Borderline (1950/88m/William A. Seiter)
(2:00 PM) Second Chance (1953/82m/Rudy Maté)
(3:30 PM) His Kind of Woman (1951/120m/John Farrow)
(5:45 PM) Out of the Past (1947/97m/Jacques Tourneur)
(7:30 PM) MGM Parade Show #22 (1955/29m/?)
(8:00 PM) The Young Philadelphians (1959/136m/Vincent Sherman)
(10:30 PM) The Long Hot Summer (1958/117m/Martin Ritt)
Thursday, May 09, 2019
(12:45 AM) Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958/108m/Richard Brooks)
(2:45 AM) Sweet Bird of Youth (1962/120m/Richard Brooks)
(5:00 AM) Rachel, Rachel (1968/101m/Paul Newman)
(7:00 AM) Girl of the Golden West (1938/121m/Robert Z. Leonard)
(9:15 AM) Let Freedom Ring (1939/87m/Jack Conway)
(11:00 AM) The Harvey Girls (1946/101m/George Sidney)
(12:45 PM) Two Guys from Texas (1948/86m/David Butler)
(2:15 PM) Annie Get Your Gun (1950/107m/George Sidney)
(4:15 PM) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954/102m/Stanley Donen)
(6:15 PM) The Fastest Guitar Alive (1967/87m/Michael Moore)
(8:00 PM) The More The Merrier (1943/104m/George Stevens)
(10:00 PM) The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek (1944/99m/Preston Sturges)
Friday, May 10, 2019
(12:00 AM) The Clock (1945/90m/Vincente Minnelli)
(1:45 AM) Miracle In The Rain (1956/107m/Rudolph Maté)
(3:45 AM) Class Of ’44 (1973/95m/Paul Bogart)
(5:30 AM) The Very Thought of You (1944/98m/Delmer Daves)
(7:15 AM) Janie (1944/102m/Michael Curtiz)
(9:00 AM) Once A Doctor (1937/58m/William Clemens)
(10:00 AM) Queen Of Outer Space (1958/80m/Edward Bernds)
(11:30 AM) The Unholy Wife (1957/94m/John Farrow)
(1:15 PM) I Married A Woman (1958/84m/Hal Kanter)
(2:45 PM) The Prince and the Showgirl (1957/117m/Laurence Olivier)
(4:45 PM) Illegal (1955/88m/Lewis Allen)
(6:30 PM) Born Reckless (1959/79m/Howard W. Koch)
(8:00 PM) The Seven Ups (1973/103m/Philip D’Antoni)
(10:00 PM) The French Connection (1971/104m/William Friedkin)
Saturday, May 11, 2019
(12:00 AM) Bullitt (1968/114m/Peter Yates)
(2:30 AM) The Chocolate War (1988/104m/Keith Gordon)
(4:15 AM) Class (1983/98m/Lewis John Carlino)
(6:00 AM) Designing Woman (1957/118m/Vincente Minnelli)
(8:00 AM) MGM CARTOONS: The Field Mouse (1941/9m/Hugh Harman)
(8:11 AM) Fish Tales (1954/8m/Carl Dudley)
(8:20 AM) Canoeman's Holiday (1956/8m/Douglas Sinclair)
(8:29 AM) Wyoming Roundup (1952/53m/Thomas Carr)
(9:30 AM) FLASH GORDON CONQUERS THE UNIVERSE: Doom of the Dictator (SERIAL) (1940/21m/?)
(10:00 AM) POPEYE: I Never Changes My Altitude (1937/6m/Dave Fleischer)
(10:08 AM) The Falcon Strikes Back (1943/66m/Edward Dmytryk)
(11:30 AM) Happily Buried (1939/20m/Felix E. Feist)
(12:00 PM) Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939/130m/Frank Capra)
(2:30 PM) All The King's Men (1949/110m/Robert Rossen)
(4:30 PM) 3:10 to Yuma (1957/92m/Delmer Daves)
(6:15 PM) Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964/95m/Stanley Kubrick)
Sunday, May 12, 2019
(12:00 AM) White Heat (1949/113m/Raoul Walsh)
(2:00 AM) A Dream Of Kings (1969/110m/Daniel Mann)
(4:00 AM) Flap (1970/106m/Carol Reed)
(6:00 AM) Roughly Speaking (1945/117m/Michael Curtiz)
(8:15 AM) Nancy Goes To Rio (1950/100m/Robert Z. Leonard)
(10:00 AM) White Heat (1949/113m/Raoul Walsh)
(12:00 PM) Bachelor Mother (1939/82m/Garson Kanin)
(1:30 PM) Stella Dallas (1937/106m/King Vidor)
(3:30 PM) Mildred Pierce (1945/111m/Michael Curtiz)
(5:30 PM) Pocketful of Miracles (1961/137m/Frank Capra)
(8:00 PM) I Remember Mama (1948/134m/George Stevens)
(10:30 PM) Yours, Mine and Ours (1968/111m/Melville Shavelson)
Monday, May 13, 2019
(12:30 AM) Gribiche (1925/113m/Jacques Feyder)
(2:30 AM) Autumn Sonata (1978/94m/Ingmar Bergman)
(4:15 AM) My Life As A Dog (1985/101m/Lasse Hallström)
(6:15 AM) Dementia 13 (1963/75m/Francis Ford Coppola)
(7:45 AM) Night Must Fall (1964/101m/Karel Reisz)
(9:30 AM) The Strangler (1964/89m/Burt Topper)
(11:15 AM) The Couch (1962/100m/Owen Crump)
(1:15 PM) The Bad Seed (1956/129m/Mervyn Le Roy)
(3:30 PM) A Bucket Of Blood (1959/65m/Roger Corman)
(4:45 PM) The Hitch-Hiker (1953/71m/Ida Lupino)
(6:15 PM) Badlands (1973/94m/Terrence Malick)
(8:00 PM) The Eyes of Orson Welles (2018/110m/Mark Cousins)
(10:00 PM) The Trial (1963/119m/Orson Welles)
Tuesday, May 14, 2019
(12:15 AM) Confidential Report (1955/106m/Orson Welles)
(2:15 AM) Citizen Kane (1941/119m/Orson Welles)
(4:30 AM) The Lady From Shanghai (1948/87m/Orson Welles)
(6:00 AM) Chimes at Midnight (1967/116m/Orson Welles)
(8:15 AM) The Gay Falcon (1942/67m/Irving Reis)
(9:30 AM) A Date with the Falcon (1941/63m/Irving Reis)
(10:45 AM) The Falcon Takes Over (1942/63m/Irving Reis)
(12:00 PM) Murder, My Sweet (1944/95m/Edward Dmytryk)
(1:45 PM) The Big Sleep (1946/114m/Howard Hawks)
(4:00 PM) Lady In The Lake (1947/103m/Robert Montgomery)
(6:00 PM) Strangers On A Train (1951/101m/Alfred Hitchcock)
(8:00 PM) The Shop Around The Corner (1940/99m/Ernst Lubitsch)
(10:00 PM) The Bride Came C.O.D. (1941/92m/William Keighley)
Wednesday, May 15, 2019
(12:00 AM) A Girl, A Guy and a Gob (1941/90m/Richard Wallace)
(2:00 AM) Music In My Heart (1940/70m/Joseph Santley)
(3:30 AM) They Met In Bombay (1941/92m/Clarence Brown)
(5:15 AM) Cross Country Romance (1940/68m/Frank Woodruff)
(6:30 AM) The Lady Takes a Sailor (1949/99m/Michael Curtiz)
(8:30 AM) From The Earth To The Moon (1958/100m/Byron Haskin)
(10:30 AM) White Comanche (1968/95m/Jose Briz)
(12:15 PM) Journey Into Fear (1942/68m/Norman Foster)
(1:30 PM) Gaslight (1944/114m/George Cukor)
(3:30 PM) The Man with a Cloak (1951/81m/Fletcher Markle)
(5:00 PM) Walk Softly, Stranger (1950/81m/Robert Stevenson)
(6:30 PM) The Magnificent Ambersons (1942/88m/Orson Welles)
(8:00 PM) Hud (1962/112m/Martin Ritt)
(10:00 PM) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969/110m/George Roy Hill)
Thursday, May 16, 2019
(12:00 AM) The Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean (1972/123m/John Huston)
(2:15 AM) The Outrage (1964/96m/Martin Ritt)
(4:00 AM) The Left-Handed Gun (1958/102m/Arthur Penn)
(6:00 AM) The Devil-Doll (1936/78m/Tod Browning)
(7:30 AM) Attack of the Puppet People (1958/79m/Bert I. Gordon)
(9:00 AM) The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958/88m/Nathan Juran)
(10:30 AM) Tom Thumb (1958/92m/George Pal)
(12:15 PM) Absolute Quiet (1936/70m/George B. Seitz)
(1:30 PM) Wildcat Bus (1940/64m/Frank Woodruff)
(2:45 PM) Daredevil Drivers (1938/60m/B. Reeves Eason)
(4:00 PM) Truck Busters (1943/58m/B. Reeves Eason)
(5:15 PM) Red Hot Tires (1935/61m/D. Ross Lederman)
(6:30 PM) Violent Road (1958/86m/Howard W. Koch)
(8:00 PM) Hollywood Canteen (1944/124m/Delmer Daves)
(10:30 PM) Tender Comrade (1943/102m/Edward Dmytryk)
Friday, May 17, 2019
(12:30 AM) Millions Like Us (1943/103m/Sidney Gilliat)
(2:30 AM) Air Raid Warden (1943/67m/Edward Sedgwick)
(3:45 AM) The War Against Mrs. Hadley (1942/86m/Harold Bucquet)
(5:15 AM) The Gentle Sex (1943/92m/Leslie Howard)
(7:00 AM) Rationing (1943/93m/Willis Goldbeck)
(8:45 AM) Main Street Today (1944/20m/Edward L. Cahn)
(9:15 AM) Hide-Out (1934/81m/W.S. Van Dyke)
(10:45 AM) The Flame Within (1935/72m/Edmund Goulding)
(12:00 PM) Never Too Late (1965/104m/Bud Yorkin)
(2:00 PM) Tarzan The Ape Man (1932/100m/W.S. Van Dyke)
(4:00 PM) David Copperfield (1935/130m/George Cukor)
(6:30 PM) The Bishop Misbehaves (1933/86m/E.A. Dupont)
(8:00 PM) A Blueprint For Murder (1953/76m/Andrew Stone)
(9:30 PM) All About Eve (1950/138m/Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
Saturday, May 18, 2019
(12:00 AM) The Last Challenge (1967/96m/Richard Thorpe)
(2:00 AM) Rappin’ (1985/93m/Joel Silberg)
(4:00 AM) Beat Street (1984/106m/Stan Lathan)
(6:00 AM) Green Mansions (1959/104m/Mel Ferrer)
(8:00 AM) MGM CARTOONS: The Goose Goes South (1941/6m/William Hanna)
(8:08 AM) Radio Hams (1939/10m/Felix E. Feist)
(8:19 PM) Ice Climbers (1956/8m/?)
(8:28 AM) Renegades of the West (1933/55m/Casey Robinson)
(9:30 AM) Lost City of the Jungle: Himalaya (1946/?/?)
(10:00 AM) POPEYE: I Likes Babies and Infinks (1937/7m/Dave Fleischer)
(10:09 AM) The Falcon In Danger (1943/70m/William Clemens)
(11:30 AM) Beers and Pretzels (1933/21m/Jack Cummings)
(12:00 PM) Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941/94m/Alexander Hall)
(1:45 PM) The Lusty Men (1952/113m/Nicholas Ray)
(3:45 PM) The Man From Laramie (1955/102m/Anthony Mann)
(5:45 PM) The Manchurian Candidate (1962/127m/John Frankenheimer)
(8:00 PM) Cabin In The Sky (1943/99m/Vincente Minnelli)
(10:00 PM) Stormy Weather (1943/78m/Andrew Stone)
Sunday, May 19, 2019
(12:00 AM) Key Largo (1948/100m/John Huston)
(2:00 AM) Marlowe (1969/95m/Paul Bogart)
(4:00 AM) Deathtrap (1982/116m/Sidney Lumet)
(6:00 AM) Roberta (1935/106m/William A. Seiter)
(8:00 AM) Too Hot To Handle (1938/107m/Jack Conway)
(10:00 AM) Key Largo (1948/100m/John Huston)
(12:00 PM) The Awful Truth (1937/91m/Leo McCarey)
(1:45 PM) That Uncertain Feeling (1941/83m/Ernst Lubitsch)
(3:15 PM) The Last Hurrah (1958/121m/John Ford)
(5:30 PM) Irma la Douce (1963/143m/Billy Wilder)
(8:00 PM) To Kill A Mockingbird (1962/129m/Robert Mulligan)
(10:30 PM) The Trip To Bountiful (1985/108m/Peter Masterson)
Monday, May 20, 2019
(12:30 AM) Bobby Bumps in Their Master's Voice (1921/?/?)
(12:30 AM) Bobby Bumps' Fly Swatter (1916/?/?)
(12:30 AM) Bobby Bumps at the Dentist (1918/?/?)
(12:30 AM) Bobby Bumps Helps Out a Book Agent (1916/?/?)
(12:30 AM) Bobby Bumps' Last Smoke (1919/?/?)
(12:30 AM) Bobby Bumps and His Pointer Pup (1916/?/?)
(12:30 AM) Bobby Bumps Gets a Substitute (1916/?/?)
(12:30 AM) Bobby Bumps Caught in the Jamb (1918/?/?)
(12:30 AM) Bobby Bumps, Surf Rider (1917/?/?)
(12:30 AM) Bobby Bumps in Hunting and Fishing (1921/?/?)
(12:30 AM) Bobby Bumps Adopts A Turtle (1917/?/?)
(12:30 AM) Bobby Bumps, Chef (1917/?/?)
(12:30 AM) Bobby Bumps Starts For School (1917/5m/Earl Hurd)
(12:30 AM) Bobby Bumps and Fido's Birthday Party (1917/?/?)
(2:00 AM) Watership Down (1978/92m/Martin Rosen)
(3:45 AM) Twice Upon a Time (1983/74m/John Korty)
(5:15 AM) MGM Parade Show #22 (1955/26m/?)
(6:00 AM) Too Young To Kiss (1951/89m/Robert Z. Leonard)
(7:45 AM) Lost Angel (1943/91m/Roy Rowland)
(9:30 AM) All-American Chump (1936/63m/Edwin L. Marin)
(10:45 AM) The Mad Genius (1931/80m/Michael Curtiz)
(12:15 PM) The Power (1968/108m/Byron Haskin)
(2:15 PM) Hot Millions (1968/107m/Eric Till)
(4:15 PM) Edison, The Man (1940/107m/Clarence Brown)
(6:15 PM) So Goes My Love (1946/88m/Frank Ryan)
(8:00 PM) Devil’s Playground (1937/73m/Erle C. Kenton)
(9:30 PM) Journey Into Fear (1942/68m/Norman Foster)
(11:00 PM) The Fugitive (100m/John Ford)
Tuesday, May 21, 2019
(1:00 AM) Flying Down To Rio (1933/89m/Thornton Freeland)
(2:45 AM) The Trail of ‘98 (1928/88m/Clarence Brown)
(4:15 AM) Madame Du Barry (1934/79m/William Dieterle)
(6:00 AM) Wives Under Suspicion (1938/69m/James Whale)
(7:15 AM) An Innocent Affair (1948/87m/Lloyd Bacon)
(8:45 AM) Dry Summer (1964/92m/Metin Erksan)
(10:30 AM) The Man Who Cheated Himself (1950/82m/Felix E. Feist)
(12:00 PM) The King (1930/20m/James W. Horne)
(12:30 PM) La Chienne (1931/95m/Jean Renoir)
(2:15 PM) Le Coup du berger (1956/28m/Jacques Rivette)
(3:00 PM) Scarlet Street (1945/102m/Fritz Lang)
(4:45 PM) The Prowler (1951/93m/Joseph Losey)
(6:30 PM) The Pitfall (1948/86m/Andre De Toth)
(8:00 PM) The Glass Bottom Boat (1966/110m/Frank Tashlin)
(10:00 PM) Sunday In New York (1963/105m/Peter Tewksbury)
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
(12:00 AM) The Mating Game (1959/96m/George Marshall)
(2:00 AM) Looking For Love (1964/83m/Don Weis)
(3:30 AM) Viva Las Vegas (1964/85m/George Sidney)
(5:00 AM) Dangerous When Wet (1953/95m/Charles Walters)
(6:45 AM) Westward Passage (1932/73m/Robert Milton)
(8:15 AM) 21 Days (1940/75m/Basil Dean)
(9:45 AM) That Hamilton Woman (1941/126m/Alexander Korda)
(12:00 PM) Pride and Prejudice (1940/118m/Robert Z. Leonard)
(2:15 PM) The Divorce of Lady X (1938/91m/Tim Whelan)
(4:00 PM) Wuthering Heights (1939/104m/William Wyler)
(6:00 PM) The Entertainer (1960/104m/Tony Richardson)
(8:00 PM) Cool Hand Luke (1967/127m/Stuart Rosenberg)
(10:15 PM) Harper (1966/121m/Jack Smight)
Thursday, May 23, 2019
(12:30 AM) Paris Blues (1961/99m/Martin Ritt)
(2:15 AM) The Prize (1963/135m/Mark Robson)
(4:45 AM) Lady L (1965/108m/Peter Ustinov)
(6:45 AM) The Sky’s The Limit (1943/90m/Edward H. Griffith)
(8:30 AM) Berlin Express (1948/86m/Jacques Tourneur)
(10:30 AM) The Boy With Green Hair (1948/82m/Joseph Losey)
(12:00 PM) Born To Be Bad (1950/90m/Nicholas Ray)
(1:45 PM) Her Twelve Men (1954/91m/Robert Z. Leonard)
(3:30 PM) Bad Day at Black Rock (1955/81m/John Sturges)
(5:00 PM) God's Little Acre (1958/118m/Anthony Mann)
(7:15 PM) Screen Directors Playhouse: Lincoln's Doctor's Dog (1955/26m/?)
(8:00 PM) Hope and Glory (1987/112m/John Boorman)
(10:15 PM) The End of the Affair (1955/106m/Edward Dmytryk)
Friday, May 24, 2019
(12:15 AM) Journey For Margaret (1942/81m/Major W. S. Van Dyke II)
(1:45 AM) Tonight and Every Night (1945/92m/Victor Saville)
(3:30 AM) The Lion Has Wings (1939/76m/Michael Powell)
(5:00 AM) For The Common Defense! (1942/21m/Allan Kenward)
(5:30 AM) Main Street on the March! (1941/19m/Edward L. Cahn)
(6:00 AM) Desperate Search (1953/71m/Joseph Lewis)
(7:15 AM) Pursuit (1935/61m/Edwin L. Marin)
(8:30 AM) The Searchers (1956/119m/John Ford)
(10:30 AM) A Cry in the Night (1956/75m/Frank Tuttle)
(12:00 PM) Ransom! (1956/102m/Alex Segal)
(1:45 PM) Night Nurse (1931/72m/William A. Wellman)
(3:00 PM) Shadow On The Wall (1950/84m/Patrick Jackson)
(4:30 PM) The Night of the Hunter (1955/93m/Charles Laughton)
(6:15 PM) The Nanny (1965/93m/Seth Holt)
(8:00 PM) The Little Foxes (1941/116m/William Wyler)
(10:15 PM) Toys In The Attic (1963/91m/George Roy Hill)
Saturday, May 25, 2019
(12:00 AM) Watch On The Rhine (1943/112m/Herman Shumlin)
(2:00 AM) Santa Claus (1959/95m/Rene Cardona)
(4:00 AM) Santa Claus Conquers The Martians (1964/81m/Nicholas Webster)
(5:30 AM) MGM Parade Show #22 (1955/26m/?)
(6:00 AM) Desperate Journey (1942/108m/Raoul Walsh)
(8:00 AM) MGM CARTOONS: The Hound and the Rabbit (1937/8m/Hugh Harman)
(8:10 AM) Headpin Hints (1955/8m/William Deeke)
(8:20 AM) White Peril (1956/8m/Don Horter)
(8:29 AM) Pirates of the Prairie (1942/58m/Howard Bretherton)
(9:30 AM) The Lost City of the Jungle: Death Flood (1946/?/?)
(10:00 AM) POPEYE: Football Toucher Downer (1940/5m/Dave Fleischer)
(10:08 AM) The Falcon and the Co-Eds (1944/68m/William Clemens)
(11:30 AM) The Rounder (1930/20m/J.C. Nugent)
(12:00 PM) Black Fury (1935/94m/Michael Curtiz)
(1:45 PM) King Solomon's Mines (1950/103m/Compton Bennett)
(3:45 PM) Inherit the Wind (1960/128m/Stanley Kramer)
(6:00 PM) The Three Musketeers (1973/107m/Richard Lester)
(8:00 PM) Pather Panchali (1958/126m/Satyajit Ray)
(10:15 PM) Devi (1960/93m/Satyajit Ray)
Sunday, May 26, 2019
(12:00 AM) Dead Reckoning (1947/100m/John Cromwell)
(2:00 AM) The Great White Hope (1970/103m/Martin Ritt)
(4:00 AM) Jim Thorpe: All American (1951/105m/Michael Curtiz)
(6:00 AM) The Barretts of Wimpole Street (1934/110m/Sidney Franklin)
(8:00 AM) Old Acquaintance (1943/110m/Vincent Sherman)
(10:00 AM) Dead Reckoning (1947/100m/John Cromwell)
(12:00 PM) Flight Command (1940/116m/Frank Borzage)
(2:15 PM) The Horse’s Mouth (1958/95m/Ronald Neame)
(4:00 PM) High Society (1956/112m/Charles Walters)
(6:00 PM) Sabrina (1954/114m/Billy Wilder)
(8:00 PM) The Pink Panther (1964/115m/Blake Edwards)
(10:15 PM) Jewel Robbery (1932/68m/William Dieterle)
Monday, May 27, 2019
(12:00 AM) A Bird’s A Bird (1915/13m/?)
(12:00 AM) Gussle’s Day of Rest (1915/22m/F. Richard Jones)
(12:00 AM) Dirty Work In A Laundry (1915/18m/?)
(12:00 AM) A Lover’s Lost Control (1915/22m/Charles Avery)
(12:00 AM) Dizzy Heights and Daring Hearts (1915/21m/Walter Wright)
(12:00 AM) Do-Re-Mi-Boom! (1915/12m/Walter Wright)
(2:00 AM) Pale Flower (1964/96m/Masahiro Shinoda)
(3:45 AM) Double Suicide (1969/106m/Masahiro Shinoda)
(6:00 AM) From Here To Eternity (1953/118m/Fred Zinnemann)
(8:30 AM) King Rat (1965/135m/Bryan Forbes)
(11:00 AM) The Young Lions (1958/167m/Edward Dmytryk)
(2:00 PM) The Red Badge of Courage (1951/69m/John Huston)
(3:15 PM) Friendly Persuasion (1956/138m/William Wyler)
(5:45 PM) Glory (1989/122m/Edward Zwick)
(8:00 PM) Men In War (1957/98m/Anthony Mann)
(10:00 PM) The Steel Helmet (1951/84m/Samuel Fuller)
(11:45 PM) The Big Parade (1925/151m/King Vidor)
Tuesday, May 28, 2019
(2:30 AM) The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957/162m/David Lean)
(5:15 AM) Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress (1944/40m/Lt. Col. William Wyler)
(6:00 AM) Invitation To The Dance (1956/93m/Gene Kelly)
(7:45 AM) It’s A Big Country (1952/89m/Richard Thorpe)
(9:30 AM) The Wonderful World Of The Brothers Grimm (1962/136m/Henry Levin)
(12:00 PM) Quartet (1948/120m/Ken Annakin)
(2:15 PM) Trio (1950/92m/Ken Annakin)
(4:00 PM) Encore (1951/89m/Harold French)
(5:45 PM) O. Henry's Full House (1952/118m/Dir: Henry Koster)
(8:00 PM) The Owl and the Pussycat (1970/97m/Herbert Ross)
9:45 PM) The Goodbye Girl (1977/111m/Herbert Ross)
(11:45 PM) Tootsie (1982/116m/Sydney Pollack)
Wednesday, May 29, 2019
(2:00 AM) VictoVictoria (1982/134m/Blake Edwards)
(4:30 AM) Just the Way You Are (1984/95m/Edouard Molinaro)
(6:15 AM) Twice Blessed (1945/76m/Harry Beaumont)
(8:00 AM) The Old Maid (1939/95m/Edmund Goulding)
(10:00 AM) Child of Divorce (1947/62m/Richard O. Fleischer)
(11:15 AM) Deep Valley (1947/106m/Jean Negulesco)
(1:15 PM) Seven Sweethearts (1942/98m/Frank Borzage)
(3:00 PM) On The Loose (1951/74m/Charles Lederer)
(4:30 PM) Cynthia (1947/98m/Robert Z. Leonard)
(6:00 PM) Rebel Without a Cause (1955/111m/Nicholas Ray)
(8:00 PM) The Sting (1973/129m/George Roy Hill)
(10:15 PM) The Verdict (1982/129m/Sidney Lumet)
Thursday, May 30, 2019
(12:00 AM) Slap Shot (1977/122m/George Roy Hill)
(2:15 AM) The Mackintosh Man (1973/99m/John Huston)
(4:45 AM) Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson (1976/123m/Robert Altman)
(7:00 AM) The Big Sleep (1946/114m/Howard Hawks)
(9:00 AM) Rio Bravo (1959/141m/Howard Hawks)
(11:30 AM) Monkey Business (1952/97m/Howard Hawks)
(1:30 PM) Only Angels Have Wings (1939/121m/Howard Hawks)
(3:45 PM) To Have and Have Not (1944/100m/Howard Hawks)
(5:45 PM) The Outlaw (1943/116m/Howard Hughes)
(8:00 PM) The Best Years of Our Lives (1946/170m/William Wyler)
(11:00 PM) Hail The Conquering Hero (1944/101m/Preston Sturges)
Friday, May 31, 2019
(1:00 AM) Till The End Of Time (1946/105m/Edward Dmytryk)
(3:00 AM) Pride of the Marines (1945/120m/Delmer Daves)
(5:15 AM) The Enchanted Cottage (1945/92m/John Cromwell)
(7:00 AM) The Most Dangerous Game (1932/63m/Ernest B. Schoedsack)
(8:30 AM) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1932/96m/Rouben Mamoulian)
(10:15 AM) The Vampire Bat (1933/63m/Frank Strayer)
(11:30 AM) Mark of the Vampire (1935/60m/Tod Browning)
(12:45 PM) Mad Love (1935/68m/Karl Freund)
(2:00 PM) The Devil-Doll (1936/78m/Tod Browning)
(3:30 PM) The Walking Dead (1936/65m/Michael Curtiz)
(4:45 PM) The Return of Doctor X (1939/62m/Vincent Sherman)
(6:00 PM) The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939/117m/William Dieterle)
(8:00 PM) Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977/135m/Steven Spielberg)
(10:30 PM) The Green Room (1978/91m/François Truffaut)
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2019.01.22 07:25 iminterestingplease Part 41.

It's slowed down a little bit. Here's my next part.
6529.(Famous Landmark name change.)Grand Central Station/Grand Central Terminal
6530.(Real Life Quote change.)"Read my lips, no more taxes."/"Read my lips, no new taxes."
6531.(New species.)Have you heard of the Brahmin moth?
6532.(New species.)Have you heard of the Stellar's sea eagle?'s_sea_eagle
6533.(New species.)Have you heard of the snake caterpillar?
6534.(Famous Landmark name change.)Madison Square Gardens/Madison Square Garden
6535.(Fictional Character name change.)Popeye The Sailor Man/Popeye The Sailor
6536.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember David Carradine dying earlier or later than June 3, 2009 or still being alive?
6537.(Fictional Item appearance change.)Do you remember The Dukes Of Hazzard car always being flame red instead of orange?(Anything else off?)(Boss Hog/Boss Hogg)
6538.(Famous Karate Instructor name change.)Tiger Schuman/Tiger Schulmann(Other spellings?)(Other spellings of CiCi's Pizza?)(Music videos and videos in general that disappear or pop up.)(Words that spell check doesn't recognize.)(Being able to feel music.)(Cars that you didn't have to back out of or in tight spaces manually.)(Oh ye have(hath)little Faith/Oh ye of little Faith)(Multiple things related to The NeverEnding Story that were made afterward.)(All the new alcohol types.)(Thomas Edison being depicted as deaf.)(Do you remember Masazo Nonaka dying earlier than January 20, 2019?)(Weird looking moths.)(Caterpillar with weird shaoed head.)(Ewok-like monkeys that play instruments.)(Have any lyrics to More Than A Feeling changed?)(In the first episode of The Dukes Of Hazzard, the car was painted black.)(Lots of rainbow and weird looking pigeons and starlings.)(Have any of the lyrics in Don't Dream It's Over by Crowded House changed?)(Other spellings of Rothschild?)(Weird looking crickets with weird heads.)(The Periodic Table Of Elements keeps changing.)(Lots of weird new emojis including a monocle one.)(Robinson Road/Robison Road and other road name changes.)(Purple oranges?)(Simple Green purpose cleaner letters are now modernized, the Es are now open and the letters are touching.)(Ortho insect killer T and H are connected and the other letters in the words below are in an off font like the R.)(Garden Tech Seven/Garden Tech Sevin and letters are connected and G in Garden now has leaf in it.)(Haveaheart/Havahart cage trap and letters are connected and in words below it.)(Other spellings?)(Anything else off?)(RoundUp weed and grass killer letters are overlapping.)(Penray windshield de-icer letters are cut and broken.)(Nextgrill/Nexgrill letters are cut, broken and touching.)(Embers lighter fluid letters are touching.)(Razor-Back shovel letters are connected, cut and broken.)(AllFit letters are connected and stretched out.)(Cub Cadet bagger letters are connected and broken.)(Toro letters are connected.)(HomeLight/HomeLite letters are connected and broken.)(Air Care letters are cut and broken.)(Dempsy/Dempsey letters are connected and weird.)(Rid-X logo has connected letters.)(BECU logo has connected and weird letters.)(Octapus/Octopus)(All the Tesla towers appearing everywhere.)(All Duraflame products have weird or off logos.)(Dura Heat logo has connected letters.)(Do you remember Asda buying Sainsbury's instead of Asda and Walmart being in financial trouble?)(Were the letters in Asda not touching?)(Sansbury's/Sainsbury's)(Anything else off?)(Brother ink cartridge logo has modernized font letters and messed up T.)(Chickenpox being more deadly.)(Lots of Thyroid related changes.)(Fisher & Pykel/Fisher & Paykel)(Lots of changes to the James Dean crash.)(Lily Tomlin playing in Grace And Frankie.)(Identity Theft/Identity Thief movie)(Lincoln College Of Technology ads have connected letters.)(B&M racing logo has connected letters and off letters and off &.)(Certain tax problem solver company commercials have modernized letters.)(More Shirley Temple history changes.)(More weird new clouds.)(The Unabomber was an MK Ultra victim.)(Banjo Kazooie/Banjo-Kazooie)(More anatomy changes.)(Xarelto logo changed.)(Lots of new video games with connected letters, broken letters and modernized fonts.)(Dogs over 6 and 7 feet tall.)(Rainbow seahorses and really weird looking ones now exist.)(Lots of lyric changes to Da Ya Think I'm Sexy by Rod Stewart.)(Jersy/Jersey)(New Jersy/New Jersey)(SpecteSpectre movie)(Clint Dempsy/Clint Dempsey)(SportCenteSportsCenter)(Did the Pringles man wear a hat?)(Frost earthquames now exist.)(Flying platforms from the 1950's.)(Large eyes that used to be used in classrooms.)(Robot master golf trainer in the 1920's.)(Water bicycles in the 1920's.)( Air-powered skull massaging helmet.)(Electrical wheel called Dynasphere.)(Firefighting suits designed for rescuing airmen trapped in planes in the 1940's.)(Mechanical hands that help shave a man's beard in the 1950's.)(Similar invention that shaved a man's beard and had human bones in it.)(Street sweeping machine in the 1950's.)(Black and white camouflage used by soldiers while climbed trees in WW1.)(Mind machine used for measuring brain activity.)(A shockproof perm machine powered by electricity.)(Weird hair dryers in the 1930's.)(Weird old mind reading machines.)(Goodyear brand illuminated tires.)(Home tanning lamp with eye protecting glasses in the 1920's.)(Machine used for mouth x-raying in the 1920's.)(Do you remember Thums Up soda not existing?)(Tons of new logo changes.)(GriffindoGryffindor)(Other spellings?)(People used to dream in black and white?)(The Simpsons in the 1980's?)(Colored photos from the Great Depression.)(Does Weren't seem off to you?)(Feeling Alright/Feelin' Alright)(Any lyrics off?)(Any of their logos off?)(Delight/Deee-Lite musical group)(Any of their logos off?)(Cuddle Duds/Cuddl Duds)(Gladesville/Gladeville gym)(Lychee fruit?)(Nissan Ultima/Nissan Altima)(Does the logo look off?)(Sea World/SeaWorld)(Do any of the logos look off?)(Brand Power logo has connected.)(Royal applesauce logo has connected and off letters.)(Rock This Way logo has modernized letters.)(Ice crop circles?)(Door carved into mountain.)(Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico or not?)(Blue glowing shrimp and other things.)(Mata mata turtles now exist.)(Duck keeps dog warm during freezing cold.)(Red bearded vultures now exist.)(Lots of giant tree stumps all over the place and all the things that may or may not have been giant trees before.)(Albino honeybees now exist.)(Moonraker doesn't show Christ The Redeemer.)(Issa logo has modernized letters.)(Ronon now does the RoboCop gun thing.)(Stone Mountain now exists.)(Georgia Guidestones now exist.)(Guy who invented Ice Bucket Challenge now died from ALS instead of a fall.)(Demolition Derby/Destruction Derby video game)(Does the logo look off?)(2 new maps in COD Modern Warfare?)(The Bible doesn't state whether there were more or less than 3 wise men or gifts and it doesn't state whether they went to see him right after he was born or not.)(Anything else off?)(Molakai/Molokai)(Other spellings?)(More weird squirrels.)(Cucumber lemons now exist.)(ForresteForester)(Ferrero Rocher logo and pronunciation have changed.)(Question mark and exclamation point symbol merged together is now a thing.)(Lots of logo changes.)(Snake massages now exist.)(Forrest Gump mom quote keeps changing.)(Goofy is now a cow.)(Fish remembering shapes and other things.)(Mysterious islands popping up.)(Snowy owl and raven interacting with each other.)(Steel spring tire in Germany in 1917.)(Prostpone/Postpone)(Costa coffee logo has changed.)(Lots of old game logos have changed.)(Dying all hair a unicorn color.)(Dunkin' apostrophe is different color than rest of name.)(Black peppers now exist.)(This is library hear what you want to hear.)(Many doors carved into natural formations.)(Have you heard of Laurie McDonald in the Mandela Effect community?)(Do you rememer Jamie's Got A Gun?)(Was Malcolm never an acceptable spelling of Malcom?)(White people not being the first slave owners.)(Black people owning slaves.)(American black people not being African?)(Anything else off?)(Something Christopher Columbus wrote about Native Americans that is weird.)(Goat with demon face?)(Menstruation and small penis emojis.)(Klarna logo and commercial font is off.)(StubHub logo is off.)(Ridiculousness hashtag fonts are off.)(Pigs now eat humans.)(Cadnium/Cadmium)(Julius Irving/Julius Erving)("I got a headache this big and it's screaming for Excedrin."/"I got a headache this big and it's got Excedrin written all over it.")(Anything else?)(Press On Nails/Press. On Nails)(Ben Gay/Ben. Gay)(Miracle EaMiracle. Ear)(Tyco has connected letters.)(McDonald's M changed again.)(Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters: Answer The Call)(All DeVry logos have changed.)(Tiger logo has changed.)(Milton Bradley logo has changed.)(The Book logo has changed.)(Tupac marriage story keeps changing.)(Ghost apple phenomenon.)(John Astin is now alive.)(Ericofon?)(Saturday Night Fever logo has modernized letters.)(Forty Six & Too/Forty Six & Two)(Other names?)(Kay Jewelers(Kay?)logo letters keep changing.)(Jared(Jarod or Jarrod and were those the only acceptable spellings?)logo letters keep changing.)(Mimic octopuses now exist.)(Symbicort logos have connected letters and numbers.)(London's Calling/London Calling)(Any of their logos off?)(Anything else off?)(Unicorn poop scented candles?)(Half male and half female animals.)(Famous Peru movie quote has changed.)(Woody's body spray logo changed.)(Tina's burritos logo changed.)(Ed McMahon worked with American Family Publishers.)(Glittery dog scrotums?)(Man sues parents because he was born?)(Carhardt/Carhartt)(Other spellings?)(Rikki Tikki Tavi/Rikki-Tikki-Tavi)(Other names?)(Anything else off?)(Were video stores very rare when they were a thing?)(Daniel Ricardo/Daniel Ricciardo)(Other spellings?)(James DeFranco/James Franco)(Other spellings?)(Was Timothy Leary a serial killer?)("You could do so much better."/"She could do so much better.")(Was the latter never said?)(Other lyrics?)(Do any of her logos look off?)(Didn't Elvis Presley say "Thank you. Thank you very much." more often and with more emphasis in his voice?)(Have the lyrics in One by Metallica changed?)(Lots of new logo changes.)(Lots of movie name changes.)(Sandbox trees now exist.)(Black squirrels now exist.)(Linda Ronstadt is now alive.)(Six Of Nine/Seven Of Nine)(Anything else off?)(Andrew Jackson wasn't technically an official US President.)(SirusXM/SiriusXM)(Capital Records/Capitol Records)(Do you remember William Christopher dying earlier or later than December 31, 2016 or still being alive?)(Do you remember John Amos dying a while ago?)(Eye drops that dissolve cataracts.)(Bree Larson/Brie Larson)(Was Brie never an acceptable spelling of Bree?)(Today And Every Day/Today And Ev'ry Day)(Humans being frozen and brought back to life.)(MediFacts logo has off letters.)(Hotpoint logo has connected letters.)(Teal McDonald's M in Sedona.)(Butterfly with 89 pattern in its wings.)(LasikPlus logo has connected letters.)(Abbot/Abbott(Other spellings?)(Is the logo off?))(Investigation Discovery logos have cut letters.)(Big Lots commercial fonts have off letters.)(Trintellix has off letters.)(Iv'ry Soap/Ivory Soap)(The boy that didn't fall down a well in Lassie is actually named Jeff and now the company man also fell down the well as we know Lassie fell down a well in the show too.)(Is the bench scene with the child with the woman and Forrest Gump different as in is the child older or was it a girl or is the woman different or was there no blanket or baby at all?)(Channum Tatum/Channing Tatum)(Other spellings?)(Have you heard of Captain EO?)(Anything else off?)(Greater sage-grouse now exists.)(Demon stingers now exist.)(1948 future cars.)(Jewel caterpillars now exist.)(Was it Osh Kosh Bogosh or another remembered spelling that hasn't been mentioned?)(Did John McCain's mother pass away?)(Goat gives birth to humanoid pig.)(Did Free Energy not exist or is it off or different now?)(Centrifical force and other things are off.)(The logos for The Jazz Singer are very off.)(Diana Riggs/Diana Rigg)(Other spellings?)(Do you remember Jimmy Buffett dying?)(Chickens now have larger ears, they have ear lobes and they have belly buttons.)(Lots of movie and TV show logos have changed.)(Lawrence OliveLaurence Olivier)(Other spellings?)(Mable Lee is sometimes spelled Mabel Lee.)(Do you remember Chumlee dying a while ago?)(Do you remember The Munstars(The Munsters?)TV shows always black and white and not color?)(Do the Techron logos look off?)(Life Boy/Lifebuoy soap brand)(Other names?)(Do the logos look off?)(Star Fort/Steller Fort/Bastion Fort)(Other names?)(Do any of the MasterChef logos look off?)(Orange icicles are now a thing.)(Have you heard of Bacteria Flagellum?)(Tomarto/Tomato)(Lots of weird sycamore colors.)(Cinderella's hair is now a ginger color and the famous glass slipper has changed.)(Tweedledee and Tweedledum's(Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum?)flags have changed to green.)(Lydia Deats/Lydia Deetz)(Other spellings?)(Do you remember WW1 and WW2 going through different years than they do now?)(Do you remember there not being a Titanic movie from the 1950's?)(Is Mona Lisa a man?)(The end of the first Predator movie has changed.)(Did the Black Panther scene in Forrest Gump not exist?)(Fender guitar logo looks different.)(RuPaul's Drag Race logo has changed.)(More airplane changes.)(More remembered spellings of Davey Crockett or Davy Crockett.)(Short Circuit logos have changed.)(Johnny 5 is alive.)(Ulysses S. Grant has a beauty mark on his face.)(Preparation H is a merged logo.)(S&H Green Stamps logo has changed.)(Anything else off?)(Space Mountain has modernized and merged letters.)(Rembradt TimbeRembrand Timber)(Anything else off?)(Eisenhower is smiling on the dime now.)(Buck Rogers logo is merged.)(Delta Force/The Delta Force)(Anything else off?)(Albino honeybees now exist.)(Gold glowing rocks.)(Julia Louis Dreyfuss/Julia Louis-Dreyfus)(Other spellings?)(Black tomatoes now exist.)(First soap opera to air in US called These Are My Children starts in the 1940's.)(Cheaters logo has changed.)(Has the video to Suedehead by Morrissey changed?)(Anything else off?)(Prodigy/The Prodigy)(Anything else off?)(Nova Laboratories from Short Circuit has merged logos.)(Love & Hip Hop logos all have merged letters and other stuff.)(Captain Marvel logo has merged letters.)(Love It Or List It logo has changed.)(Lion's mane mushroom now exists.)(80 million year-old dinosaur-era shark discovered.)(Cabal/Kabal)(Other spellings?)(James Stewart vs. Jimmy Stewart keeps changing.)(M with three humps instead of two?)(Kabalah/Kabbalah)(Other spellings?)(Was there never a 9/11 terrorism prevention team?)(Color film of Charlie Chaplin.)(Lots of electric powered stuff in the early 1900's.)(Amber Alert logos are off.)(Meganeura now exists.)(Return To Oz now existed.)(Larry Flint/Larry Flynt)(Harvey Wienstein/Harvey Weinstein)(Other spellings?)(False zokor now exists.)(Ridiculousness logo keeps changing.)(Gulf Of California now exists.)(Mexicali now exists.)(Dan Rather is now alive.)(Tila Tequila is now alive.)(Pink PantheThe Pink Panther)(Other spellings of Linda Ronstadt?)(Paulie Malinaggi/Paulie Malignaggi)(Other spellings?)(You can pills that make your poop glittery.)(Gary Alman/Gary Allman)(Is his death date off or was he still alive?)(Did the Jussie Smollett incident happen years ago?)(Other remembered spellings of Cadbury that haven't been mentioned?)(Adriana Juarez/Ariadna Juarez)(Perry Ferrell/Perry Farrell)(Other spellings?)(Stephanie KrameStepfanie Kramer)(Other spellings?)(Stefan TayloStepfan Taylor)(Other spellings?)(BetterHelp logo has modernized letters.)(Parks And Recreation quotes keep changing.)(An assassination attempt on George W. Bush in 2001.)(Ruth Westheimer is now alive.)(Cow that looks like its from outer space.)(Extend protein logo keeps changing.)(Jennifer Anniston/Jennifer Aniston)
6539.(Candy Logo change.)Do you remember the R in Nerds being lowercase?
6540.(Famous Speech name change.)I Had A Dream/I Have A Dream
6541.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Ginormica from Monsters Vs. Aliens wearing a more blue suit with green or orange or black or solid black or solid blue suit?(Anything else off?)
6542.(Toy name change.)Easy Bake/Easy-Bake(Do any of the logos look off?)
6543.(Product Logo change.)Do you remember the T in Chia Pet not having the left side cut off?(Does the I look off?)
6544.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the Ms in Qualcomm not being connected?(Qualcom/Qualcomm)
6545.(Movie Quote change.)"Stirred, not shaken."/"Shaken, not stirred.",_not_stirred
6546.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember tumors not being able to have hair, teeth and other organs?
6547.(T.V. Show name change.)Tosh 2.0/Tosh.0
6548.(Video Game name change.)Outrun/OutRun/Out Run(Does the logo look off?)
6549.(Medicine name change.)Ariprazole/Aripiprazole(Other spellings?)
6550.(Rock Band name change.)Prodigy/The Prodigy(Do any of their logos look off?)
6551.(Celebrity death cause change.)Do you remember Phil Hartman killing his wife, then himself instead of his wife killing him?
6552.(Fictional Character name change.)Alfred E. Newman/Alfred E. Neuman(Other spellings?)
6553.(Spelling change.)Trustle/Trestle(Other spellings?)
6554.(T.V. Show name change.)Live With Larry King/Larry King Live(Anything else off?)
6555.(T.V. Show name change.)Live With Piers Morgan/Piers Morgan Live(Anything else off?)
6556.(Music Lyrics change.)"All you wanted was somebody who cared."/"All you wanted was somebody who cares."(Anything else off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6557.(Movie name change.)Monty Python And The Quest For The Holy Grail/Monty Python And The Holy Grail
6558.(Famous Actor name change.)Bill Mummy/Bill Mumy(Other spellings?)
6559.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Family Pantry being a company that was popular that sold edible products like caramels instead of only having one online picture?
6560.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember certain animals like cows never having three horns?
6561.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember birds not being able to fly upside down?(Anything else off?)
6562.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Lily Tomlin dying?
6563.(Fictional Character name change.)Igglypuff/Igglybuffémon)
6564.(Famous Rapper name change.)Tray Dee/Tray Deee/Big Tray Deee(Anything else off?)(Do any of his logos look off?)
6565.(Product name change.)Jif Muffin Mix/Jiffy Muffin Mix
6566.(Movie Quote change.)"Life is like a box of chocolates."/"Life is a box of chocolates."
6567.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Haidinger's Brush, Niagara Falls frozen or not, insects trapped in opal instead of amber, snails and slugs eat paper and mail, skinny pigs, whiffling birds, measles erases immune memory, You've Got Another Thing Coming/You've Got Another Think Coming, one hour long totality of eclipse and blood red moon and not an eclipse every month, finger rafting, film footage of Mark Twain, lots of animals coming back to life after dying, lots of weird caterpillars, foxes are much better pets, Richter Scale is no more, tabker in Mad Max 2, lots of animals that look like Pokémon, bees that don't migrate, abandoned collider in Texas supposedly three times bigger than LHC, Tesla device in Texas, more geography changes, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, lots of weird new guinea pigs, Venus appears to change color and flicker, Gerenuk changes again, primitive tooth braces, more Mount Rushmore changes, changes to George Washington's overall appearance and inconsistent depictions of him.)(Video below.)(Sesame Street type of bird.)(Viper fish now exist.)(Camila Harris/Kamala Harris)(Other spellings?)(Was Kamala never an acceptable spelling of Camila?)(Do you remember black gum drops existing and purple ones that taste like what the black ones did not existing?)
6568.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Cleopatra's place of rest being known?
6569.(Famous Composer name change.)Ludwig von Beethoven/Ludwig van Beethoven(Other spellings?)
6570.(Music Lyrics change.)"Slap the taste out ya face."/"Slap the taste out ya mouth."(Other lyrics?)(Are any of either of their logos off?)
6571.(Famous Actor name change.)Mark Paul GosslaMark-Paul Gosselaar(Other spellings?)
Add-On: Do you remember Suzanne Summer, Summers, Sumers, or Sumer?(Anything else off?)
6572.(Famous Actor name change.)Adam Richmond/Adam Richman(Other spellings?)
6573.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Down Syndrome or Down's Syndrome?(Anything else off?)
6574.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember deer not being able to jump over cars?
6575.(Fictional Character name change.)Goober Fraggle/Boober Fraggle
6576.(T.V. Show Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Fraggle Rock not being connected?(Anything else off?)
6577.(Fictional Character name change.)Dozers/Doozers(Do you remember them all having the same colored hat?)
6578.(Theme Song Lyrics change.)"Down in Fraggle Rock."/"Down at Fraggle Rock."
6579.(Music Lyrics change.)"When I saw her standing there."/"Since I saw her standing there."(Anything else off?)
6580.(Company name change.)Delta Airlines/Delta Air Lines
6581.(Store name change.)The Gap/Gap
6582.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Jack & Jill never being Jack & Gill?
6583.(Song name change.)Forever Young/Young Forever
6584.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Paul Sorvino dying?
6585.(Music Lyrics change.)"The tears are in my eyes."/"The tears are in my mind."("A shadow of a man. A face through a window."/"Shadows of a man. A face through the window.")("Walked away when love was mine."/"I've walked away when love was mine.")(Anything else off?)(Do any of his logos look off?)
6586.(Camera name change.)Nikkon/Nikon
6587.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember deer only being able to give birth to 2 babies at a time?
6588.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Ted from Four Rooms saying something different after asking to be shot now by the husband who thinks Ted is messing with his wife?
6589.(Rock Band name change.)Human League/The Human League(Do any of their logos look off?)
6590.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember ring piercings in fingers not being a thing?
6591.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember bulletproof vests in the 1920's not being a thing?
6592.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the lead singer of Weezer wearing glasses in Buddy Holly?
6593.(Movie Quote change.)"This house is clear."/"This house is clean."
6594.(Music Lyrics change.)"Maybe kiss me."/"Baby kiss me."(Other lyrics?)(Anything else off?)
6595.(Product name change.)Freaky Freezies/Freezy Freakies(Other names?)
6596.(Snack name change.)TransformeTransform-A-Snack(Other names?)(Do any of the logos look off?)
6597.(Music Lyrics change.)"I ain't afraid of no ghosts."/"I ain't 'fraid of no ghost."(Anything else off?)(Do any of his logos look off?)(Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters (Searchin For The Spirit) )
6598.(Can't think of a title)Do you remember Rick James singing about New Age Magazines instead of New Wave Magazines?
6599.(Company name change.)LensCrafteLensCrafters
6600.(Song name change.)McGrupp And The Watchful Horsemasters/McGrupp And The Watchful Hosemasters(Other names?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Anything else off?)
6601.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Mexican mole lizard, frozen Baikal is clear, bear helps 3 year old boy and more weird new animal behavior, snakes have 2 hemipenes, more Mount Rushmore changes, rat eating plant, tulsa race riot, more Antarctica changes and other geography changes, margay, maribou shark, giant immortal lobsters, urohydrosis, bacteria in your brain, jacarundi/jaguarundi now exists and have changed before, Malayan Tapirs have changed again, anteaters have completely changed, screaming hairy armadillo, October 8, 1871, more weird flamingos, oriental short hair cat and other weird house cat breeds, Abercrombie & Finch/Abercrombie & Fitch and the logo has changed, Marabou changes again, Gharial changes again, pigeons producing milk changed again, more time inconsistencies, Chris Helmsworth/Chris Hemsworth, centipede bursts from snake's stomach, lakes that freeze crystal clear and can be walked on, more anatomy changes and weird discovered skulls, more Shiva changes, more eagle changes, more Buddha statue changes, more The Creation Of Adam changes, more Statue of Liberty changes.)(Video below.)
6602.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Birdman Of Alcatraz having lots of birds with him instead of none?
6603.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Liam Neeson being involved in this wanting to kill a black man scandal years ago and receiving more support?
6604.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember David Soul dying in 2016 or more recently or earlier instead of still being alive?
6605.(Music Lyrics change)"Pretty eyes."/"Pretty eyed."/"Pretty eye."(Anything else off?)
6606.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Judas being considered really ungodly?(Anything else off?)
6607.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Michael Fishman always playing D.J. in Roseanne and no one else?
6608.(Commercial Quote change.)Do you remember the guy saying "No!" more than once?
6609.(Product name change.)Kids Cuisine/Kid's Cuisine/Kid Cuisine(Do any of the logos look off?)
6610.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Second mode harmonic vibration, insect shoots larvae into eyes of humans, another human faced goat, more remembered spellings of Ghirardelli, sealand skull, Alabama rot, dorsal fin collapse in orcas, candiru and it might've been spelled differently, pyramids of Cochasqui, Porter Gable/Porter-Cable, first USA president was maybe black, more Back To The Future changes, more Great Pyramid changes and lots of other pyramid changes, magnetic North pole vs. geomagnetic pole, more on stone ball parks, light poles can shiver, botflies used to only be in Africa, Geiger counter, changes to the 2005 George W. Bush assassination attempt, 9/11 hurricane that missed NYC, rat-tailed maggot, Jerry Sandusky alive again, Umpa Lumpa/Oompa Loompa(Other spellings?).)(Video below.)
6611.(Music Lyrics change.)"Man we don't waste it."/"Man I ain't basic."(Did the latter not exist?)(Any of their logos off?)(One Republic/Onerepublic/OneRepublic)
6612.(Fruit name change.)Garbonzo Bean/Garbanzo Bean
6613.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember The Wild World Of Batwoman not existing?
6614.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Friday: The Animated Series not existing?(Does the Friday logo look off?)(Anything else off?)
6615.(Can't think of a title.)Have you heard of black cheese?(Does the Wow Amazing logo look off?)(Have you heard of black noodles?)(Have you heard of brown noodles?)
6616.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember cats not ever having human-like faces?
6617.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember canada geese not ever being found in the UK?
6618.(Celebrity death date change.)Do you remember Albert Finney dying years ago instead of February 7, 2019?
6619.(Company name change.)Versachi/Versace(Other spellings?)(Is the pronunciation off?)
6620.(Music Lyrics change.)"Reach out and touch me."/"Reach out and touch Faith."(Other lyrics?)(Any of their logos off?)(Anything else off?)
6621.(Famous Physicist name change.)Erwin SchroedingeErwin SchrodingeErwin Schrödinger(Other spellings?)ödinger
6622.(Movie Quote change.)"Sorry I ruined your black panther party."/"Sorry I had a fight in the middle of your black panther party."
6623.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Crosshatch(Cross Hatch?)being normal?(Anything else off?)
6624.(Famous Chancellor name change.)Imothep/Imhotep(Other spellings?)
6625.(Phantom geography.)Do you remember the Republic Of Macedonia not existing?
6626.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Sonoluminescence not existing?
6627.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Burt Young dying a while ago?
6628.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember lion roars sounding a lot more loud and intimidating?(Was the MGM lion roar an actual lion roar?)(Were all famous lion roars from actual lions?)
6629.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember icicles being a lot more common?(Do apples, other fruits and vegetables grow at different times now?)
6630.(Air Force Base name change.)Vandenburg/Vandenberg
6631.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Gallagher dying a few years ago?
6632.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the highest mountain in Great Britain being Ben Nevis and the highest mountain in Australia being Kosciuszko?(Any other highest mountains off?)
6633.(Can't think of a title)Do you remember chromatic typewriters not being a thing?
6634.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Ted Levine dying a while ago?
6635.(Company Logo change.)Hancock/Hankook
6636.(Famous Actor name change.)Ron Pearlman/Ron Perlman
6637.(Alcohol name change.)Hypnotic/Hpnotiq
6638.(Spelling change.)Comradery/Camaraderie(Was the latter never acceptable?)(Anything else off?)
6639.(New fruits.)Have you heard of the yellow watermelon?
6640.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the FDA or another company being the first people to put expiration dates on milk bottles instead of Al Capone?
6641.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Steve Jobs stealing the computer mouse idea from Xerox instead of Xerox already selling it and only improving on the product?(Anything else off?)
6642.(Famous Actress name change.)Carol Burnette/Carol Burnete/Carol Burnnette/Carol Burnnete/Carol Burnet/Carol Burnnett/Carol Burnett(Didn't she die?)
6643.(Song name change.)Valerie/Vallerie/Valleri(Was Valleri never an acceptable spelling of Valerie or Vallerie?)(Other spellings?)(Anything else off?)
6644.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the zombie deer disease that can possibly spread to humans not being a thing?
6645.(Chip Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Cape Cod chips not being connected?(Anything else off?)(Were the letters in Kingston Technology normal?)
6646.(Company name change.)VictoVicta(Was Victa never an acceptable spelling of Victor?)
6647.(Company name change.)Dooney & Burke/Dooney & Bourke(Other names?)(Anything else off?)
6648.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(More on tartary, mud floods, surviving freezing, Orion arm instead of spur, Spanish flu, Great Wall Of Gorgan, Gigas clams, world's biggest pearl, more on Sonoluminescence and star in a jar, more on mantis shrimp, slowing the speed of light, going faster than the speed of light, speed of light changed recently and is not constant, another state of water discovered, another state of matter discovereed, female gladiators, now there officially a second shooter on the grassy knoll, otter fishing, dolphins help fishermen for no apparent reason, Henry Wordsworth Longfellow/Henry Wadsworth Longfellow(Other spellings?), more geography changes, more stone walls.)(Video below.)
6649.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Slash not dying in 1992 for a few minutes?
6650.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Harlem Globetrotters not having female members?
6651.(Fictional Character name change.)Earnest P. Worrell/Ernest P. Worrell(Other spellings?)
6652.(Plant name change.)Sambuscus/Sambucus(Other spellings?)
6653.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember dolphin assisted human births not being a thing?
6654.(Famous Football Player name change.)Collin Kapernick/Colin Kaepernick(Other spellings?)
6655.(Music Lyrics change.)"Demons in my head."/"Digging in my head."/"Ticking in my head."(Anything else off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)
6656.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Zangief from Street Fighter not having shin hair?
6657.(History change.)Do you remember black people not ever running for president in the 1900's except in the 2000's and 2010's?
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2017.08.18 05:24 nathanonmyside Broke down the S4 trailer - let me know if I missed anything

Premiere date: Sept 28, 10pm/9pm Central
  1. Cyberguy (business) - “LA’s only asexual computer repair” service
  2. Nathan secretly selling fresh chilli in a sports stadium
  3. Taxi drivers attempt to knock down Uber by infiltrating the Uber network Returning characters: whale-facts cab driver (S01E08 'Private Investigator / Taxi Company'), baby and dollar sign eyes cab driver (S02E07 'Taxi Service / Hot Dog Stand')
  4. Bill Gates attempts to find a woman named Frances who he should have married - airport, flying, library, driving scenes. Scene of Nathan and Bill dancing together in a hotel room. Possibility Bill may be a stalker. Looks like a big plot. Returning character: Bill Gates (S02E02 '"Souvenir Shop / E.L.A.I.F.F.'; S02E06 'Daddy's Watching / Party Planner') Relates to N4U S2 DVD Bill Gates Bonus scene
  5. Nathan’s right arm has a handcuff and a long chain on it, connecting to under a door
  6. Scene of a sheriff car chasing a regular car
  7. Kramer bursting through a door
  8. Nathan asking Austin Bowers if he has ever been the editor of a newspaper - Austin confirms this will be the first time. Returning character: Austin Bowers (S03E03 'The Movement')
  9. City Warts (business - massage parlour; source - Chicago S4 preview event)
  10. Nathan driving a golf cart
  11. A cardboard box burning
  12. Nathan with a tube attached to his underwear
  13. Nathan holding hands with a woman
  14. Random guy playing a guitar
  15. Random guy with equipment
  16. Nathan putting on a kangaroo costume
  17. Nathan dressed in a trendy hat and suit, staring at a guy in glasses - they look to be in a musical studio (possible link to Blues Smoke Detector?)
  18. Nathan scuba diving
  19. Nathan breaking a car window while dressed in a white hazmat suit
  20. Blues Smoke Detector (strap not included) - concert quality! Pretuned to F-sharp! 9 volt battery lets you jam for hours!
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2017.08.07 05:44 WeimarRepublic Happening in Indiana: August 7th - 13th

With the hottest and most humid time of the year upon us, Indiana is looking to be in a very musical mood this week. Be sure to check out Bloomington's Boogie Woogie festival, some pitch-perfect Beatles imitators in Lincoln City, Aretha Franklin on her final tour with a stop in Fort Wayne, and so many more! If music isn't your thing, don't forget that the State Fair is still going on in Indianapolis, so stock up on deep fried twinkies while you can
All my information comes from VisitIndiana so the list is not 100% comprehensive. If you know of anything that's missing, please post and share with everyone! If you've ever been to any of these events, or if you go this week, please share your experiences
Also be sure to visit the city-specific subreddits, as local happenings lists are starting to catch on, and they probably use different sources
This Week Only
Northwest Indiana
Depot Friday: 5-7PM August 11th at the Beverly Shores Historical Museum and Gallery. A reception where local artists will be featured in the gallery and a special exhibit in the museum.
S'mores Fun Day!: 7PM August 11th at Indian Dunes State Park. Help celebrate National S'mores Day. Start by learning a little about the history of the camping culture of this delicious treat. Then have a full smorgasbord of different smokes variations as well as marshmallow games for everyone to try.. Kids under 12, please bring a parent. The activities take place at the Wilson Shelter. There is a fee to enter the Indiana Dunes State Park.
Hummingbird Banding Demonstrations: 9AM-2PM August 12th at Indiana Dunes State Park Nature Center. The Indiana Dunes State Park Interpretive Services and Friends of Indiana Dunes will be hosting a special day of bird banding. Licensed hummingbird bander Allen Chartier, will be demonstrating the science and research of hummingbird banding for the public, as will as discussing tips for hummer feeding, gardening, and his own research. Join in this magical experience.
Annual Perseid Meteor Stargazing: 830PM August 12th at Indiana Dunes State Park. Annual shooting star event that marks the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower. Night sky mapping the native American sky lore begin at 8:30 p.m. at the Beach Pavilion. After 9 p.m., the stars will begin to appear. Constellation talks will highlight the many star formations that can be viewed over the dunes this time of year. Additionally, the naturalists will have a telescope on hand for deep sky viewing. The evening coincides with the Annual Perseid Meteor Shower. Saturday night will still offer excellent viewing, with exception for a waxing gibbous moon. There is a fee to enter the Indiana Dunes State Park.
Touch of Dutch Festival & Parade: 1000AM-1130PM August 11th-12th at Spencer Park. Every year the DeMotte Chamber of Commerce hosts the annual Touch of Dutch Festival at Spencer Park in DeMotte, Indiana. The family-fun event features free live entertainment, craft and food vendors, kid’s entertainment, a parade, giveaways, the Rotary Ramble 5K run and fitness walk and so much more
Drum & Bugle Corps - Quarter Finals: 6PM August 7th-8th at Ames Field. Ames Field in Michigan City, IN will be host to the Drum Corps International Open Class World Championships on Mon, Aug 7th and Tues, Aug 8th
Progressive Chicagoland In-Water Boat Show at Michigan City: August 10th-13th at Washington Park. This is the largest in-water boat show on Lake Michigan and one of the largest in the midwest. Celebrating 37 years, the show will feature all the newest sailboats, powerboats and personal watercraft on 6 piers in Trail Creek.
The Lyric Opera at Friendship Botanic Gardens: 4-6PM August 13th at Friendship Botanic Gardens. Join us among the scenic vistas of the Gardens for a preview of the Lyric Opera Company's 2017-18 season. 4-6pm. Regular seating $30; Premium seating $40; Members receive a $5 discount on reg & premium seating.
Aquax Jet Ski RacesL 10AM-8PM August 12th-13th at Whiting Lakefront Park. AquaX Jetski Races in Whiting Lakefront Park as part of the 2nd annual Great Lakes Series.
North East Indiana
Girls Night Out - Shop.Sip.Taste: 5-8PM August 10th at Downtown Auburn. HURRY DOWNTOWN... It's a Girls Night Out you won't want to miss! Exclusive late nights in AUBURN at Local Shops, Boutiques, Businesses & Eateries. Sales, specials, prizes, refreshments and fun happenings! Downtown shops are OPEN LATE, 5-8PM
The Indiana Music Festival: 12-10PM August 12th at DeKalb County Outdoor Theater. BANDS: TJ Gabet Band, Kaitlyn Schmit and The Move, Mason Dixon Line Band & Gunslinger. Food Trucks with BBQ, Deli Sandwiches, Ice Cream. Activity's for Children. Bounce houses and other fun things for the kids. This is family friendly festival so all ages can attend!!!!
Aretha Franklin LIVE: 730PM August 12th at the Foellinger Outdoor Theater. Aretha Franklin has been called one of the most influential and important voices in the history of American music, with a repertoire that spans pop, soul, jazz, rock, blues and gospel. She has earned countless international and national awards as well as accolades and global recognition on an unprecedented scale. In recent interviews, Aretha announced this may be her last tour, so don’t miss your chance to hear the Queen of Soul live, singing favorites like “Respect,” “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “Son of a Preacher Man,” and many, many more.
36th Annual Steam and Gas Show: August 10-12 at the LaGrange County 4H Fairgrounds. This years event will feature IH Tractors and Farm Equipment. Steam Engines, Antique Tractors, Gas Engines, Antique Farm Machinery, Sawmills, Arts & Crafts, Large Flea Market, Trading Post, Camping, Food and More! Activities Include: Wheat Threshing, Plowing with Steam Engines,125 HP Erie Steam Engine operating a sawmill, On Friday and Saturday evening will have the Parade of Tractors & Engines and Live Music. Saturday will be the Ladies Program and Antique Tractor Pull. Sunday will be a Church Service.
Central Indiana
Indiana State Fair: August 4th-20th at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. The Indiana State Fair continues to be the one event which brings families together to experience the best of Indiana! Entertainment, exhibits & food!
SoundSport International Music & Food Festival: 11AM-3PM August 12th at the Pan Am Plaza. The SoundSport International Music & Food Festival storms back into downtown Indianapolis as a part of the 45th Anniversary Drum Corps International World Championships in August 2017. This free, family friendly event will feature local, national, and international performance ensembles on multiple stages and the best food Indy has to offer. Bring the family and join us for an afternoon of music, food and fun
Kokomo Free Summer Concert Series: 6-10PM August 12th at the Kokomo Arts Pavilion in Foster Park. Kokomo's Free Summer Concert Series features nationally-known bands and musicians performing at the Kokomo Arts Pavilion in Downtown Kokomo's Foster Park. All concerts are free! Many concerts will also feature food vendors and kid's activities in addition to great live music! Outdoor seating; bring lawn chairs. Visit website to see full list of bands and concerts.
Colt World Series: August 4th-9th at the Bert E. Loeb Stadium at Columbian Park. The Colt World Series field is comprised of ten teams of 15-and 16-year olds from around the world, four U.S. based zone champions, four international zone champions , a local team and a area host team, who play under the PONY Baseball, Inc. blanket. Lafayette has been host to this tournament since 1969 (except the year 1971).
Mosey Down Main Street: August 12th at Downtown Lafayette. Live entertainment, food, family-friendly, free event introducing the sights, sounds, venues and merchants of downtown Lafayette.
Little League Central Region Baseball Tournament: August 6th-12th at the Grand Park Sports Campus. The Little League Baseball Central Region Tournament will be held from August 6-12 at Grand Park Sports Campus located in Westfield, Indiana to determine who will be the Great Lakes Region and Midwest Region champions. Grand Park Sports Campus is located on a 400-acre property, at 19000 Grand Park Blvd, in Westfield, Ind., the Grand Park Sports Campus features 26 diamonds with bleacher seating provided at each location, batting cages, concession stands, and more, and will serve as an exciting location for the 2017 Central Region Tournaments. The winners will advance to the Little League Baseball World Series in Williamsport, PA. Detailed game schedules, including the games broadcast on the ESPN family of networks, will be available in June.
Southern Indiana
Sunset Wine Cruise: August 11th at Patoka Lake Marina. Enjoy a relaxing evening aboard the Patoka Voyager. Admission includes five to seven tastings, two glasses of your choice and a souvenir wine glass.
Bloomington Blues & Boogie Woogie Piano Festival: 100-1030PM August 13th at Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center. The Bloomington Blues & Boogie Woogie Piano Festival is an annual festival featuring acclaimed piano players, dancers, food and beverages. With free and ticketed performances at multiple venues and free educational components, the 2016 festival was voted one of the top 10 festivals in Indiana! Our mission is to present acclaimed piano players in ticketed and free performances, and to present free educational programs so that young people and young pianists are exposed to world-class artists in Bloomington, Indiana.Artists to perform in the Ivy Tech Waldron Auditorium ticketed concerts include Bob Seeley, C. J. Chenier, Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, Rob Rio, Mitch Woods, Bill Sims, Jr., Josh Paxton, and Craig Brenner, with rhythm section of Gordon Bonham/guitar, Joe Donnelly/sax, Ron Kadish/bass, and Dan Hostetledrums; professional swing dancers. Additional artists will perform free on the Arts Plaza adjacent to the Ivy Tech Waldron, and at "Bloomington Boogies After Hours" at Malibu Grill on the Square, hosted by Austrian pianist Katharina Alber.
Cork & Fork: Winedown: 4-9PM August 12th at Creekbend Vineyard. Pack a big blanket, and spread out with family or friends on our farm house lawn. Take a twirl to the tune of a live band, and sip and savor wine and great food. And enjoy the stunning vineyard landscape as a backdrop. Our August event, "Winedown," will be a toe-tapping good time, with local food trucks from Big Cheese and Juancho's Munchies and Bloomington's favorite ice cream from The Chocolate Moose. Music by The Indiana Boys. HAPPENING IN AUGUST! Multiple food vendors! Plus Oliver picnic packs, fresh-baked bread, and a selection of house-made cracker spreads will be available. We also invite you to bring along your own picnic. Please, no outside alcoholic beverages are permitted. Bring chairs, blankets, and sun umbrellas. We will permit tents/canopies for shade in designated areas. (Tent space will be limited, so arrive early!) Gate opens at 3:30. Wine serivce begins at 4:00. Music begins at 4:30. Last call at 8:30.
Randy Houser: 8PM August 12th at the French Lick Resort. With an inimitable voice the New York Times describes as “wholly different, thicker and more throbbing, a caldron bubbling over,” Randy Houser racked up three consecutive No. 1 hits and more than four million in singles sales to date with his Stoney Creek Records album, How Country Feels. He topped the charts with the title track, “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight” and “Goodnight Kiss” (also his first No. 1 as a songwriter) and earned critical acclaim for his powerful delivery of the Top 5 smash and CMA Song of the Year-nominated "Like A Cowboy."
Hard Day's Night: a Tribute to the Beatles: 630-1000PM August 12th at the Lincoln Amphitheatre. Back for a return engagement at the Lincoln Amphitheatre, Hard Day's Night first graced the Amphitheatre's stage in October of 2015 to much fanfare and a fantastic reception! Since 1996, Hard Day's Night has been entertaining Beatles fans across the country. Hailing from the rock 'n roll city of Cleveland, Ohio, Hard Day's Night is rated among the top national Beatles tribute groups performing today. The band focuses on performing songs exactly as the Beatles themselves did; four musicians onstage in character as John, Paul, George, and Ringo; wearing perfect stitch-for-stitch replications of the suits made famous by the Beatles; with authentic Vox, Hofner, Gretsch, Rickenbacker, and Ludwig instruments; playing the world-famous songs note-for-note. Hard Day’s Night has had the pleasure of performing for thousands of Beatles fans in England and the United States, including such national clients as Continental Airlines, Hard Rock Cafe, Hilton Hotels, Volkswagen of America, and the American Heart Association. Television clips featuring the band have appeared on FOX, PBS and CBS, and the group has appeared with such noted British Invasion performers as Peter Noone and Herman's Hermits and Billy J. Kramer, as well as Tim Piper
Northwest Indiana
  • Chesterton
Chesterton's European Market: Every Saturday from 10AM - 2PM until October 28th on Third Street and Broadway in Downtown Chesterton. An outdoor family/artisanal market
  • Hobart
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged: Fridays-Sundays in August at the Center Stage Theater. An hysterical romp through 38 Shakespeare shows by 3 actors in just 97 minutes!
  • Hebron
Pav's Summer Car Nites - Every Tuesday evening through the summer. Variety of rides, good food and music at Pav's Restaurant
Suzy's Diner Cruise Night - Every Wednesday, April to October, 4-8 p.m at Suzy's Diner. Enjoy cool cars, music and a special discount at the diner
  • Munster
Sunday Market in the Park: 8AM-2PM every Sunday through October at Centennial Park Clubhouse. Produce, plants, home-made jams and jellies, baked goods, cheese, food vendors, drinks, local crafts and artwork, jewelry, clothing, bath and beauty products, direct sales businesses and more! Live Music every other week beginning May 14
  • Plymouth
Mayor's Month of Music: 7-10PM Fridays in August at River Park Square. Mayor's Month of Music is held in historic downtown Plymouth at River Park Square. This beautiful venue provides a wonderful area to enjoy an evening of music. Pack a cooler of your favorite beverages, grab some dinner from one of Plymouth's downtown restaurants, a lawn chair and you will be all set for an awesome evening. Concessions are available on site. This is a family-friendly event. There is no admission charge for the concerts.
  • Portage
Portage Cruise-in: Every Tuesday evening throughout the summer. Variety of rides, good food and music at Woodland Park
Portage Community Market: 11AM-3PM every Sunday until September 11th at Founders Square Park. More than 30 vendors will participate in the Portage Community Market. There will be locally grown produce, flowers, popcorn, honey, bread, barbecue, handmade crafts and much more.
Portage Summer Music in the Park: Every Tuesday evening throughout the summer. All concerts will be held indoors at either Sycamore Hall or Oakwood Grand Hall in Woodland Park. Featuring Music ranges from 40s to 50s, rock & roll, swing, blues, contemporary and all featuring local talent.
  • Valparaiso
Summer Rhapsody Music Festival: Thursday nights until August 31 at The Porter Health Amphitheatre in Central Park Plaza. For all of the music lovers out there, come out and enjoy the sounds of the season with the Summer Rhapsody Music Festival. This concert showcase features many artists – each with their own unique style and sound. Select Thursday nights in the summer, concertgoers of all ages will enjoy a feast of different sounds underneath the beautiful night sky at The Porter Health Amphitheater in Central Park Plaza. Whether it’s a rock n’ roll band of yesteryear, an easy-going Motown group, or the elegant sounds that only a symphony orchestra can create, there’s something for everybody at this music festival. Bring your picnic, your blanket or chairs, and of course, your music-loving family and friends, and come relax in the park with the sounds of the Summer Rhapsody Music Festival.
Valparaiso Market: Every Tuesday and Saturday throughout the summer from 11AM-1PM. Fresh produce, handmade crafts, flowers, and live entertainment.
Taltree Railway Garden: Open from April 1st through October 31st. Featuring dwarf plants and model steam engine trains, the exhibit showcases the impact steam engine trains had on early 19th century U.S. railroads
Pop-Up: A Valparaiso Art Experience: July 20th - August 6th at various locations in Valparaiso (check he Pop-Up: A Valparaiso Art Experience is a regional art competition brought to you by Valparaiso Events and The Enclave Project. Over the course of 18 days, Valparaiso will become an artistic playground. Each day the community will be engaged with displays of both visual and performing arts. Art work will "pop-up" in neighborhood businesses for all to enjoy. Its creative and diverse schedule will keep visitors anticipating what's next.
South Point Cruise-In: 6-9PM Fridays June-August at the Harley-Davidson of Valparaiso. Live music featuring classic rock, country, oldies and more, beer garden, food, cars and bikes
North East Indiana
  • Auburn
You Had Me at Merlot Walking Wine Barrel Art Tour: All summer in Downtown Auburn. Walk the beautiful tree lined streets of Historic Downtown Auburn and enjoy 20 Wooden Wine Barrels transformed into unique works of art by local and regional artists. This outdoor walking tour exhibit is juried with awards and art auction held each year at the end of summer. This annual exhibit has included many different art objects over the past eight years, from giant paintings on easels to garden benches. This year's exhibit celebrates the many wineries of this area with its wooden wine barrels. Walking Tour maps are available at no cost in most downtown businesses
First Fridays Downtown Auburn: 5-8PM the first Friday of every month at Downtown Auburn. Enjoy Auburn downtown on Friday Nights! Fun for families and grown ups... And those in-between! Late Night Shopping, Live Entertainment, Local Culinary Delights, Locally Crafted Beverages & Much Much More! Sponsored by ADAC Inc., there will be fun & entertainment every 1st Friday of the month in AUBURN!
  • Fort Wayne
Rock the Plaza: Free concert series put on by the Allen County Public Library each Saturday evening throughout the summer
  • Middlebury
Essenhaus Classic Car Cruise-In: Every Thursday throughout summer at Grounds of Das Dutchman Essenhaus. A weekly classic car cruise-in with no participation or entry fee. Participants will also enjoy door prize giveaways, coupons for shopping and dining as well as 50’s-style music. Most evenings, hand dipped ice cream and live entertainment will be provided.
  • Nappanee
Plain & Fancy: May 24th - October 14th at the Amish Acres Round Barn Theatre. A New Yorker and his sophisticated girlfriend drive down around Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to sell a piece of property. Here they meet Amish folk, whose convoluted English speech, clothes and habits haven't changed for centuries. The clash of cultures educates and entertains at the same time in this quaint musical comedy. It was the first Broadway show for both composer Albert Hague and author Joseph Stein who each went on, respectively, to win Tony awards for Redhead and Fiddler On The Roof. The Round Barn Theatre has become the national home of this 1955 Broadway hit. This 2017 production marks the 31st anniversary year that The Round Barn Theatre has produced Plain and Fancy making it one of the longest running shows of all time
  • Shipshewana
Midwest's Largest Flea Market: 8AM-5PM every Tuesday and Wednesday until October. Same venue as the Shipshewana Auction
Shipshewana Trading Place Auction: 9AM every Wednesday all year. This auction features up to 10 auctioneers selling a variety of antiques and misc. items beginning with the auction bell at 9 am. Visitors tell us there is no other experience quite like it. With a variety of food choices on site, including our Auction Restaurant, featuring Amish home-style cooking and the best pie in town, you can easily spend the entire day shopping, relaxing and enjoying the sights & sounds without having to leave our grounds.
The Home Game: A Musical: July 13th - October 19th at the Blue Gate Theatre. A son's journey, a father's hope. For as long as he can remember, handsome LEVI TROYER has loved playing baseball. He daydreams about playing in the major leagues, but with his father's expectations that he remain on the farm, he manages to keep most of his dreaming in check. All of that changes when a sports talent scout happens into town one day and catches sight of Levi's amazing fast ball. Impressed with both his pitching and batting skills, the talent scout offers Levi a deal he can't refuse. With the decision fully Levi's, how will he choose between his father's wishes of an Amish life and his own deepest dreams? What will it cost him? Levi's journey is one you won't soon forget in Blue Gate's newest musical, THE HOME GAME - A Son's Journey, A Father's Hope.
Mennonite Girls Can Cook The Musical: July 25th - October 20th at the Blue Gate Theatre. Now from Blue Gate Musicals: something completely different. Mennonite Girls Can Cook!Watch the excitement, confusion, and just plain frantic fun when a small town cable cooking show, hosted by two Mennonite women, attracts the attention of a Hollywood producer. This idea recipe for hilarity will make you laugh your spatulas off as these lovely ladies gear up for the "Big Time" - and do their best to deal with their starstruck neighbors, who compete for their own fifteen minutes of fame
  • Warsaw
Lake City Skiers Water Ski Show: 6:30-7:30PM every Sunday and Tuesday at Hidden Lake. The shows are a themed production including music and costumes with an announcer to guide you through the action. You will see Extreme jump acts, An all girl Ballet line, Barefoot water skiing, Swivel skiing, doubles routines and human pyramids just to name a few. The show last about 1 hour followed by a meet and greet with the skiers. The Lake City Skiers have been providing fun family entertainment since 1989 and are Indiana's only competitive show ski team holding 4 National Championships in 2006, 2007, 2014, and 2016.
Central Indiana
  • Connersville
Fayette County Farmers' Market: Saturdays 9AM-12PM until October 7th. Local vendors from Fayette and surrounding counties offer farm fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, cheese, baked goods, herbs, plant stock and seeds, high quality crafts including paintings, pottery, sculptures, alpaca fiber items, goat milk soaps, jewelry, photography and so much more. Local artists, performers, and musicians highlighted as regularly scheduled entertainment. Now accepting SNAP/EBT, SenioWIC Farmers' Market Vouchers, several vendors accept debit/credit cards.
  • Fishers
Kroger Symphony on the Prairie: Every weekend at Conner Prairie. The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra's summer series provides music from classical, pop, and rock genres from mid-June through Labor Day weekend.
Saxony Market: 8AM-12PM Saturdays at Saxony Market. SAXONY MARKET is proud to provide a home for some of Central Indiana’s finest local vendors selling these fine products: fresh produce, Indiana sweet corn, homemade baked goods, floral and gardening supplies, savory herbs, crafted jewelry, authentic home cooked cuisine, sweet treats, handmade bath products and much more!
  • Indianapolis
Groovin' In The Garden: 2-5PM every Saturday until September 30th at the Easley Winery. We offer daily wine specials, cool tunes from the best musical acts of the greater Indianapolis area, and an experience you won't soon forget. Feel free to bring along your favorite foods or order from local restaurants to have delivered here to the winery, and don't forget to bring a chair!
  • Kokomo
Banksy Art on Display in Kokomo: August 4th - September 15th at the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library. See a unique piece of Banksy art on display in Kokomo. Library reps speculate Kokomo just might be the first library in the world to host an actual piece of art by Banksy. Other libraries, they say, have hosted displays with posters or prints of his work, but Kokomo will have the real deal on display. The piece is called “Haight Street Rat.” It was created in San Francisco on the side of a bed and breakfast. Art collector Brian Greif paid the building owner for the rights to tear down the wall and claim the piece. The Kokomo-Howard County Public Library has planned several events related to the piece of art, starting with the unveiling from 5:30 to 9 p.m. on Aug. 4 at the main branch downtown. The art will be on display through September 15, 2017 during the library's regular hours
First Friday Kokomo: 530-900PM the first Friday of every month at Downtown Kokomo. Free, family-friendly arts-based event held the First Friday of every month in Downtown Kokomo from 5:30-9:00 p.m., January-December. Activities include art, music, food, local vendors, shops, entertainment, kid's activities & much more! Check website for monthly themes and schedule of activities.
  • Lafayette
EXHIBIT: The Many Faces of Indiana Art: 1-4PM August 4th - October 28th at the Haan Mansion Museum of Indiana Art. This is a juried exhibition designed to examine, challenge, educate, and enrich the viewer's definition of art. The exhibition features a wide range of works in many forms by over 20 Indiana artists. Paintings, glass, photography, woodcarving, metal working, jewelry, and textiles are just a few of the many art forms being showcased in the exhibition.
Southern Indiana
  • Bloomington
Bloomington Community Farmers' Market: 8AM-12PM Saturdays at Showers Common.
  • Clarksville
The Music Man: July 12th - August 20th at the Derby Dinner Playhouse. Family entertainment at its best! This romantic and touching Broadway musical features a nostalgic score, rousing dance numbers, and is a grand tribute to the simplicity and optimism of Smalltown, USA. A classic story to be shared with every generation. Ticket price includes dinner, show, tax, & parking. Located just minutes from downtown Louisville, KY.
  • French Lick
Elephant Retreat and Giraffe Encounter at Wilstem Ranch: All summer long. An African elephant herd of three girls will be retreating at Wilstem Ranch, only 7 miles from French Lick. The three elephants that retreat at Wilstem Ranch each year are retired from making appearances in parades, circus acts and more. But as they age, even elephants need retreats, and they're coming to town for a vacation! This one of a kind up-close encounter is a rare and wonderful opportunity to learn more about these amazing creatures and connect with them in a tranquil environment
  • Newburgh
Newburgh Farmers Market: Saturdays 8AM-12PM through September 30th. At the Newburgh Farmer’s Market you will find the very best seasonal produce complemented by products like honey, grass fed meats, dairy products, flowers, cheese, breads, and pastries. There are also crafts, art, plants, flowers, & honey along with live music to complete the festival atmosphere. Free. Special event weekends include: Kids Day and Dog Days of Summer.
  • Orleans
Orange County HomeGrown Orleans Farmer's Market: 8AM-12PM Saturdays through October 28th at Orleans Congress Square. Locally grown produce, baked goods, local handcrafted items, Buck-a-Book trailer, jammer tent, Master Gardener, and fun family activities. Sponsored by Orange County HomeGrown
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2016.07.31 16:18 WhenMachinesCry My Life In A Bush League by Wilt Chamberlain (1965)

This is an article published on April 12th, 1965 in Sports Illustrated.
Wilt was finishing his 6th year in the NBA, having career averages up to that point of 41.1 pts, 24.5 rebs, 3.2 asts in 47.1 minutes played per game. 76ers were eventually eliminated that year by Bill Russell's Boston Celtics, who held off Philly by a single point in an iconic Game 7 when John Havlicek stole the ball in the final seconds (April 15th, 1965).
Wilt was just traded from San Francisco Warriors to Philadelphia 76ers a couple of months earlier, during the 1965 All-Star break. Two years later he would win his first NBA championship, when Sixers defeated (ironically) San Francisco Warriors with 4-2 in the 1967 NBA Finals.
I think it's an interesting look into his frame of mind at that time, and also how professional basketball and NBA looked like in it's early days, so I thought I'd share it.
by Wilt Chamberlain

Oh, man, this is going to be better than psychiatry. In the first place, I am much too big to get comfortable on that crazy couch. In the second place, I am all fired up about speaking for myself this one time and have it come out the way I said it. I have a sort of special, savage reason for all this: there are a lot of people out there who will be surprised that I can write, because they are usually astounded that I can even talk.
I know this is true, because I get the old routine all the time. I stopped getting angry about it years and years ago, but it still drives all my friends crazy. Whenever we're standing around together—man, I mean any place—crowds of people come up and just stare at us. Then someone will nudge one of my pals slightly and say, "Hey, who duh big guy?" or, "So that's old Wilt the Stilt, huh? How tall is he, really?" they say. And then, "Will you ask him can I have his autograph for my kid?" And then my friends sort of sidle away from me—they want to stand clear to show everybody I'm not on a leash or anything like that—and they say. "Come on. Wilt can talk, you know. He's a real human, man. How come you don't ask him yourself?" Then, once they get over that hurdle, people are always a little disappointed I don't say, "duuuhhhhhh." And that, in part, is what this story is all about. This is life inside a giant, baby. I know that how I feel is not too important.
All right. What is important is what has happened to make me feel the way I do and all of the psychological hammering and tugging and pulling that got me into this frame of mind. This is more than life inside a giant. This is the story of my life inside professional basketball—the greatest game ever played, a game that suffers from being bush when it doesn't want to be bush, a game that may always be bush unless some basic changes are made. And when we get to the end of this chapter, the part where they say, "Tune in next week," or the end of the story, where they say, "Can this poor monster from Philadelphia really find happiness?" You'll know just how it feels to be Goliath. How it feels to be seven feet and 1.06 inches tall with no place to hide. After all, you remember in the Old Testament that David had all the best of it, right? Nobody even thought to say or even ask how Goliath must have felt just sort of standing around there. Goliath didn't get any of the good lines, you know?
The timing of my story is important for three reasons.
Reason No. 1: I'm at the top of this game and I'm thinking of retiring. I will be perfectly honest and say I'm thinking of not retiring, too. But I have now racked up all the all-time scoring and playing records—all the ones that count—and what else is there? Final standings at the end of this season: Chamberlain leads the scoring, with 2,534 points, for the sixth year in a row. Chamberlain shoots 2,081 and hits 1,063 for a .510 average. or 34.7 points a game. And that's in 73 games: I didn't play them all. See what I mean? Man, I have fulfilled everything I wanted in pro basket-ball except winning the NBA title. And I can't do that all by myself, right?
Money has nothing to do with the way I feel. I have been investing my money under smart counseling for years. And even though my accountant, Alan Levitt, calls me every single day from Philadelphia and says something like "Run for the hills, baby, we're broke." It is still not critical.
I also have a sore stomach. Because of my size it is more sore stomach than you ever heard of. My doctor, Stanley Lorber, is considered the best internist in Philadelphia, and he can't find out what's wrong with it. But he gets a real kick out of examining me, and he uses me as a subject for lecturing his students. I think pretty soon I am going to start charging him. Ike Richman, part owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, feels so bad about my stomachache that he got real desperate last week and said. "I know. Let's go to a hypnotist." Man, a hypnotist—who, me? I thought I'd put Ike off, so I said. "Man, how much will you pay me to go and get hypnotized? A hundred dollars an hour?" And Ike said he'd do it. Anything to get me feeling back in shape. That's the kind of guy he is. But no matter what we do it keeps getting worse instead of better, and my health is going to figure big in my future. This is my summer of decision.
Reason No. 2: I'm thinking of doing a lot of things other than playing basketball. I am thinking of living my own life, for one thing. I could take life easier and manage my apartment house properties and my nightclub in Harlem and the six corporations I'm tied up in—and be a business executive in a size-IS collar, button-down oxford-cloth shin and the biggest hotdamn gray flannel suit you ever saw in your whole life. I have all kinds of other offers, including a role in a civil rights movie based on the new book Look Away. I could go into boxing. And don't think for a minute I couldn't be heavyweight champion of the world. You hear me out there. Sonny Liston? You don't believe me? Look at that picture on the cover again, baby. I am also considering—but not too seriously—standing offers to enter professional baseball or football. But we've got to face it. I would fall with one hell of a crash on a football kid (even though it might take more than one guy to bring me down). And while I might be hot stuff catching high ones in the outfield, even the wildest pitcher in baseball would murder me at home plate because I have got such a big strike zone.
Reason No. 3: Finally. I am tired of being a villain. It is not the role I had in mind when I entered this sport. I don't feel like a villain, and I don't think like a villain. And there are girls out there who insist I don't exactly look mean, either, you know? Never mind the mustache and beard, man. My mother thinks it looks awful, but the overall vote is in favor of it. And I think I have spotted a trend away from that sort of thing. Villainy, I mean. In the old-time days there was no sympathy for the big guys. Remember Bluto, the big, fat one in the Popeye cartoons? And he would always grab old Olive Oyl and run off with her, and Popeye would eat all that crazy (ugh) spinach and then kick the hell out of Bluto? Well, Bluto is pretty much out of it now. And take the case of Frankenstein's monster. He used to be a real heller and now even he has been gentled up on TV.
Then, finally, there is a new kindly hero: the Jolly Green Giant. It's a trend, you see? Now, I don't exactly see myself as the Jolly Bronze Giant—I don't dig that leafy little costume, for one thing—but you get the theme. Boy, I don't know. How does a guy get to be a villain in the first place? Not all at once. I promise you. It is a cumulative series of little things—like little jabs from sportswriters—that have a way of adding up over the years to make the total picture of a bad guy. They have a way of slowly filling in an image that seems to stick in people's minds. I don't know of any athlete in the world who has had to prove himself so many times. Over and over again, fighting off the image. give you an example: "That Wilt. He just stands there and dunks the ball," says one writer. So I work hard and perfect a jump shot. "That Wilt. He shouldn't fade away from the basket when he's shooting the jumper." they say. So I try some other shots. And I concentrate on defense. "That Wilt," they say this time. "He just plays one end of the court."
So I dash around and hustle down to the other end of the court. "He's hogging all the action." So I try more team play, and I feed the ball off like mad. "That Wilt," they say, fresh out of criticism. "He's a fink." Man, how can I win? Look: I know I'm getting well paid for this sort of jazz, and everybody shrugs and says, "Well, old Wilt can laugh all the way while he's walking to the bank." Actually, it's better than that. I can laugh all the way while driving to the bank in my 527.000 baby-lavender Bentley Continental convertible. But that doesn't help the hurt piled up inside. Let me put it another way: I get paid big money for playing basketball, and I play it. But I do not get paid big money for being hounded and instigated and called a lot of things I am not, right? In a funny way, name-calling is one of the key things that makes professional basketball a bush-league affair when it doesn't have to—it shouldn't —be that way at all. You don't see that sort of thing in other sports. Does the owner of the New York Giants say bad things about Jimmy Brown because Jimmy plays for the Cleveland Browns? Never. Big-league owners know that inter-league sniping gives the whole game a bad name. And the fans expect better conduct. You won't hear Al Lopez calling Mickey Mantle a bum. Unfortunately, the fans don't always get such conduct in pro basketball.
I ask you: Where else but in professional basketball do you get 1) owners, 2) players and 3) coaches all knocking each other? How can Ned Irish of the New York Knicks say "I wouldn't have Wilt on my team?" Never mind Ned's personal feelings about me: how he might feel personally doesn't matter. But in sniping at me—or at anybody—can he be helping the NBA? He's knocking it down. It creates a strictly bush atmosphere. And when this sort of thing happens you start to wonder if the people involved really want to improve basketball or maybe just get their names in the papers. They have money and what they really want is fame. I guess. I think some NBA owners regard having their own basketball team as sort of like an executive yo-yo: you know, like a toy. They like the idea of really owning something in sports and maybe they can't afford a whole football team. (It's nice to have something to kick around at the country club. "Yeah, man, as I was telling my team the other day.. ..")
All of which is fine. Man, I don't care what these people spend their money on. But don't forget, they're trading in the lives of real people here. How about Franklin Mieuli, who owned about 10% of the San Francisco 49ers, and he had a hold of that little piece of action and then he got the Owners' hots. So when Eddie Gottlieb sold his share of the Warriors, Mieuli dashed right over and bought it all up, and now here he is, really able to get in there and mix it up. Frankly, I doubt if Mieuli knows very much about basketball. But he wants to speak up about it, and now that he is an owner, now he can. Oh, man! And what do you get in situations like this in the league? I'll tell you what you get: I was sitting in my apartment in San Francisco one night looking out at the view, and a newspaper reporter knocked at my door. He said something cheery like. "Hello. You have now been traded. Goodbye." And do you think the owner had the courtesy to even talk to me about it? Hah. (In this case, though, I figured something was coming up. Some time before, Gottlieb had talked to me and kind of asked how I'd like going back to Philadelphia to play. And I was honest and warned him that if they signed me it would have to be with the understanding that it might be my last season.
How about Barry Kramer coming in for practice one day, and about the time he gets down to his undershorts someone says something like: "By the way, man, don't bother undressing any further. You don't play for us anymore." Just like that. And Wayne Hightower. He walked into the locker room in New York: "Hightower? Oh. yeah. Hightower. You've been traded to Baltimore."
It's the old yo-yo. Like the owners have a little game of their own going that we don't know anything about. You know, a secret league where they say. "Look. I'll give you two forwards and a regulation basketball and a couple of rolls of tape for a big center and a pair of sneakers." And what about the image to the public? Oh man, never mind the image. And if that isn't bush, baby, I don't know what is.
Now. I don't want to sound like rhythm and blues. You don't have to set this story to music. But there is a reason this action has such a crazy impact in basketball that it does not have in other sports. Look, we all know there must be trades and player cuts and drafts. We all know there must be owner wheeling and dealing. Fine. All sports wheel and deal. And we don't even want to know all the owners' business. You follow me? But basketball is a kind of special case because the players get so close to each other playing this game. The game demands close, instinctive relationships. We're more sensitive about teammates than, say, linebackers, who are bought and sold by the pound like hamburger. Basketball players build strong friendships and respect on and off the court.
So we understand the owners have to deal. But it doesn't have to be this bush. They could call the players in and let them know what's cooking. I don't mean ask the players' opinion. But at least let them know, see? And then you wouldn't have those kids out there all jumpy and not playing 100 % basketball. In football and baseball also most of the trading is done in the off season, and by the time the regular season comes around the shock has worn off. The top players, all the ones I know who are serious about this game, are all trying to improve it, to get the bush image out of it. But, man, it's tough.
That's just the beginning. Let me take you inside a secret practice session of the Philadelphia 76ers and we'll see how this grabs you: We're divided up into two squads for scrimmaging. We're inside Convention Hall and it is big and dark and cold and empty, and when the ball slaps into your hands it makes a ringing, hollow sound up against the ceiling. We're wearing a sort of catch-me-come-kiss-me collection of bits and pieces of old uniforms, and we look like the orphans' picnic. Coach Dolph Schayes is trying to teach us basketball fundamentals (and I think we'll agree right here that it is a little late for shut sort of thing. If we don't know the fundamentals by now. we're all dead). Suddenly, on a fast break or a play under the basket. Dolph sees something none of us can see. He stops everything. "All right.- he will bark. "Yellow team take three laps around the court." And off we go—five big, hulking, grown-up men—loping around the basketball court like a bunch of junior high school kids. Our technical practice on play patterns has been interrupted for this punishment, and the pace of our game has been thrown off. This is Schayes's way of spanking us. Then we get back to work and get a furious scrimmage going and a nice sort of rhythm starts to take shape. "Wait! Hold it," says Schayes. "Blue team take three laps around the court.
There we go again. Everything stops. And the secret in all this is that the blue team hasn't done anything wrong. Dolph is just so soft-hearted that he's been thinking about it for a few minutes and has decided that they ought to do it, too. And any punishment value of the laps is nullified, right? It's almost the same thing in actual league play. Schayes is so tender-hearted that someone sitting on the bench can look over at him with those big wet eyes, and he'll put them into the game—even if the man replaced is having a big night. You see? In the dressing room one day a couple of weeks ago, Dolph came up with another idea. "We've got to fake those fouls more," he said. "Let's throw up our hands and stagger backwards and really make it look real to the referee." "But. Coach," said Dave Gambee, "This only works if you're a good actor. A lot of us can't pull it off. We just don't look innocent." "All right." says Schayes. "I guess we'd better play it straight. But fake them when you can, huh?"
Now. whatever you do, don't get me wrong, there is a hardcore moral hidden away in here, baby, and it goes right down to one of the really fundamental things that is wrong with professional basketball. The coaching system is right out of bushville. It's one of those things that went wrong with the system years ago. Here is a guy who has played long and well and faithfully. And he comes up with a bad knee or something like that and the owners say. "Well. we've got to do something nice for good old Whoever." So what do they do? They make a coach out of him, and next season he suddenly turns up coaching his old cronies, the guys he used to play with. And playing the game does not necessarily qualify a man to coach it, right? Take Dolph. Here is a genuinely good guy. He is tall, handsome: he dresses well, he is soft-spoken and he is nice to the wife and kids. And right now that makes him almost too nice a guy to coach a bunch of hardened basketball professionals. Schayes knows all the plays and strategies well—and if he had any legs left he could run them—but he has a tough time passing this information on to the players.
Meanwhile, here are the NBA owners, with diamond rings on their little fingers and cigars in their mouths, and they want winners. "Do what you have to do, coach, but boot me home a winner. Don't talk to me about personality problem", "Coach, just show me that big box score. Don't come to me with the song and dance about a tired team.", "I know the season is too long, but what the hell, baby, win, win, win." A gentle, soft-hearted coach against this kind of background is like a little old lamb in there with the hungry lions. Schayes, for one, has that woolly look, and there are plenty of others. We could have won at least seven or eight more games than we did this season with fierce eat'em-up coaching.
There are examples of this through the association. I'm not in a position to comment on the Detroit situation: man, I've got enough problems of my own. But here it is again: they take Dave DeBusschere, a second-year man in basketball, and they make him a coach. It's a waste of Dave's talents and worse than that: it's bush, baby. Pro basketball has created a lot of jumpy coaches. The poor guys, it's a wonder some of them don't sort of fall off the bench and maybe foam at the mouth a little. I promise you that some coaches in this association get word that they've lost one player and picked up two—or some combination like that—and they're absolutely dumbfounded. And very, very few of them can speak up or talk back.
The word was all around the league that when Paul Seymour was coach at St. Louis he protested about some owner moves and he got fired. And Seymour, baby, was a very very good coach. A real loss to the game. On the old Warriors. Neil Johnston came up late or something like that, and Gottlieb made him a coach. Another one of those things out of sympathy. In our first year together—it was 1960. I think-we had a good year and took second to Boston. And I don't think this was a reflection of Neil's coaching so much as that we just had a great team, you understand?
Then when the second year came along we lost to the Syracuse Nationals in the semifinals of the playoffs—and then Neil was dismissed, and he kind of lashed out and made some very unfair statements. He made out like Wilt Chamberlain was a prima donna and he couldn't talk to me. And as I remember the two years with Johnston we had one disagreement. Just one. But I guess he had to blame losing his job on somebody instead of his coaching. It all weaves into this image we've got. Since professional basketball began, owners have been hiring the wrong kind of coaches—then firing them for not winning. There are enough ex-coaches around to form their own Old Cats League or something.
Take Owner Ben Kerner of the St. Louis Hawks: he is known around the league for the ability to tire a coach before the coach can get the laces tied up on his sneakers. Cincinnati eased Charley Wolf out because he didn't produce a winner right away. In San Francisco, Bob Feerick decided he wasn't ready for coaching, and he got out of it gracefully by becoming general manager. But, you know, what do the owners expect—that maybe there will be nine winners in the season? And if not. what is the remedy: Firing eight coaches? Sometimes that seems to be the idea around here.
Good college coaches arc usually too smart to come into the professional ranks. They take one look at this snake pit, and they say. "Who me? Man, are you kidding me?" Happily, this system doesn't go flat across the board in the NBA. The owners who have a feeling for a coach will go out and buy him a good team and give him the chance to build it into a powerhouse, and they leave him alone. Know what I mean? I mean, look at the Boston Celtics and Auerbach. You know the real key reason why they are so good as a team? Man. those guys have been together for an average of nine years now. They're so close they're like Siamese sextuplets. How about me? Would I coach if they asked me? I happen to think I would make a pretty good coach. But don't ask me.
That Red Auerbach. Now, isn't he too much? With that cigar and the look like he would snap you in half. I mean mean. But what a guy. I can remember the first time we met—and maybe you don't know this, but he was my coach at one time. It was back in 1953 and I was a high school freshman then. Maybe about ... oh, 6 feet 10 1/2 or so ... I had been playing a lot of basketball already against some pretty tough older players, and I thought I was pretty hot stuff. And Haskell Cohen, the public relations guy for the NBA—man, he was really looking into the future—had spotted me down at Overbrook High in Philadelphia. And he got me a summer job bell-hopping at Kutsher's resort up in the Catskills. It was a sort of breeding ground for future professionals. Haskell was looking beyond high school and college, I guess. So I turned up on the circuit carrying suitcases and waiting on tables and sort of standing around all bones and eyeballs and teeth. Every summer resort up there had its own basketball team made up of college kids who needed jobs for the summer. They worked a little and played a little. And who was the coach at Kutsher's? The man with the cigar.
Looking back on it. I think maybe it was my attitude that first touched off Auerbach. You know, I wasn't exactly the most modest kid in town, and I had a lot of moves for a high school (rattle playing with the big boys. And when Red would call practice he would sort of talk to me in that voice that catches you right here, right between the ribs. He especially didn't like the way I played defense.
"Don't you think, Chamberlain," Red would growl. "that it might be sort of a good idea to defense your man from in from of him instead of behind him? What the hell are you doing back there?" But I went on defensing from behind the guys, reaching around with my arms to get the ball, waiting to fall on them when they wheeled around to shoot.
"We are going to play Shawanga Lodge next." said Red, looking through me. "And you are going to have to defense B. H. Born. I think it only fair to tell you, Chamberlain, that B. H. Born has just made All-America from the University of Kansas. And I think it only fair to tell you that B. H. Born is going to make chopped chicken liver out of you." So we played Shawanga.
At the half-time break I had scored 30-some points and Born had scored exactly two. And I came ambling back into the dressing room and flopped myself down on the training table and folded my arms behind my head. I was whistling. you know, doe de doo de doo, and sort of looking side-wise at old Red while he looked back at me with a steely stare. Finally he grinned a little trace of a grin at me. "Now about the second half." he said. Then, "Now, Mr Chamberlain, may I please have your attention for a moment?" Suddenly we understood each other. Red and I. And I learned to play defense on both sides; I play it a lot in front now. After that. Red would let me serve him drinks and cigars in his room when he was up all night playing poker, and he later got me aside to talk about future schooling. "Why don't you go to Harvard. kid?" he said. "And then I'll be able to pick you off in the territorial draft for the Celtics." But other forces were already at work, a bunch of things that would change my entire life. After that summer, life began to get tougher.
From that summer when I was a gangly kid I looked forward to playing professional basketball. I mean, hot dam, all that glamour. World travel and like that. Big money and cheering crowds and beautiful girls sort of jammed all around the dressing-room door. Now, there is a boyhood dream gone to pieces.
Pro basketball is traveling, all right. But not from country to country or even city to city. It is traveling from locker room to locker room. And dressing rooms all seem to have that same stale smell about them after a while. It is sweat and sneakers and soaking wet uniforms and wrinkled clothes, and there is the steady hiss of showers. Listen, you kids out there. Listen, Lew Alcindor, for one. Defeat and victory all smell exactly the same in a pro basketball dressing room alter a while. You get so you don't feel elation. You just feel beat. And there is no crowd of beautiful girls waiting outside a dressing room door- -nor much time for dating, anyway. Last week I was sitting all lonely in the Sheraton Hotel in Philadelphia—the rooms there arc like little bitty boxes —and pawing through the stuff in my bag. I came up with the phone number of this girl—I mean, she is a dish--and called her for a date. When the phone started ringing I suddenly remembered that I hadn't called her in like, four years. And what would I say if her husband answered the phone? (It turned out she wasn't married. Whew. But it also turned out that she had another date that night. See what I mean?)
What I'm telling you—you, Alcindor, and all you long-armed kids out there—is that basketball burns you out. And if you make it in the pros you had better save your money and be ready to retire at any hour. It can all end like snapping your fingers. Pro basketball burns you faster because you play a faster game than anybody else and pretty soon—zap! You start to lose your desire. It isn't always playing the game that gets to you —the real pros love the game and, man, they love to play it—it is some of the hush things that will finally nail you. They have nailed me. And sometimes I don't want to retire tomorrow: I want to retire yesterday. You follow me?
Let me put it this way: You can play baseball until you're 45 (if you can stand the lack of real action and that 162-game season) and you can play football until you're pretty well up there, too. But not basketball. The saddest thing about this is that there are some remedies close at hand for all this. Put them all together and they don't spell mother, baby. They spell money.
Pro basketball is still the most exciting thing going on. But it is sadly overexposed. Man, by the end of the season the public has got basketball up to here. Since it got going good, the game has been dominated by some owners who have got big money worries and little reserves. Know what I mean? They're forced to be competitive and too businesslike about this game, and they can't let up and relax for long enough to give it the help it needs. In the National Football League the owners can go first class all the way and not worry about the right-now revenue. Can the owners look for a long-term, five-year gain in basketball? Why in five years many of them won't be around.
I'm in my seventh year and I guess I'm lucky to have held all of me together this long. It's at the point now where I lose eight to 12 pounds during each game, and sometime my stomach hurls so bad out there under the basket that I sort of have to lean on the guy guarding me and gasp to catch my breath. I used to drink a half gallon of milk right alter every game and about seven other quarts of milk during the day. But now Dr. Lorber has got me cut down to one bottle of milk a day and has me on a diet so bland that it doesn't even have hot dogs on it.
Man, I have lived on hot dogs for years. So now I sit in the locker room after coming off the floor, and I start to polish out a quart of ginger ale or Seven-Up, and Ike Richman—Ike is a very dramatic small guy—comes in and sort or staggers backward and slaps his hand to his forehead. "That stuff will kill you!" Ike says. Will you for once stay on your diet?"' And he snatches the bottle away from me and splashes it on his hands and the floor and all over my bare feet. "Look here." he says rubbing his hands "This stuff is so strong it will clean my hands. No wonder you've got a sore stomach. What am I going to do with you?"
Well, honest, Ike, I don't know what you're going to do with me or what I am going to do with you. But whatever it is, you'll be the first to know.
First I am going to get well, I don't know, maybe I'll go to the Mayo Clinic - if they've got a bed out there big enough for me and get this stomach all fixed up. Then I will go back to my apartment and sit there and play my electric guitar (I don't play melodies too well, but I can chord like crazy!) until it drives the neighbors out of their minds. I will put on my Day-O! hat (you know "Day-O! Daylight come and me wanna go home") and my dark shades and take my conga drum and go over in Central Park and sit there and play it and figure out the future.
I've gotten psychologically punchy over the years I've played basketball. People have been snatching and pulling at me since I was little ... well, since I was a kid, not a little kid. I've been stared at, laughed at, insulted, investigated and generally turned inside out.
Man, the FBI grabbed me while I was still in Overbrook High School in Philadelphia, and word was getting around that I was getting some pretty fabulous offers from colleges around the country. Like tens of thousands of dollars under the table and hidden away in caves and secret funds. Offers of big cars and like that. There I was, still a young, impressionable boy who didn't want to do anything in the world but just plain play basketball. And they were on me like I was the biggest criminal in the country. From that day on, basketball got better, but my life got tougher.
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Hey Joe! First off I just want to say thanks for at least taking the time to read these questions. I must say that I’ve been playing guitar for about 12 yrs now and you and Aerosmith have probably been my biggest inspiration and one of the biggest reasons I got serious about my guitar playing and music. So thanks for being a riff machine, seriously I envy the riffs and songs you’ve created over the years. I’d also like to say that I just recently listened to the interview you did with joe rogan and it was really cool to hear that judging by that podcast, as well as yours and Billie’s twitters, it seems like we have similar political views which is really cool. I also really enjoyed the documentary on the New World Order that billie tweeted the other day, I already knew most of the info, but it was still cool to get a refresher on it. NOW finally to the questions….., What kind of tubes do you like in your amps? What kind of amps were you using live around 1978? They had a really distinctive growl to them. Can you recall what amp and what guitar you used to record Combination? Both the rhythm and lead tracks. What is your favorite and or most cherished weapon you own? 1.) Well, I think that the last time I talked to my tech about it, and from what I remember about them, the groove tubes were - probably your best bet. Because they would get tubes from overseas, Czechoslovakia, and match them up - which is also a little technical kind of thing that, I mean, you can probably throw any ol' tubes in an amp and most people wouldn't notice the difference, I might not even, but i do know the sound of an amp is made up of a lot of different things like that, and the tubes are important. And again, because over there in Russia and China, they still use a lot of tubes in their electrical equipment, they still make some of the best tubes in the world. So I know there are people out there who are making good tubes again in the States, but you still have to keep lookin'. And you have to get some and experiment and some don't sound as good as others. It's one of the quirky things that goes along with old amplifiers. 2.) Those were customized Music Man amplifiers that... Leo Fender had sold his name - unfortunately - and started a new company, and Music Man was part of that. And we had a chance to get ahold of some of those amps early, when they first started making 'em, and they sounded really good, so we had 'em customized to make them more versatile for our needs - Brad and I, but the whole band actually used them. And they actually had LED lights on them, so you could see how hard you were pushing them. So in about 1978, 1979, those were the amps we were using live. Pretty much. And we still have a bunch of them, in fact - I just went through the inventory, and I think we have 8-9, and we'll probably put them out on the market since we won't be using them. So those are going on the market soon. 3.) God, I have to say that "Cashmere" kind of drives in all the different influences that Jimmy was attracted to. And there are other songs that show that, but it seems that there are some songs that kind of capture all of it, in any band. I mean, AC/DC has a couple songs that - that's probably, you know, the whole ball of wax right there. You've heard AC/DC if you hear that one song. So I think that "Cashmere" probably is one of the songs that is the peak of Led Zeppelin's forward motion. But I have to say that "Immigrant Song" is something that - I don't know where that came from, but to me that just shows, again, Jerry Page's genius. 4.) I would say it would probably have been an Ampeg G4 - Ampeg made guitar amps in the 50 watt range, and we were using those quite a bit during that period in the studio. So it was probably one of those. And probably a 45 watt Plexi, an old Plexi, for the lead. 6.) Well, I've been kind've taking up vinyl every chance I get, every once in a while. Some new music is coming out on vinyl, and I grab that whenever I can. And Eddie Kramer, the incredible Eddie Kramer who recorded Jimi Hendrix in his unfortunately short time of recording in the studio, had some outtakes of Jimi working on his new, some of the new material he was working with, I think it was with Billy Cox and Buddy Miles or Mitch Mitchell, I'm not sure who else was playing, and some of the songs go on for 15 minutes - Jimi taking some of his favorite things and trying to, you know, as we all did, come up with some new things, and so these outtakes - Eddie Kramer pressed them into vinyl just so he could give 'em to his friends, and he gave me, it's a 2 record set, and it's just Jimi kinda jamming on some of his favorite old songs. And every once in a while, you hear something pop out of there that you know if he'd been around a little longer, you know it would've ended up on another album. So that's my favorite album right now. It's vinyl and it sounds incredible.
I know you love bbq, do you know of any food places in New Jersey that you go to on tour? 5.) None that come to mind, sorry to say, haha! Usually, we're on our way to New York or on our way out of New York, and we don't really get much of a chance to stop in New Jersey to eat. So I really can't point a place out. But if anybody has a good BBQ place they can recommend, let me know!
Hey Joe, I was wondering how you feel about the future of rock n roll. My band has been working hard to bring it back and better than ever. You guys are a huge influence in us and the train will always keep rollin. So Joe, how do you feel about the future of Rock n Roll? Well, I think that a couple of months ago, Gene Simmons was quoted as saying "Rock & Roll was dead," or something to that effect, and I have to say that it's kind of a general statement, but in certain ways, the way that the last rock & roll has gone over the last 50 years, we've seen it go from a real kind of socially unacceptable kind of music, the next generation from the blues that was really unacceptable by the majority of Americans, but when the white kids started emulating the blues, it became acceptable and it became a huge industry. And we saw it rise up, and then there were the golden years of the MTV era, and what we have now is a ton of fans that are really interested in the classic music, from the 60's on through the 70's and what we call "classic rock," and right now there are great bands that are playing in garages and writing great songs and it's just that there's so many different kinds of music now, it's kind've hard to get heard.
But there are definitely fans that want to hear it.
But the part that i think Gene was talking about, specifically, are "Where are the new bands like the Def Leppards, the Aerosmiths, the Rolling Stones, the Bon Jovis" - there doesn't seem to be that kind of excitement around bands anymore, around stadiums, the arenas. And we're seeing that kind've fade away. Because there are so many other kinds of music.
Music is always about trend, and what's the latest, newest thing, and there are gonna be other acts, and different kinds of music that fill those arenas, but our kind of rock & roll, with the classic one guitar, two guitars, a singer, bass and drums - it seems to be kind've fading away.
So we're lucky to still have enough of those bands around, but in 10 years, it's really gonna be a different scene, I think.
Hi Joe! One of my favorite places in the world is Lake Sunapee in NH, if I recall correctly you and Steven Tyler met while working at the Anchorage, any particular stories stand out from your times at Sunapee? Yeah! There was one time that - actually, there's something special in the water there. And people would, the water was so clear and clean, people would, that was the water that came out of people's faucets up there, so maybe there's something in the water. Anyway, it worked for us.
But i do have a story that hasn't been out that much. Every year, when the ice breaks up, and it usually takes a day - it's really a phenomenal thing, you'll see the whole lake covered in ice, and then it will all break up, the temperature's just right and the water flows down from the North to the South and it all breaks up, and starts to form big chunks of ice, and then over the next few weeks, those chunks begin to melt - and I can remember one year, Steven and I were up there, a couple of days after the ice decided to clear out, and we dared each other to go water-skiing, on this water that was probably about 31 degrees temperature.
And we didn't have wetsuits or anything like that, just our bathing suits on.
And it was a pretty daring adventure. We both fell in the water! And I'll tell ya - I never treaded water as hard in my life, because it was SO cold.
But it was one of those things where it wasn't anything about music, or the band, or anything, but it showed that other side of that relationship that Steven and I have.
Who are some modern rock bands you really like? Well, there's - oh god, I really liked some of the stuff the Black Keys do. And I just hear bits and pieces from, oddly enough - for the kind of rock & roll that i like, I hear a lot of it on some of the really good TV shows. I mean, I can't believe that it's so popular, that they use so much of that music! In the 60's or 70's, you just never would hear that. But it also makes it hard to to find out who it is that's actually playing the music. I guess you could do some digging on the computer, because my son Tony and also their band (which has Toni and Adrian in it) have had a number of songs in the movies. And you know, they'll get credit for it at the end, it'll happen really fast, and you don't really get a chance to see who it is. So it's a little frustrating. But i hear some really good rock & roll on TV, you know? And it's just, how things have changed over the years. But that's where I hear a lot of the kind of rock that I like.
Anyway, it's just great to hear that. But as far as bands go, there are so many that go by when I listen to the radio, some of the stuff - they don't really announce who it is, or anything like that, so it's kinda tough to know who they are. But it's definitely out there.
What band has been the most enjoyable to tour with? I think that it's gonna be a tossup between AC/DC and Guns N' Roses. Because to see bands that are - all you have to do is watch 'em for 5 minutes, and you know after the first time you hear them, you know they're gonna be huge. You just get a feeling. You know they're gonna do it. When we played with AC/DC in the 70's, when they opened for us, they were incredible - just knocked me out. They never failed to blow my mind, to this day. I mean, I think they're incredible. And to see them go on and have us be a small part of their rise to where they are - I'm just really glad that we're able to see that. It's the same way with Guns N' Roses. I'm really glad, I feel bad mostly for Slash because he's a really good friend of mine, but I know if it was up to him, that the band would still be together and they would still be a huge world-class band. But touring that summer, when their record first came out, it was really exciting to see them go from being - just from coming out of the clubs and playing a few opening dates, to that summer tour, where by the end of it, they were just knocking the audience out, and they were definitely keeping US on our toes.
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2014.12.24 19:20 dr_hermes "Bad To Me" (1963) Reviewed

BEATLES RUNDOWN: "Bad To Me" (1963)
"If you ever leave me/I'll be sad and blue/Don't you ever leave me/I'm so in love with you."
In vain will you look through through your copies of BEATLES FOR SALE or PLEASE PLEASE ME for this song. John did write it, and he did sing a little demo (which has survived). But they gave the song to another singer that Brian Epstein managed, Billy J Kramer, who had a reasonable hit with it. The Beatles did the same with "A World Without Love," which they gave to Peter and Gordon. Those two had some success as part of the British Invasion, and the fact that Peter was Jane Asher's brother possibly gave him some connections if you know what I mean (nudge nudge, wink wink I bet your wife's a goer, eh EH?). I figure it's possible the Beatles might have run through this song once or twice while warming up in the studio, they often played old songs they had no intention of recording that day just for variety after doing take after take of a difficult number. But if they had tried John's song "Bad To Me" and it had survived, I imagine it would have surfaced by now.
As an aside, it shows Brian Epstein knew what he had with John and Paul, in that he could expect them to just write a hit here and there for his other groups. In some alternate universe where he did not enjoy performing to the public, John Lennon could have made a good living as just a songwriter cranking out pleasant little Top 40 hits.
"Bad To Me" is a pleasant little pop song, with a strong melody and decent lyrics, about as good as the better dating songs of that era. As always, there were so many dismal songs which have been forgotten today, it's mostly the better ones which have been even marginally remembered. "Bad To Me' is a cut above most of the pop songs of the early 1960s and listening to the the Billy J Kramer version, it SOUNDS like a Beatles song which didn't hurt its chances. I like the acapella opening, then the descending guitar notes as the song begins ("The leaves on the trees/Would be softly sighing/If they heard from the breeze/That you left me crying") It's a conceit of any number of romance songs that Nature itself reacts to broken hearts. Here, leaves and birds are upset because a couple broke up, but there were songs were it was raining because someone was hurt. Have you noticed how many times John's lyrics mention his crying? For someone supposed to be cynical and caustic, crying sure seems to pop up in his songs a lot.
Through the modern magic of YouTube, we can hear John trying out "Bad To Me" to see how it works. And for the purposes of historical research, here are Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas doing their version (also produced by my hero, George Martin).
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2014.11.19 20:16 dr_hermes "I Call Your Name" (1964) Reviewed

BEATLES RUNDOWN: "I Call Your Name" (1964)
So much better than I remembered it. This underrated song has energy and moves right along with that curious conflict between sad lyrics and upbeat tempo that I always enjoy in Beatles songs. (When someone sings "I can't go on" with a cheerful confident tone, we're getting a mixed message.) Maybe I was conflating it in my mind with the weaker and slower version by the Mamas and the Papas? Anyway, listening to it a few times just now was a pleasant surprise. The cowbell* especially jumped out at me, and the opening guitar by George sounds great (one thing about most Beatles songs was a strong opening; as soon as "Eight Days a Week" or "Ticket To Ride" started, you know what song you were listening to). For a melancholy song of loss, "I Call Your Name" sure rocks.
This was mostly a John Lennon creation (with some imput from Paul), and he sings lead vocals. As I remember it, John wrote it really early on (before the Beatles had formed) and it was later given to Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas along with "Bad To Me". It says a lot that Brian Epstein would ask Lennon & McCartney to donate songs to other groups he managed. The implication is that he was confident the Beatles could just keep writing new hits and he could divert some of their creativity to support his lesser stars. Well, it's a compliment in its way. Epstein wanted a hit single every few months and a new album twice a year from the Beatles, while they were touring. It worked out, but what a schedule! It's a good thing they were young and ambitious. Even so, you can see the wear and tear on them within a few years.
"I call your name but you're not there/Was I to blame for being unfaiOh I can't sleep at night since you've been gone/I never weep at night/I can't go on"- Those early lyrics seem to be on a simple surface-level, especially when you compare them to later and more philosophical Beatles songs. But they have confidence and polish when you let them sink in. Try to imagine changing any of the words without weakening the way they flow. Sometimes I wonder if John and Paul actually spent more time agonizing about exactly the right phrase in their early "dating" songs than they did by the time of SGT PEPPER, where they often snatched phrases and expressions at random from newspapers and built songs around them. Writing basic dating songs doesn't get enough credit, it seems to me, it's certainly harder to do well than it seems.
I have seen some speculation that this song was not about a typical girlfriend situation but really John venting about the absence of his mother and father from his life, especially as he was a teenager then and still traumatized. Could be. It hadn't really occured to me, but I saw a quote from Paul that he himself wondered if John was writing about his mother or father, and it makes sense.
______________- *It has just enough cowbell.
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2014.04.07 19:09 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Paul Stanley – author of the the book Face The Music, musician, author, cook, painter. Oh and I almost forgot…KISS. AMA

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Date: 2014-04-07
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Questions Answers
Did you ever want to punch Gene Simmons in the face? I'm really not a violent guy. But like all great relationships, we have had some moments where I was very angry or frustrated. Punching someone is never the solution.
Hey Paul!! I've been a fan of Kiss for 30 years and I actually helped put together the first online Kiss F.A.Q back in 1993 :) You were always my favorite member of the band (for songwriting, voice, and on-stage persona) Can you give us a quick story of a funny prank you (or one of the other guys) pulled on someone else in the band back in the day? Gene hates any kind of shellfish among other things. One night i had lobster for dinner before the show, and saved the body with the tentacles on it. During a blackout between songs, I snapped it on his microphone, and when he went to sing, it was staring him in the face. He freaked out!
I lost a girlfriend in Canada to a guy who was in a Kiss Look A Like band called Alive. His name was Spearo and he dressed as Gene Simmons. From this day forward, I hated the band. Do you know Spearo? Tell him I am still going to kick his ass. I know Spearo. And he's a great guy. He just dressed as the wrong member!
I want to rock and roll all night, but have other commitments during the day. How do you do it? Don't do it every night.
Hey Paul! Big KISS fan. What did you think about the portrayals of KISS in the few Family Guy episodes? I'm sure you guys had to sign off of them. Are you a fan of the show? I'm a fan of the show. And if you take yourself too seriously, you miss out on a few laughs.
My question is: What Def Leppard song are you most looking forward to hearing this summer on your co-headlining tour? Edit: grammar. Photograph.
What is the best advice ever given to you? Don't listen to advice. Follow your passion.
What are your thoughts on the RHOF allowing Chad Channing, the original drummer for Nirvana, to be inducted and then reversing their decision? I hear it was mainly caused by an uproar among KISS fans. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is finally being exposed for what it is. A private club of a few people misrepresenting themselves as the public.
I noticed your voice significantly changed over the course of the 80's. What exactly happened during that period to cause that? In the 80s, I discovered a upper range that I hadn't been able to access and in fact, didn't know was there! It really came down to self-taught technique through trial, error, and accident.
Also, can't wait to see you guys perform this summer! Can't wait to see you too!
How has social media changed KISS? Do you think it helped push The RHOF to finally put KISS in? Have the fans changed the way you do things for concerts or influenced what the band plans for the future? Wow. Social media hasn't really changed KISS. KISS is trying to use social media as a tool to connect with fans. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ultimately and grudgingly had to induct us at some point. The absurdity of ignoring us was beginning to make them look ridiculous. Unfortunately, I don't know that inducting us changes anyone's perception of them.
What was your first concert? My first rock concert was the Yardbirds, a british band that at different times, had Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page as lead guitar players. I saw them with Jimmy.
Hiya Paul! What's some of your favorite music of all time? What do you pop in the system to actually sit back and listen to? There are only two kinds of music: good and bad. So there's great rock, like Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles, and on and on. And there's great jazz, like Coltrane, and Miles Davis, and there is amazing classical music like Beethoven. The list is endless. Go find it!
In all your years of touring, What is the craziest thing you have ever seen? Idiots calling us "satan worshippers."
Hey Paul if you could have been in either Zeppelin or the WHO which band would it have been ? sincerely mathias. Zeppelin. But those are BIG shoes to fill.
How important is Desmond Child in your career? Has your songwriting changed since you met him? Desmond was a terrific writing partner and his successes afterwards speak volumes for his talent. Everyone's songwriting changes with time. He is creative and a consummate songwriter.
After living an almost perfect life, is there anything you've yet to achieve? I didn't live an almost perfect life. But that is what I have achieved.
Hi Paul, doesn't today's music just piss you off? No. It makes me a bit sad because of the human element that is missing from so much of it. People should make music, not machines.
Hey Paul Stanley, Will we ever see a sequel to Detroit Rock City? I have no idea.
When can we expect another solo album?! The songs you write for KISS are amazing, but I love how personal and real the songs on both your solos have been. Live to Win is always playing in the car and One Live Kiss is my go to concert DVD! That's great! It's hard to juggle everything that I would like to do, so I can't do everything! I'd love to do another solo album at some point, that would be closer to my first. Live to Win was a conscious attempt to get away from the sound that I was most noted for with the band. But there's nothing like a great loud guitar and a great loud song.
I have read that you do not have a "shrine" to the band in your home. However, do you have a favorite piece of band memorabilia? My first gold album is what probably still means the most to me. Everything that came after couldn't have happened without that first gold album.
Hey Paul! I will be at your book signing in NYC tonight! If I give you an "everybody said she's looking good, and the lady knows it's understood," will you finish it for me??? Strutter!
Are you proud of your vocal performance on Unplugged MTV? Was your goal to show people what you can do with your voice without having to jump and move all around a stage? I was very proud of Unplugged. I've always considered myself a singer who sings rock, as opposed to a rock singer.
Hey Paul. Is Gene really the Marketing genius they portray him on Television as? If so, was that a big part in the success of kiss? Gene is my brother. And he is most adept at marketing himself. We have done great things together.
Have you seen the movie Role Models? Any thoughts on their LARPing with your band's likeness? Thanks!!! I thought Role Models was very funny, and when you are a part of the consciousness of society, and find yourself in films and TV shows, you probably have done something right.
What's your favorite snack food when touring? That's tough because my favorite snack foods aren't the ones that are best for me, but they taste great. I've got a serious sweet tooth and love chocolate chip cookies and red velvet cake for starters. How can anyone say a carrot tastes better than those?
Hey Paul, huge fan! Thanks for doing the AMA! What was the writing process like for Face the Music? Was it easy, fun, quick, intimidating, etc to put all your thoughts and memories down into words? Did you set aside a time each day or so specifically for writing or did you just jot down your ideas as they came to you? Once I opened the floodgates, it all just came out. With every story and memory, I thought of something else. I wanted the book to connect me with readers, old fans, and non-fans. I wanted everyone to see that we are all challenged by our doubts, and imperfections, and the key is how to overcome them.
Were you surprised by how devoted the Kiss Army is? The best relationships are reciprocal. Like a great two week street. It's nice to know that the KISS Army is as devoted to me as I am to them.
Hey Paul! Glad to see you guys still kicking so much ass on stage after all these years. You guys are playing with another of my favorite bands this year - Def Leppard. My friend is a huge Def Leppard fan, but she says she doesn't like KISS. Can you tell me anything to help change her mind? Not that I need to…But seeing is believing. Come to the show.
Did you guys choose your own facepaint designs? If so, did Peter ever regret his choice? We all came up with our designs. As far as Peter, you'd have to ask him!
Who was your role model growing up? I didn't really have a role model. But was fascinated and driven by anyone involved in music or art.
Hey Paul, how many more KISS tours can we expect before a final farewell tour? I would think at this point that I won't know until the end of the tour before!
What is the best movie you've ever seen? Can I get back to you on that one!?
I remember seeing a picture in Rolling Stone one time of you just doing your grocery shopping. I know you've probably had your picture taken everywhere you went since the '70s but that just seems like it would have pissed me off. What everyday activities do you wish that you could just go about without someone having to take a picture of you? That is a small price to pay for everything I get.
Do you remember the first time you were recognized in public as a celebrity? On the first tour someone asked us for an autograph, and I honestly thought they were kidding. That's a long, long time ago.
Hi Paul, thanks for doing this AMA! Were you ever hesitant about writing a book as explicit and honest as this one? During the writing process, did you ever think the idea of exposing deep persona details about yourself was too much? Once I commit to something, I give it 100%. Face the Music is a book I wrote for my children and in the hopes that people could find some inspiration in their lives from mine. You can't expose until you're comfortable with them or they are no longer an issue. Mine are the past.
Hey Paul - KISS was my first concert - '77 at the Garden. Any place you haven't played yet that you still like to? Gee that's a tough one. We've played the arena in Verona where the gladiators used to fight. And that is pretty awesome. As far as places we haven't played, I'm sure I could come up with a list. But not now.
What's your favorite thing (or maybe the most interesting thing) about Reddit so far? Anytime I get to connect in real time to you and everyone else, it's a gift.
Hi! I have two questions: 1) Who or what has influenced you most to become a musician? 2) If you have or were to have words to live by, what would they be? I can't say anyone or anything other than music itself. It's always been deeply inspiring to me. Words to live by are simple… find your passion and follow it.
When will you come to Japan?? Gene said "we will play in Japan this year" in Twitter,is this really?? I wanna see you again in Japan! We are planning to come back to Japan, hopefully this year.
What's your favourite vocal performance on a track, whether live or studio? Also, just know you're my hero and I finally get to meet you in New York on the next tour, flying from England! Honestly, there's a lot of great KISS stuff, including I Still Love You. Also, doing Phantom of the Opera was an incredible challenge and terrifically rewarding. Unfortunately, the few recordings I've heard are not great. It's almost like someone posting you on YouTube falling down the stairs. It doesn't mean you did it every time!
Hey Paul, What is one thing you want to do before you die? Live forever!
Is there any band you guys would love to bring out on tour but haven't gotten the chance to yet? Many.
Big fan from Ecuador here! Any chance of a Latam tour soon? There is a HUGE fanbase of Kiss in my country. Hope to see the power and passion of Kiss soon. I can feel the passion from here! We will do our best to come see you.
What is the one moment where you had to stop and think "this has to be a dream"? There's nothing more profound than the birth of your children. Every one of those moments is beyond belief.
Huge long-time fan. I saw you first time at the Jackson Sports Arena in Jackson, MI not long after the first Kiss Alive album came out. My first concert -- and still one of my favorites! It was unbelievable!
Question: What was it like first selling out those shows at Cobo Hall in Detroit back when you were first taking off? Did you guys have any idea then what the ride was going to be like? Overwhelming and somewhat scary to see things taking off. We had no idea what the ride would be like, but we knew we had to hang on for the ride of our lives! And it has been.
Hey Paul, thanks for the AMA! I've been a fan of KISS for a number of years and finally got to see you last year. My question is when are you coming back to Canada and is there a new album in the works? We will be back in Canada on the 40th anniversary tour, and couldn't imagine touring without visiting.
Hi Paul, what's your favorite kiss merchandise? Wow! There are some great motorcycle jackets. My kids love the plush fuzzy blankets.
There's so many great KISS songs that haven't seen an official release. I think "It's My Life" could've been a huge hit for you guys. Why didn't you release it on an album or as a single? That's a good question. And it was a long time ago. I can't give you an answer.
Do you ever plan to go on a book signing tour that isn't in NY or CA? I hear FL is nice this time of year. I'll bring my swimsuit.
What producer do you think got the best sound out of Kiss? I'm only familiar with Ezrin, Kramer, and Poncia, and they all gave you guys a different feel. Ezrin, at his best, is a consummate producer.
I have seen photos of you clay pigeon target shooting. Have you ever tried international/Olympic trapshooting? No. But we'll get to it!
Paul, I see that you like to cook. Being the world traveler you are. what is your favorite restaurant in the world and favorite dish? That's a wide question! I love going to the Weiner Circle in Chicago for a hot dog. And I'm also crazy about Picasso in Las Vegas, and Per Se in New York.
How did you feel about punk rock when it started getting big back in the late seventies? I thought it was fine. I just think that a message, no matter what it is, doesn't validate poor playing. It can't be a substitute.
Hey Paul, I'm about to watch you on CBS This Morning. Do you have any new favorite rock/metal bands? What is your thought on the current state of rock/metal music? Metal is such an overused term. It's so broad. Exactly what is Metal?
Were you ever good at any sports? What's the worst injury you ever had to play (on stage) through? I never had much interest in sports. Particularly after once getting tackled and having the wind knocked out of me. I decided then that the guitar was safer. I have toured with cracked ribs, stitches… you name it. The show must go on.
If you were stuck on a deserted island, what three items would you bring? Erin. And my four kids. I'd sneak them under my jacket or in a suitcase but they're coming!
Hi Paul! Looking forward to meeting you in TriBeCa tonight! Are there any aspects of a stage show that you've wanted to incorporate, but for technical reasons, haven't been able to? I loved the spider stage on the monster tour! We are always trying to push the envelope and still retain our edge. I think the Monster stage is the best stage we have ever had, and incorporates technology without being overwhelmed by it.
Hey Paul, What's a good "hidden gem" in the KISS catalog for you? As someone who loves all of your albums, it'd be interesting to find out what song(s) you feel deserve some praise they don't usually get. (Nowhere To Run would be my pick) I'm with you.
What is your songwriting process and what inspires you to write? I usually write because there is a project. I like the responsibility and discipline it takes to do it for a deadline or commitment. I usually start with a guitar figure, and then build a melody on top, and then lastly lyrics.
Do you Live to Win? Yes. Living to Win doesn't mean that you always succeed, but you are a winner just by following your own path.
Hey Paul big fan of Kiss, I don't have much to ask but thank you for the music you have given the world, But what is your favorite pizza topping. Oh boy. Grilled prosciutto, grilled onions, and grilled mushrooms.
Hey Paul, in the 70's, when was the first sign you noticed in your gut that Peter and Ace were not the right fit for KISS in the long run. I never knew what the long run meant because bands didn't last more than 5 or 6 years. I was hoping we would make it that long.
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2013.12.12 23:30 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Hey it's Daniel Dae Kim from Hawaii 5-0, LOST, and Saints Row, among some other good stuff. Come join my AMA

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Date: 2013-12-12
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Michael? Boat? OTHERS!
As a fellow Korean, I'm going to ask you a very serious question. Zerg or Terran? Zerg.
A reason Jin was one of my favorite characters on LOST was because I think he was one of the survivors that grew the most over the course of the show—from someone that was relatively disliked at the beginning of season one to someone’s whose death at the very end hit people the hardest. What was it like filming that scene in the submarine with Yunjin Kim, and do you have any other moments from LOST that you particularly loved the most? One of my favorite moments of the series. If Jin had to die, that was the way to go. Grateful to Damon for giving me a good sendoff.
Can we have a buddy cop movie/TV series with you and Daniel Day-Lewis? Yes, we can call it the Days of Daniel.
How hard was it speaking korean a lot on lost? Were you fluent in korean? How did you like the ending. Jin was on of my favorite characters! Hard! Though I spoke it as a kid, it was definitely me 2nd language. It took a lot of work to feel comfortable enough to act in another language.
Out of the various things that were left unexplained at the end of Lost, which would you most like to know the answer to? How did everyone keep their haircuts and stubble so perfect?
Hi: I loved the way that the producers of LOST seemed determined to have a diverse cast and not stereotype. Has it been a struggle in your career to avoid being typecast in "traditional" Asian roles? HELL YES.
How did you like working on Justice League as Metron? Your character is one of the ones who stood out the most to me since he was so foreboding and calculating, yet he seemed so neutral. Did you have any particular inspirations for your character's voice? Additionally, how did you like working with both Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra? Wow, you know my voice work! All good stuff. I'm a superhero fan, so I was glad to be put into that universe.
Do you miss LOST as much as I do? :( I'll always miss LOST, but I'm glad it came to an end on its own terms. A show like that deserved to have a beginning, middle and end, as opposed to just getting canceled one day.
Did volition always plan to bring Gat back, or was it a result of everyone screaming for more Gat? Between you and me I think the fans had a lot to do with it, so THANKS to all of you Saints Row fans!
1) I had an "argument" with my parents about this... are you fluent in Korean? Conversational, but not fluent. My vocabulary is poor and people from Korea can tell I'm not a native.
2) While I think you were great in Lost, I think my favorite role of yours is Johnny Gat in the Saints Row series. Can you tell a funny story about any of your experiences making those games? I love Johnny Gat. He does and says the things that I could never do or say in real life. He's a blast to play!
What makes you laugh? Christopher Guest movies.
Are you ticklish? If so, where are your spots? I do have a spot, but you're gonna have to find it.
I hope these make you smile! Happy Chritsmas-to-come! Jo X. Happy Christmas to you, too!!!
How many takes did it take for you guys to do this scene (Clifton Bowles original, "Bing it") with a straight face? Grrr. Nuff said.
Just wanted to say that one of the reasons I started watching LOST is because it had that bad-ass first officer from Crusade. You and Gary Cole had one of the best captain/XO rapports in sci-fi. Any good stories about the Crusade days? WOW. Thanks for remembering Crusade. It was my first series. Gary Cole's a great guy, and J. Michael Straczynski's a very talented writer. The toughest part was squeezing into that jumpsuit everyday!
Just shut up, I have to tell you something. For years I thought you were dead, and I blamed myself for it. When you were gone, there was a hole in my life that I tried to fill with anything I could. Partying, sex, revenge... Sometimes a weird combination of the three. But nothing worked, nothing ever made me feel ALIVE like you did. And I always thought that maybe it was 'cause I was just depressed, but seeing you now makes me realize how much I need you. I know I'm not Aisha, and I'm not trying to be, but if-? I bet it was fun trying to fill that hole...
Thanks for doing this. I've always admired your work, especially in Lost. I heard a rumour about a possible Lost reunion next year to celebrate 10 years since the debut of the show. Is there actually something planned or is it just a rumour? There has been talk amongst us for a bit, but I don't know of anything organized. I bet if you build it, we will come. ;)
What are your thoughts on Dennis Rodman? Please forgive him. He knows not what he does.
Who was your favorite actor to work with on Lost? Harold, Josh, Ian Cusick are a few that pop to mind, but I genuinely liked working with almost everybody.
Hi, Daniel! Huge fan of yours, from Angel through to Hawaii Five-0. I can't begin to explain you how lovely it is to see two such good looking Korean faces on a mainstream TV show every week. I did, and may I humbly suggest that you fight that as much as you can. Being we are makes up the fabric of America, and we should ALL celebrate our heritage, not be ashamed of it. It makes our country a better place. and.
1) In my youth, I actively rejected & tried to repress my own Korean-ness, like a lot of others did, to fit in and be as Twinkie-like as possible. It's something I regret today and have tried to recoup through my adulthood. Did you experience something similar growing up? 2) As noted by Alex during a livetweet, you seem to be bringing the gun show to work every week, so who can I bribe to add more tank tops to Chin's wardrobe rotation? I like that Alex is the poster boy for shirtlessness on 5-0. He's more than up to the job!
Hey Daniel Dae Kim! I am a huge fan of LOST and you, and watching you learning english throughout the series was probably one of the best aspects of the show itself. What is your favourite dish and why?? Thanks. I love a lot of different kinds of food, but one of my best memories as a kid was going down to the Jersey Shore and cracking crab until my fingers hurt. Yum.
Do people constantly get you confused with Daniel Day Lewis, or is that just me because I'm an idiot? No. We are actually the same person.
I love the Saints series and Gat is easily the one of my favorite parts of the series. My question is did you ever play any of the games and if so what were your thoughts on them? Thanks for doing this AMA. I have played the games, and I would say they're fun FOR THE RIGHT AUDIENCE. I would never encourage young kids to play them.
My question: What was it like being the new incarnation of a classic character like Chin Ho? Was their any reaction to your casting positive or negative? It's been overwhelmingly positive. I'm glad to play someone who's not stereotypical and gets to do some cool stuff like ride a Harley, and use a shotgun. ; )
In Saints Row IV on one of the missions Johnny Gat says something like "You think i was on Hawaii or something?" it was H50 reference, right? P.S LOST is best show ever. P.P.S Happy Christmas. You caught it!
Just wanted to say that Jin was definitely one of my favorite characters on Lost:) If you could play anything other character on Lost, who would it be? Or (if you've heard that question a million times) I read somewhere that Josh Holloway said the Sun and Jin scenes always made him tear up...did you have a similar experience to any particular scene/type of scene? I like Sayid's ability to kick ass in a smart way and I love the twists and turns in Locke's story. And Sawyer's one liners were the best. Josh rocks.
What were your initial thoughts when you heard about the premise of LOST? This is a huge risk. We're gonna fail or succeed BIG.
What was your experience acting in a small role on that one episode of Seinfeld? How did you like it? I was a fan so I was happy to just be a part of it.
Coke or Pepsi? Honestly, it depends on my mood. I like 'em both.
Was there ever a line that you had for Johnny Gat that you refused to say or rewritten because it would be too wild for Saints Row? Never. They just make me laugh. BUT, it is important to me that young kids don't play this game. It's violence and language is for older players only.
Hey Daniel! Big fan. Been meaning to ask this for 10 years. Was Agent Tom Baker on 24 adopted? Why did he not have a Korean name? That's my take on it. I'm glad he didn't have an Asian name. There's no reason to think that you should make presumptions about that stuff just based on the way you look. The world's more complex than that.
[Oh wow... I just started LOST this summer and have watched all the episodes, apart from the last one because I can't bear to let it go. It is definitely the best TV show I have watched, and your role as Jin left me astounded. Could you please tell me something to give me the courage to finish the series? /._.]( Yes. The last episode does bring some closure, and contrary to what a lot of people think, we were NOT dead the entire time.
Will Grace Park be coming back to H50 full time before the end of the season? Love the chemistry between the 2 of you on the show! Absolutely. You'll be seeing more of Kono.
If you could star in a movie with any actor or actress, who would be your dream casting? Hmm. Give me something w/Clooney, Hanks, Clive Owen, Marion Cotillard, Carey Mulligan, maybe with Alfonso Cuaron, Ang Lee or Chris Nolan at the helm. This list could go on and on, but one thing is for sure, they need to be cool people. Life is too short to work with attitude or excessive ego.
What do you normally do in your down time between takes? The cast will talk, play words with friends, or lately, Cards Against Humanity. Definitely Rated R.
Who are your favourite bands or musicians right now? M83, the XX, Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, William Fitzsimmons, Two Door Cinema Club, Editors, just to name a few. ;)
What's your very best life advice? "Luck" is when opportunity meets preparation.
off, just want to say how much I loved your performance as Gatin Saints Row. My question is based around that actually, did you have any input or impact on why Gat was killed off in the third game? Was it something you wanted? Thank you so much for your time today! No input on that, but I didn't want Johnny to die. I have too much fun playing him. ; )
You were awesome on LOST. But were you upset about Johnny Gat having such a short role in Saints Row The Third after being a major character in the first two? And were you happy to come back for Saints Row IV? Johnny's his own man. He shows up when he wants to show up. Hell, he even came back from the dead.
Who's been your favorite guest star so far on Hawaii Five-0? We've had some great ones - Carol Burnett was amazing! but I think the thing that I love most is how many actors of color our show hires on a weekly basis. It makes for a great mix.
What was it like working on The Jackal as one of your earlier acting gigs? Ha! My first taste of being on a big film set. Eye opening in many ways, but the highlight was meeting one of my heroes, Sidney Poitier. I will always remember him.
That was pretty cool seeing Hurley on Hawaii 5-0 will he become more of a character on the show? He'll be back!
Hi, loved you in LOST and love you in H50, both on the island ! Do you think you might be able to join us for the LOST 2014 fan gathering ? We would love to say hello. If it's OFFICIAL and organized I'll look into it.
Awesome job on Lost. Did you know how the series was going to end before season 6? I knew a few bits and pieces but that's it.
Just introduced my roommates to LOST and Jin definitely has been a favorite so far. When you give Hurley the thumbs up on the beach while he is struggling to plan a picnic with Libby I crack up every time. How was it working on a show for so long before being able to speak English? Love that moment. Thanks for reminding me. :)
What was it like, for most of LOST, to play a character who's lines were almost never in english? HARD, but rewarding.
What's your favorite place to eat in Hawaii? favorite place in Hawaii? So many great places to eat, but my favorite new place is the Pig & the Lady.
As far as location, try Kualoa Ranch or Waimanalo Beach.
Daniel Dae Kim! Haha, I've always wanted an AmA with you, and now it's actually happening. So, my question is: Was there any particular reason for why your character in the Saints Row-series had a lesser role in the 3rd and 4th games? Gat was too busy kicking ass somewhere else.
My question is how did you end up working on that project, and did you get to chat with Jeremy Lin during the process? I love the Jeremy Lin story because it encapsulated the notion that excellence is not determined by the package it comes in. Kinda like RATATOUILLE ; ) How did you know about my burrito???
Hi Daniel, do you feel that there is Asian males in the media are being more positively portrayed or does the media still have more ways to go? I wish you more successes in the future! Also, what is your favorite food if it hasn't been asked already? We're making progress but there's still a long way to go. I'll know we've gotten somewhere when I see a legitimate Asian American romantic LEAD who kicks some ass AND "gets the girl."
What should I order tonight from our local Korean restaurant? Dae Gu MaeWoontang, - Spicy Codfish stew, but only if it's Rock Cod, not Black Cod.
Hey DDK! I have a couple of questions :D. If Volition decided to make a Saints Row 5, would you want Johnny Gat to return? What was your favourite weapon out of all the Saints Row games? YES!
Aloha from Kauai... As a die-hard LOST fan, thanks for contributing to that awesomeness! Did you guys ever get to explore the outer islands while filming? Also, as a die-hard Seinfeld fan, let me just say "Gonorrhea!" I've been to a lot of them. They all have a unique character. and yes, "GONORRHEA!"
How long were you in the make up chair when they glued a vagina to your forehead for that Voyager episode? Also did you do stuff to it after. HA! That was fun, but unfortunately it was removed right after shooting.
Hey Daniel, fun question, i once read that you like getting pedicures, so i was wondering if that's true & are your feet ticklish? Huh? I don't think I've ever gotten a pedicure in my life. But I'm willing to try...
Loved your work in Saints Row, any chance of Saints Row 5 down the line? Hope so!
Which movie/tv-show did you enjoy being a part of, the most? It's a cliche, but I've learned something from every job I've been on. That's the truth.
Do you know if Alex O'Loughlin or Scott Caan are ticklish? I don't know, but they both study jiu jitsu, so they're used to having hands on them.
Does it not bother you and/or other actors that some things on LOST can never be understood ? Not really, but I know it bothered Damon for awhile, and that bums me out. I know how hard he worked on every aspect of it.
I am from hawaii, just curious what is your favorite part of the islands? Favorite beach? Kualoa Ranch and Waimanalo Beach. It's still a secret!
DDK! Didn't know you were doing an AMA, I'm really excited now. I always considered MAS*H my favorite show of all time, and LOST quickly topped that. Sure, the story got a bit weird at times but the acting on it was fantastic. Props to you for making me hate Jin for a season or two. He was such an ass for a while. Anyway, here's my question. If you had free-reign to go back and change one thing on LOST.. it could be anything at all. What would it be? If you don't feel like talking about LOST (which I'm sure you get tired of).. Favorite book/author? I don't think I would change much. I loved that it was the vision of our writers. It was their story we just tried to bring to life.
I remember that you were on an episode of Seinfeld where you were a med student and Kramer was a pretend patient telling you in a theatrical style tale of his symptoms, the diagnosis which ended up being gonorrhea. Can you tell us any memories from your experience on the Seinfeld set? Michael Richards worked hard on set. Jerry was easygoing and friendly, and it was a boas to be a part of a show that I watched every episode of.
Johnny Gat Vs All the other characters you've played (-Metron) in a fight who wins? Johnny might not win, but he'd definitely be the most entertaining to be around.
When you were cast in Lost, did the producers assure you that your character would eventually learn English? Did you think you'd be speaking Korean the whole time? I sat down with them and let them know my concerns about all that, and they said, "Don't worry." They were right.
There's 6 for ya!
What made you want to play Chin-Ho? and are any of your castmates (yourself included) anything like their H50 personalities? The fact that he had qualities of a leading man who happened to be Asian American. Those opportunities don't come up very often. There are parts of me in the character for sure. I think most of the 5-0 actors would agree with that.
What do you have to say to the guy who bought the million dollar special edition of SRIV? BIG UPS TO THE MAN.
Hi Daniel, I'm a HUGE LOST fan and love Hawaii Five-0 as well. It may be that I'm originally from the islands but now living in the mainland. Anyway, my question is: How do you like living in Hawaii full-time now? Do you and your family have favorite places that you like to go? And have you been to the Big Island? I love it there. And I've been to the Big Island many times. Very cool vibe.
Hey Daniel, been a big fan of yours for ages! I think the first show I really remember you from was Crusade as John Matheson – shame it got cancelled! You've also had a lot of single appearance characters in different series. What's your favourite series you've been in for a single episode? Hmm. Either 24 or ER. I learned a lot being on both sets.
Thanks for coming Daniel, I have only three questions: When you started playing Jin in the first season, did you imagine it would happen everything that happened until the sixth season? How did you live the evolution of the events during the whole series? You felt as confused as us? haha Greeting froms Spain. I read the scripts eagerly whenever they came in. I was a fan, as well as a cast member!
Hi Daniel! I absolutely adore you and you're acting skills. In fact, after watching Lost, it was you who inspired me to learn Korean and join the theater department at my school. It's not mean't in a creepy way, it just goes so far to say how inspriational you can be to everyone else, whether intentional or not. Any who! Back to asking a question. What has been the most rewarding thing you've done in your life and what do you take pride in ? If there was one piece of advice you could tell your former young self, what would it be ? The most rewarding thing in my life is my family, hands down. I take pride in watching my kids become the people I know they can be. What i would tell my young self is. Don't be discouraged, Keep working hard, it will be worth it.
Do you have any advice for a student currently panicking over finals? If it's the night before, get some rest. A few hours won't make the difference if you're not prepared. If you have more time though, bust your ass cuz these few days can make a difference for a long time. Good luck!
You were in Ang Lee's Hulk movie. Do you, like me, think that movie is totally underrated? I would read the phone book for Ang Lee. I couldn't admire him more.
What did you have for lunch? Haven't had it yet.
Hey, DDK! I'm an enthusiastic fan of Hawaii Five-0 and your portrayal of Chin Ho is absolutely inspiring to me as a creative person who just kind of loves characters. Can you tell me what your favorite part of playing Chin Ho has been these past few years? Playing someone who has quiet leadership and is not afraid to be his own man, despite the demons that he lives with.
My wife is binge watching Lost right now and I won't tell her your character dies. Since two of the shows you've been on used islands, My question is whether you're a fan of Gilligan's Island? Also, Ginger or Mary Ann? And finally, what's your favorite kind of jelly bean? Gotta say Ginger. Who knew she had that much makeup on the island?!? and I'd say Coconut.
You were awesome on Lost and my parents say you're the best part of Hawaii 5-0 :D. Question, what other kind of genre's would you like to attempt in your acting career? Also, are you any flicks coming up we should watch out for? I'd love to do a romantic comedy. Got one handy?
Hi DDK You are for Kono consider as a brother so what did u thank if Steve date kono ? And about chin and malia storline did u think that the story deserved another end ? Thank you for your answer Daniel and you have all my support from Paris. If he does, he better treat her right!
How often do you actually watch the shows that you are in/on? I know some actors never do, others don't miss a beat. Super big fan of H50 and all the cast. You guys kill it every week! I watch because I get to learn how what I'm trying to do in that moment translates on screen. I also get to learn the format of the show I'm watching.
Have you ever been to Ireland? If so, do you like it? No, but would love to. Is that an invitation?
Hi Mr Kim, thank you for your AMA. I did have one question, Don't you think it was selfish to die with Sun when you had a child waiting for you ? I think it was almost a bit illogical this death, seems like both of you forgot about your child. What do you think about that ? Have a great end of day ! Great Q, but he made his wife a promise to never leave her again. That was the choice he made.
Hi DDK! What's your favorite memory from the filming of LOST? Sitting around on set with the whole cast, with Terry and Naveen breaking out their guitars and leading sing alongs. I'll never forget that.
Hi Daniel What are your plans for Christmas and what part of Christmas do you like the most? Judy x I'll be in Hawaii, and the best part of Christmas is being together with loved ones.
You were great on LOST. My questions are...How can Asian actors increase their visibility in Hollywood? What is your opinion on the current trend of viewership of Asian shows on and Dramafever? Keep working on your craft, and if you have an interest in any part of entertainment, pursue it. It takes a mass movement of people in front of AND behind the camera.
Favorite episode of H50 you've shot so far? The prison ep last season, the one that's airing tomorrow night is AMAZING for other reasons, and there's one that's airing in January that I can't wait to see. It's a Chin Ho flashback episode.
We've seen them being protective of one another, but just how far do you think Chin would go to make sure Kono is safe? How far would he go if someone like Adam harmed her? He would kill whoever harmed her. I'm convinced. That's how much family means to him.
WHAT DO THE NUMBERS MEAN!?!?! If you still don't know...
Will Chin Ho ever get to be happy? Poor guy got it rough! Also, I recently saw the blooper where Reiko accidentally called you 'Jin' instead of 'Chin,' how much did you guys tease her after? :p. That's true, huh? He's had it pretty rough. Let's see if he can find some happiness. Reiko wasn't the only person on set to make that mistake.She just got caught on camera. ;)
Hey Daniel! Thanks for the AMA! My question is: was it surprising when you were told that you and Sun would be killed off of LOST? Yes, but it was a great run and I loved Jin's death scene.
Did you come out of Lost with any lasting friendships? Do you keep in contact with the cast and writers? I do. They are a few folks from that show I consider lifelong friends.
If you were stranded on a deserted island... again... what 3 things would you want with you? Computer, internet connection, my family.
Hey Daniel, love all your work. With some cast missing at times and some new faces, how is the atmosphere on the H50 set this year compared to the first three seasons? Are you still working terribly long hours? We all still work hard, but this season's been our smoothest yet.
Any news on whether Will Yun Lee will be returning to 5-0? Or any comments on working with him? LOVE Will and I hope he'll be back soon. But he's busy with his own shows now!
Do you think the writers of Lost had any idea what they were doing? Ha! Yes.
HEY! DDK, you're the man. Want to come to a gig next week in Hollywood, so I can give you a firm handshake and a big hug for giving me something to look forward to each week (with LOST and H5-0)? Would love to but I'm still shooting in Hawaii!
How do you think Malia's death affected Chin Ho? He'll never be the same.
Hi DDK! Thanks for the AMA! Absolutely adore you on H50. What is your favourite Hawaiian food you can't get anywhere else? I dream about Foodland's ahi poke daily... Poke's definitely it!
Hey Daniel! I'm a huge fan of the show and just wanted to show some appreciation all the way from over here in Scotland! What's Hawaii really like off set? Thanks! Henry Ian Cusick and his wife are proud Scots. Can't wait to visit your country!
What's your favourite colour m&m? Yellow! And I'm partial to the peanut ones.
What character or role would you love to take on in the future? Henry V.
It was not a good idea to come here when I haven't finished watching LOST yet. That is true, grasshopper.
Have a cluckity cluck cluck day, Daniel! Yeah, baby!
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2013.09.19 21:12 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Jack Black here with Amanda Lund, Maria Blasucci, Jeremy Konner, and Priyanka Mattoo. We've created GHOST GHIRLS. AUA.

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Date: 2013-09-19
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Questions Answers
Jack, What was your inspiration to the song "Tribute"? Were you and kyle on LSD or something?! Or were you just high from the Eggs you ate to obtain Eagle Powers? We smoked a fair amount of ganja during the writing of that jam, I'm not going to lie.
Many of us saw the School of Rock renunion video on youtube! A lot of us were wondering if you thought about maybe doing Rock University? I would love to do a sequel. We'll see what happens. You never say never.
Hey everyone, thanks for this AMA! ME: I did a little work with Metalocalypse guys on a crazy rock opera that they wrote. But there's no talk of Brutal Legend 2.
Jack - Is there any word for Brutal Legend 2? Or better yet, have you talked to Brendon Small about having Eddie Riggs be a guest character on future Metalocalypse episodes? Jeremy says: definitely when Jack Black, Val Kilmer and Dave Grohl were rocking out to our original song for "Ghost Ghirls." (This song is in the season finale episode, in case you want to check it out. I've heard that the harmonies at the 1:28 mark are awesome)
Jeremy - What is a moment in your career that made you go "Wow, I never would have dreamed I'd get to do this?" ME: I gifted Val Kilmer the song and I said "check out the harms at 1:28" and we've just been stroking each other's egos ever since. Who was that masked man who wrote that song? Does he always write awesome songs like that?
Amanda - How many takes did it take to shoot Pregnant Detectives? I would have been cracking up the entire time! Maria says: Dan Gross scored the entire show.
Maria - What's been your favorite episode of Drunk History that you've been in and why? Amanda says: Well first of all I'm so happy someone watched that. I don't know, it took all day? It probably took a hundred takes.
Priyanka - Do you think television as we know it will completely merge into an online presence as we've seen Netflix and Yahoo series begin to do? Maria says: I liked the Detroit episode. I liked when I got to play Houdini's wife best, it was a lot of fun. I loved the costume and also I think the entire Detroit episode is the funniest in my opinion.
Everyone - I host a podcast in where we have celebrity guests geek out about TV, games, music, etc. Would anyone be interested in being a guest? Priyanka says: I think that the lines are going to disappear. Jack and I always talk about if we can't remember where we watch shows, if it was on our TVs or Apple TVs or Ipads, and I think that will be the trend. It just creates an exciting world where good content is good content no matter where you find it.
Thanks again everyone and look forward to your responses! Everyone says: We'll watch a few episodes and see if it looks great before we jump on. Can you post the link here? (as far as we know you could be some Hannibal Lecter guy who just wants to kill us and eat our brainskin)
Eveyone else...How is it working with Jack? Priyanka says: I've worked with Jack for nine years now, and it's been a dream. He is like the best, most supportive, kindest, funniest, most influential cheerleader we could ever ask for. And he gives great hugs.
Jack, is Ben Stiller nice? Well, is this Ben Stiller asking this question?
"either way the answer is no" You don't get to the top by bein' a sweetheart! But he's a pretty cool guy.
Who is more adept at melting faces, you or Kyle? That is a battle that rages on until the end of time.
It's the source of all our power. The competitive flames that burn in our bellies.
Jack, Do you still smoke weed? Very rarely. It's only the occasional celebratory J. I've got kids now, I'm like a soccer dad. I got the minivan, I got the dad jeans, the whole 9 yards.
Could you please, please, please do a Pick of Destiny Sequel? We're working on a webseries.
Jack, would you mind rocking out for us real quick? If you rock out, then we can rock out, and I think that would make everyone's day a little better. ROCK.
You now have permission to rock out.
What's Ghost Girls about and where can we find it? Maria says: Ghost Girls is a webseries on Yahoo Screen (you can find it simply by going to about 2 paranormal investigators with the best of intentions but the worst of executions. It's a takeoff on the ghost haunting shows that are on television right now and it has a lot of awesome celebrity guest stars.
Each episode is about 12 minutes and if you've watched an episode, you will feel refreshed, younger, but also like you're addicted and you need another episode immediately.
Amanda says: If you don't watch all of them, we die. Jeremy says: It's the greatest TV show on the web.
P.s. Quentin Tarantino said that it was better than ALL of his movies combined. True story!!!
"We're so sorry! This video is not available in your location." BULL! Priyanka: oy! not our fault! it will be available everywhere in the next couple of weeks. yahoo and the studio had to figure out some international paperwork. please bear with us.
What is the best piece of advice you guys have to give? This doesn't sound like good advice, but don't forget to PRETEND to have a good time.
Do you guys have any advice?
Maria says: never give up and make your own stuff.
Priyanka says: create create create. And my general life advice is white toothpaste is really good for burns.
Not available in my country.. Was this all an elaborate hoax to get me to visit Yahoo!? Priyanka says: it will all be available internationally in the next couple of weeks, we were hoping to premiere it on the same day everywhere but weirdly there is some paperwork involved for international territories. we promise it's coming soon!
Jack, whats been your favorite role so far? Nacho.
Why aren't you talking like a pirate? Maria says: we ARRRGH!
What's up Jables? Any tips for a guy who wants to start playing a guitar? It's never too late. Jam on easy Neil Young songs to begin with.
Play with passion.
Jack!! Hello! I loved Shallow Hal, Gulliver's Travels, Nacho Libre, School of Rock... Basically, big fan! How are you so funny? Got any tips for aspiring comedians? You need to write every day. All the best comedians and best comedic actors are writing their own material now. And have patience. You gotta write a lot of not-very-funny shit before you get to the funny shit.
Jack, which character that you have portrayed in movies is the one that assembles more to your real personality? School of rock.
off, I LOVE Ghost Ghirls. I've been spreading it around on Twitter and Facebook like crazy. Why was Mr. Show so influential? Because Bob and David were the Best. As simple as that. Why is Breaking Bad so influential? Because Vince Gilligan is the best. And Bob Odenkirk is in that one too. Is that weird? Bob is only in the best things. And he's in an episode of Ghost Ghirls too!
Question for Jack: What is it about Mr. Show that continues to be an influence on comedy almost 20 years since it's premiere? That show was a huge influence on my own sense of humor. Oh, and if there was a band made up of you, Dave Grohl, and Val Kilmer, it would be my favorite band. (Bob Odenkirk is also in Festival Supreme on October 19th at the Santa Monica Pier. That's all I'm gonna say).
Question for Maria and Amanda: Any advice for someone who would love to get into making comedy videos? Is it sort of a requirement to move to LA, NYC, or Chicago? I wrote some sketch comedy in college but wasn't sure what the next step was after my group all graduated and moved apart. NEXT QUESTION PLEASE.
Why was Mr. Show so influential? Because Bob and David were the Best. As simple as that. Why is Breaking Bad so influential? Because Vince Gilligan is the best. And Bob Odenkirk is in that one too. Is that weird? Bob is only in the best things. And he's in an episode of Ghost Ghirls too! Amanda says: the great thing about making comedy videos is you can do it anywhere in the world and throw it up on the internet where everyone can see.
Hey everyone! This is Maria: Because it's got awesome guest stars, it's hilarious, and it's a fun time!
In five words, why should I tune into Ghost Girls? Priyanka: you will laugh so hard.
Hey Jack! How you taking your coffee this morning? I never touch the stuff. I just had a very healthy start with some fresh peppers. That's how I get it going. I know it's confusing, I had this new vegan delivery thing where they bring me vegan food in the morning and I just eat whatever they bring me. This morning it was peppers.
So people BRING you breakfast? That's a pretty fantastic gig. Did Amanda Lund turn you onto this? Or does she drink coffee like the rest of us mere mortals? I knew I should not have admitted that people bring me breakfast! I'm very embarrassed now. But people bring me breakfast. And they also bring me incredible TV shows that I can pretend I have created. Every morning I get amazing TV shows.
Was it just peppers? If they're fresh and organic, it's a taste sensation. A rollercoaster for my taste buds. Just like Ghost Ghirls!
Maria! You're HAAAWWWTT! Will you go out with me? I'm thinking long term here, ghirl... Maria says: absolutely. Yes. I will go out with you. And maybe we can take a night on the Los Angeles town, maybe do a scavenger hunt.
Do you have any stories from Demolition Man? Did you meet Stallone, Bullock, or Leary? Joel Silver the producer said I would never work in this town again (I was late to the set one time and he said "where the fuck is Jack Black" and my agent said "He's on his way in!" and he said "He had better be dead.")
Did I meet Stallone? No. Was that the movie where he was having sex in his trailer? Stroking the shaft? Maybe. I'm not at liberty to say.
If you could punch anyone in the face, who would it be? why? I'm not violent. I'm against solving conflict with violence. But if I had to, in self-defense, probably that dude on Fox News. Bill O'Reilly. He was talking shit about me one time and it made my blood boil.
Maria says: I would punch anyone who works at Seaworld. Not the people who work there at summer jobs, the people who WORK at Seaworld, it's just horrendous. Because it's torture for the animals.
Me: It's like solitary confinement, they are kidnapped when they are babies. Oh! I got a good idea for who I would punch. Hitler!!!
Amanda says: I was going to say Hitler. But now we can both say it. If we punch hard enough maybe he will die.
Jeremy: I would punch the ballot for the Webby Awards that says "Ghost Ghirls" for best series.
Priyanka: I would punch this girl I went to high school with who tried to sue me.
Joel Silver the producer said I would never work in this town again (I was late to the set one time and he said "where the fuck is Jack Black" and my agent said "He's on his way in!" and he said "He had better be dead.") Did I meet Stallone? No. Was that the movie where he was having sex in his trailer? Stroking the shaft? Maybe. I'm not at liberty to say. Priyanka says: Jack is never late for anything, too. If anything, he's super early, always.
What is the first song you ever learned how to play on guitar? Thanks for doing this!!! It was "Down by the River" by Neil Young. It's super easy.
Hi jack! well, a question related with you Tenacious D and Foo Fighters. do you know anything about the new foos album? and when are you coming with tenacious d here IN SOUTH AFRICA!! thanks! take care! We'd love to play Africa! One of our favorite bands is Die Antwoord. We'd love to come out there just to see what they're up to and we've always wanted to check it out.
You ever get mistaken for Jack White? Edit; should clarify, this question is for everyone but Jack White. Strangely no.
Jack, what famous figure from history would suit you best for starring in their biopic? I would go with Napoleon. It seems like a juicy role.
Harold Ramis is easily one of my favorite comedy writers ever, and seeing you teaming up with him in Year One was sort of a dream come true for me. What was the experience like? Would you like to collaborate with him ever again? I don't remember ever saying that, but thank you for crediting me. I love Harold Ramis, and that was our second time we'd worked together because we'd actually worked together on a little movie called Orange County before that, but he was just acting in that one. He's one of my favorite people.
Hey Jack, Just wanted to say that Airborne was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Also are You still fucking them Gently or do you prefer hard most of the time? Thanks for the Airborne compliment. That's quite a blast from the past.
That's a very personal question. But I must say, at this point, if all of you reading this do not go to and watch all 12 episodes of our amazing series, I will seriously jump off the nearest bridge. That's how deep my emotions run on the subject.
Jack! Your "cameo's" in Pretty Sweet were hilarious. Rad. Do you skate yourself? Jeremy! My fave Drunk History is with Will Ferrell and Don Cheadle, how hard was it for the actors to perfectly match/sync their lip movements with the drunk story teller? EDIT: Added question for Jeremy. This is Jeremy: Thanks! Yeah, that one still holds up. I mean, those guys are so incredible. It's a pretty unbeatable team. With some actors, they have a really tough time. But everyone in that episode was(were?) the best of the best. They basically had it in 1 take. Seriously, if you ever get a chance to direct Will Ferrell and Don Cheadle, take it. I know what you're thinking, but trust me, they're great. You will enjoy it.
Really? You are going to make me go onto Nope, you can just go to easy :)
How did you guys meet each other? Should we start at the beginning you guys?
I hired Jeremy when he was 14 years old to be my personal assistant. He was a little older but just barely. He was fresh out of high school. Or College. Just right off the turnip truck. Raw, green, and filled with exuberance and knowledge.
I knew he was going to be huge and it was only a matter of time before he left me in the dust, so I've been riding his coattails ever since.
How did you guys meet?
Amanda says: Jeremy was playing the musical saw in a park and Maria and I were taking a walk and we stopped and listened for a while, and then the rest is history.
Priyanka says: I worked for Jack's agent like 10 years ago, and then I became an agent on Jack's team, and then when he started his company I ran away to join.
ME: Ari Emanuel won't look me in the eye until this day. He's still furious.
Jack: If I ever somehow got the chance to meet you, would it be all right for us to totally rock out together, blow some stuff up, and then ride gloriously into the sunset on matching stallions? Sounds good! Although I'm a little afraid of stallions. They're giant beasts with a mind of their own. Can we switch it up to a big, powerful pony?
Hey, folks! This question is for Amanda. Amanda: I can neither confirm nor deny this allegation.
Amanda, there are those who have referred to you as "exceptionally attractive," while others subscribe to the belief that you're "absolutely striking." In light of these previous labels, how do you respond to the increasingly popular rumor that you are, in fact, remarkably beautiful? Is your answer in any way affected by the accusation that you are also very intelligent and witty? Priyanka: amanda can't respond to this without things getting weird, so as an objective observer, she is as smart and funny as she is gorgeous. also just a real nice gal.
Hey Jack, Best thing you've shouted or heard shouted courtside at a Lakers game? Well, it's not what I shout, but it's the way I shout it. Because when you scream "Defense!" properly, you can really have a powerful effect on the opponent's shooting ability. It's impossible to describe without actually doing it for you. You have to shout with unexpected cadence. The only way to distract them really is to share something they have never heard before, and you can't describe that in a reddit sentence.
Unrelated to the purpose of your AMA, but what's the word on Kung Fu Panda 3? Kung Fu Panda 3 is in the works. Look for it around christmastime next year. Or something like that.
Just wanted to say that I watched every episode of Ghost Ghirls on Sunday and it was awesome, loved the acting by Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci. Everybody go watch it, its super funny. What advice would you give to someone trying to make videos now to get them on a platform where people can see them? Priyanka says: write something you love and shoot it. If you build it, they will come (seriously). We have developed a ton of stuff that started out as just hand-made, home-made videos. and thanks for watching!
What has been some of the funniest off-camera experiences that have transpired while filming this first season of Ghost Ghirls? Priyanka: well. one time amanda and maria were super tired and cried hysterically for 2 hours, but that was funnier for us than it was for them.
How does one find the link to Ghost Ghirls? It seems hard to find on Yahoo. I want the whole world to see this show! Thanks so much! it's just please share!
What inspired you to make ghost ghirls? Maria says: Well we love the characters and the paranormal, so we decided to put these 2 bumbling bubbleheads into the world of life and death.
Jack, my favourite songs of yours are Tribute and Beezleboss. I also enjoyed your tie in with the Lonely Island (Sax Man). How fun is it being you? It has been an amazing journey.
Ghost Ghirls isn't available in my location but it looks good, any plans for dvd release? Priyanka says: No but it should be available in your territory in the next few weeks! bear with us!
Good advice, you say? Great! I've been needing a good idea for my Halloween costume this year. What's the best costume you've ever worn? (For the group, not just Jack). This is Maria: I was Clementine from Eternal Sunshine one year and I did an AMAZING job with that costume.
Also, what's the best way to ask for a raise? Amanda: My fave halloween costume was I Love Lucy. Second question, very politely!
I was at your showing at SXSW. I'll be honest, I was there to see the D but the show was funny. You know it must be pretty good when 400 people know very little about what you're about to show them and they stop talking once the show starts and laugh in the right spots. KG, do you remember your mic getting knocked over by a 6' inflatable orca at that show? That was us. We took orcas to every show at SXSW. Jim James danced and serenaded his whale, you just looked scared. Amanda and Maria, you are funny. I enjoyed the Q&A part of the night where it was clear how much work you are putting into making it all happen. How did you come to work with Jeremy? Priyanka says: the others will answer their parts, but you can find all the eps at thanks so much about your nice words about the sxsw screening :)
Could your team using the magic of awesomeness within you help a guy such as myself, find his soul mate? Before I can do an I am a 40 year old virgin, AMA? If not cool. I if is a mix of ups and down and I have finally learned to love myself! Sending you soul mate special sauce now! with my mind.
Jack: Blizzcon is making a return this year.. Can we expect to see you there in some form? I've made it out to every Blizzcon & your guys' performance was hands down my favorite. Nice. That was an incredible show, we had Dave Grohl on the drums, that was the only time we'd ever done a full concert with Dave and I will never forget it. We don't have any plans now but you never know what will come up. We have a special place in our hearts for Blizzcon.
Jack, out of all of Tenacious D's amazing songs, which ones your favorite and why? Which one did you have the most fun writing/recording? I like "the ballad of hollywood jack and the rage kage."
The reason why? We went deep into our deep reservoir of emotions. Deeper than we've gone before.
"Rock is dead" wrote itself.
I'm a big fan of Ghost Ghirls! I got to see it last year at the Super Serious Show before the webseries officially launched. I've already seen a few eps and love them all! Jeremy says: We took it first to Jack. And once Jack's name was on it, we had clout and we sold it to the Sy Fy channel and we developed a tv version of it for a long time, but Sy Fy had a big comedy block and decided not to do any comedy at all. My theory is that they realized that they would be making too much fun of their own audience. But now the good news is we got to do the show we wanted to do and now anyone can watch it online, anytime!
I was curious how did the initial first episode develop? Also for Amanda and Maria, are you guys going to be in anything else soon? Maria says: The initial idea developed because Amanda, Jeremy and I wanted to work together and we love paranormal stuff and we thought it would be a great idea, so we filmed it on our own and got a good crew together and did that.
If each of you had to play a game of "Shag, Marry, Kill" with the selection being the other four, what would your choices be? Amanda: I'd shag Maria, Priyanka and Jeremy and Jack. Then kill myself.
Drunk History never fails to make me laugh, great concept! How is it working with drunk people, do you stay sober yourself? Also, any interesting moments happen that were not able to get aired? Do you guys tuck them in for the night before you leave? Jeremy Says: Thank you! They say that the ABCs of filmmaking are the three things to avoid - Animals, Boats and Children. I will add a D. Drunks are terrible to work with. HILARIOUS. But VERY uncooperative. Yes we do tuck them in (once the medic says it's okay) and about a billion interesting moments happen that were not able to air. Each interview is like 5 hours of drunky nonsense.
Jack- I just wanted to say thank you for school of rock, nacho libre, and everything tenacious D... p.s. is there really a nucleus behind every man? Of course. Beneath the stretchy pants lies the nucleus.
Hello Jack, I just wanted to know if you are a Roy Clark fan? I recently stumbled across this video and immediately thought of you. Never heard of him. Should I? Uh oh I have a bad memory for names. Is he my best friend from high school or something?
Team: What was your pitch to the executives in order to land Ghost Girls? JayBuls: Have you actually stabbed someone with your bowie whilst naked? Also, Run-gu-gu-gun-gun. Amanda: We showed them the pilot episode that we had filmed previously! The rest was history!
To all, who is your biggest inspiration and why? This is Maria: Hm... this is a tough one. I am kind of really inspired by Val Kilmer right now.
To all of you:If you were to get drunk enough to time travel where/when do you go? Amanda: Woodstock baby!
If someone didn't know about you much, what movie or song do you think I should make them watch/listen to impress them? School of's on my tomb stone!
Question for all of you, what's your favorite part about being actors? We get paid to play.
Mr.Black! I just wanted to let you know that I fell for you in The Holiday and still have a bigger crush on you than any other actor. You make me swoon, sir. Jeremy says: it's internet friendly, you have paranormal stuff, babes, and Jack Black.
As far as GHOST GHRILS go, what type of audience does the show cater to and what are some reasons that I should get hooked on the series? These girls are funny in a way that I've never seen before and that's important. If it weren't for people who are making people laugh in new ways we'd be stuck with some stale, not-funny shit. Same with Bob and David, who changed comedy with Mr. Show.
Everyone else: What's the most annoying thing about working with Jack Black? :) This is Maria: Sometimes he is TOO awesome.
What funny and/or paranormal thing do you recommend I do for my upcoming wedding anniversary party? This is Maria: Screen Ghost Ghirls for the whole crew!
Amanda: Serve a punch!
Jack Black, long time fan first time question asker. Did you help write/produce the music from school of rock? Oh and thanks for acknowledging my existence. I wrote some of the jams. and scouted out some other composers.
How could I unlock my front door without a locksmith with only a slice of pizza and my phone? Amanda: Just relax on the front lawn and enjoy that pizza!
Should I name my band after my deceased dogs... Ham & Kramer? This is Maria: Of course! Have fun with it!
What inspired the show? This is Maria: We all love those ghost hunting shows on television right now. They are so dramatic and really have life and death stakes. So we thought it would be fun to put these two characters into that world.
Jack, even if you and Linklater don't do a School of Rock sequel, would you work with him on a different project that could get you an Oscar? I'm always down to work with Linklater. I don't really think about the prizes so much as the creative people I like to work with. That's why I wanted ot be a part of Ghost Ghirls. I'd like to do more Ghost Ghirls episodes and have more people be a part of it! You can check them out at Link to
I'm from Canada and Yahoo says that Ghost Ghirls isn't available in my location. How can I watch Ghost Ghirls? Damn it!!! did you try
Hey Jack, I want to ask what is your advice for someone who admires you and want to become a guitar player as awesome as you. You are a great person and I love all of your movies. I also want to know you can be so positive about life and if you have any plans to visit Brazil. It's to bad we live too far away, it would be awesome to be your friend. To the girls: What were your thoughts about Jack before you worked with him, and how did they change? I'm not a very skilled guitar player...but i play hard...with passion. check out richie havens at the begining of the woodstock movie. that's all the inspiration you need.
Amanda, any chance you'll be involved with one of the future Superego live shows? Also, Ghost Ghirls is comedy gold and I thank all of you for it. Amanda: I would love to be! I'll have to ask Matt Gourley about that! I make an occasional cameo on the podcast. Thank you so much! Spread the Ghost Ghirls word!
Jack, where was your favorite location shooting "the big year"? i love that movie, i tell everyone about it! I loved filming in the florida that how you spell it? i doubt it.
Why should I pay to see this instead of stealing it? This is Maria: It's free!
Where the fuck is Kyle? Also, just want to say I saw Tenacious D on 4/20 in Dallas, Texas. The day that Layne Staley died. It was the very first time I ever smoked pot. Thanks for ruining my life. No more weed for you. stay off the grass!
I just discovered Ghost Ghirls while browsing yahoo, which is rare for me. Amanda: one thousand takes!
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2013.07.24 21:08 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I have managed bands for over thirty years and currently look after Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimmy Page, Muse, Josh Groban, Dawes, and others. I am Peter Mensch AMA!

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Date: 2013-07-24
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Questions Answers
Which band has been the most difficult to work with? Smashing Pumpkins by a country mile.
Muse all seem like really great, funny guys. Any fun stories? Matt is endlessly curious. I was regaled several nights ago with a list of what constitutes Treason in England as regards the queen. This came out of the news of the new royal birth.
Are big record companies a dying breed? Yup. sadly so. what no one really understands is that the artist by himself does not achieve worldwide success without someone financing his/her record and more importantly gets into the hands of the media who can help spread the word. just how do you think one becomes big in Germany if one is a SF based metal band? it doesn't happen by osmosis.
Who has been the most humble or down to earth artist/group that you have worked with? Metallica.
Is Lars still as pissed about pirated music as he was in the 90's or has he lightened up a bit? I'M PISSED OFF ABOUT PIRATED MUSIC. Lars has lightened up.
Is there a secret Jewish cabal that controls the music industry from a hidden pile of gold like in Smaug's lair? That Cabal was taken over by Orcs.
If John Frusciante decided he wanted to play with RHCP again what do you think would happen? Would Josh get pushed aside or would they have two main guitarists? That's an interesting question and way out of my pay grade. I don't think JF is ever coming back to the music business.
Hello, Mr. Mensch, thanks for doing this AMA! As a huge fan of Metallica and a mod of /Metallica, I have a couple questions. What are some common misconceptions that people have about the band or members of the band? (i.e., Lars is an asshole after the whole Napster ordeal) What is one of the best experiences you've had with the band? Do you get to know them on a personal level, or do you just work with them? If you get to know them personally, do you have any stories that you'd like to share? Lars was standing up for artists copyrights. now ask anyone remotely involved in the music business and they will admit we were right. 10 years early. now the business is dying for artists and people like me who loved music and couldn't play a note. the best experiences are when your band's record is on the radio and you hear it. plus doing something special live. for the first time.
What was it like working with Def leppard in the 70's? Any stories from when they toured with AC/DC? I was 26, they were like 18. I was living in London (my spiritual musical home for all the bands from the 60s/70s I loved). It was a blast. I became their manager while they were on tour with AC/DC. I was managing AC/DC at the time.
Which band and/or member was the best to be around? The worst? Best bands to be around are all the current clients as for the worst client: look at the list of clients we no longer manage...actually, just some of those. i'm still in contact with Brian Wheat in Tesla who is killing it out there as their self managing bassist.
How much of a role does the music industry have in creating tastes and trends, instead of just gauging what the public wants and finding artists that fit that criteria? The music industry has tended to act like a filter. just like film studios, TV networks, book publishers. the best people in each of these industries relies on their own taste and then hopes that their taste will work for the mass audience out there. look at arrested development. died on Fox and came back on Netflix. Or who would have thought a show about a bunch of NJ Gangsters or even early 20s Jersey somethings would be successful and game changing.
Do you personally like the music of all the bands you manage? I like all the artists I manage. I don't necessarily like all the songs they write or record. But I like enough of them.
What was the worst thing you ever had an artist under you do? Nothing comes to mind on the worst thing. we sometimes try things which don't work but "worst"...I don't think so. critical enough for the song not to be recorded or finished.
Josh Groban parties the hardest right? Sure. can I have some of what you are on.
Why can't Robert Plant and Jimmy Page just get along and do a tour with John Paul Jones on bass and Jason Bonham on drums? I'm sure it has to do with financial reasons, but care to shed any light on this for me please? It goes back way further and way deeper than anyone of us can imagine or discover.
Hi Peter! Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA. I have a few questions right now (all of them Page/Zeppelin-related) -- if you're unable to answer them, I understand. :) Third: Are you able to provide any information on the "Mastered for iTunes" tracks that were released last year? As for mastered by itunes, it's better sound than normal itunes stuff. but let's be frank, sound on itunes blows compared to cd or vinyl.
Has Jimmy shown any interest in selling either of his website releases ("Lucifer Rising" or "Death Wish II") as CDs? Second: Peter, would you be able to confirm or deny whether or not the "Physical Graffiti" demos posted on Jimmy's website were vintage (i.e. dating to 1973-1975) or re-recorded? Following on from these questions: Should we consider the example of "Celebration Day," released in several formats (including BR-A and hi-res digital download), as a harbinger of things to come for the remastered Zeppelin catalogue? Have the group members indicated any interest in releasing archival recordings in a manner similar to other artists/bands (like Robert Plant himself, or along the lines of the Rolling Stones Archive)? We should sell those 2 as CDs. not a bad idea.
I have no idea about those demos.
Hi, Mr. Mensch. Thanks for this AMA. What is your take on the music game phenomenon? Muse and the Chili Peppers seem to have embraced it, while Metallica and Jimmy Page still don't seem to care a whole lot. Do you think their opinions might change with games like Rocksmith, where the player has to use a real guitar? Um, did you miss the Metallica guitar hero game?
Have you ever heard a song from a band that you manage, that was so new, so different, that you weren't sure if the song would "work"? What songs would this apply, and what was the tension like in the room when first approached w such a song? Cliff and I are never 100% sure when we select tracks to promote on radio. the biggest flyer we ever took was picking Knights of Cydonia as the first US single for Muse. "No One's Gonna Take Me Alive"
What do you think about normal people that say "i want to be a band/celebrity manager so i can be rich and hang out with famous people" when they know absolutely nothing about it? THAT THEY KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT IT.
Dear Mr. Mensch... as an Artist I'm well aware of the nature of Creative Projects to take on a life of their own - evolving beyond their original inspiration and intentions. Can you comment on Jimmy Page's Original Inspiration for reissuing the Led Zeppelin Catalog on Vinyl?? Beyond the success of The Song Remains The Same and the Mothership Project... has Jimmy ever expressed his awareness of the Vinyl Renaissance in Full Swing and the HUNGER for Zeppelin Vinyl? And has it been his intention to release the LP's in their Original Chronological Order... One-at-a-time and is that how you see the current project unfolding?? Lastly and MOST important... when do you think we might get a Definitive Release Date for the first installment??? Thank you very much! 1) vinyl - the previously issued vinyl was ok for the time, this will be way better 2) page loves vinyl. always has. always will. collects it. as for how quickly we release the vinyl and in what order, it will be either all at once as a box set or individually in chronological order.
B. truex ~ Hungry for Zeppelin Vinyl Reissues :>) 3) as for the release date...well, it's a moving target. LZ Time is like no other time I have ever seen
I'm a huge RHCP fan. Any awesome stories you can share? Me too. A couple of years ago, they played did 3 shows in Hyde Park in London to 255,000 people. It doesn't get better than that as a performer or a manager.
What's the most badass rock n roll escapade you've ever been sucked into? Dream on. I'm the clean and sober manager. i go to sleep way earlier than any of my artists. although I did go to a Queen party in London in the late 70s...
Who is your favorite musician off stage?? I love hearing about famous people who are genuinely good guys. Would be Lars. talk movies etc. But also Gary Lightbody, Matt and Page. basically, anyone who wants to talk about a book, a movie, a play, ways to commit treason in England. kids, school, sports. Lightbody is a demon on pop culture.
Dude, can you please get Metallica to do a US tour sometime soon, maybe next summer? THEY HAVE TO MAKE A RECORD FIRST. NO MORE TOURING UNTIL A RECORD.
I have noticed recently that the media and industry has given up on new talent. They are simply pushing new albums all the estbalished groups that hit the scene 10 years ago. Shinedown, Black Eyed Peas, Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake, etc. etc. I feel like this means we will are setting ourselves up for a whole time period that won't be remembered for new type of music (unlike music of the 60s, 70s, etc). I just wondered if you had observed the same thing and your thoughts on it? We desperately seek out new bands who want to be successful. but since we don't hang out in clubs at 2am, we usually have to wait for someone to call us up and ask for help. most new acts have managers. most new acts fail. do the math.
Hi Mr Mensch! As someone who probably knows the industry better than most, what advice would you give to a rock artist or band looking to make a viable career in the music industry? Are there specific genres or tactics that are more likely to be successful? Thanks for your time! Man, that's a tough question. Best thing to do is get your songwriting chops down. IT's all about the MUSIC. not the playing or the clothes. the songs.
Of all the artists you have managed, which album was the best? (in your opinion?) Too many to count. seriously. The one record I wish had done better was Operation Mindcrime by Queensryche. Also Screaming Trees Sweet Oblivion. Amazing record.
of all I'd like to thank you for doing another AMA. Jimmy Page is my idol and I was really pissed that I missed the last one. I have one serious question and one random question. Are there any new bands out that you and/or Jimmy are excited about? Is Jack Daniel's Jimmy's favorite drink, and if not, what is? Page doesn't drink at all. I don't know what new bands he is listening to. as for me, I tend to wait until I hear them on the radio.
Thanks for doing this AMA. You have an amazing career. My question is how does a "producer" get a job in the industry? I make musical backing tracks and have my friends sing over them, but they just sit online and garner no attention and I'm not sure where to take it next. Find someone with a connection. usually a lawyer or someone who has a connection. I wish it was easier. no one listens to unsolicited tapes anymore. you've got to write great songs (not ones your mother tells you are good), play live and keep doing it. somewhere someone will find you.
3 months ago you said that you hadn't heard the contents of the new Led Zeppelin box sets. What's the progress with them now? Can you share anymore about what's in them (video, physical items, studio outtakes, live shows)? There's been talk that they are in the final stages of being mixed. Is Eddie Kramer involved? What's in them: studio outtakes, different mixes. and eddie kramer is not involved.
a final one from me: it's been nearly two years since Jimmy last played live, which was at the Royal Festival Hall with Roy Harper. With Roy performing another special one-off concert there in October, will Jimmy be tempted to join him again? Still no progress on any solo work. also i don't know if he plans to play with roy again. he hasn't played much recently!
1.) How difficult do you think it is for someone with no connections to get into the music industry? 2.) Bonnaroo or Coachella? You have to start at the bottom. Interning either in LA or NY or trying to get a job with your local promoter or club. COACHELLA BY A MILE.
A lot of questions will probably relate to the severe changes the music industry is undergoing. Among the groups you manage(d), some are well known live tour de force, some others (not mutually exclusively) have taken a public stance against mp3 (be it legal or not). (1) As a manager, would you say that the ineluctable future for music lies in live performance vs. album, which will increasingly turn into a promotional medium? (2) What's your take when a person you manage goes public on something that is clearly not appropriate/PR friendly/plain damaging for the image of the band? What was the most difficult of such situation you encountered? If you don't eventually sell music (usually in album form) you will never get the level of success that you might have dreamed of (selling out arenas). if you don't care how successful you can become as a touring act then you don't have to worry about albums. I can't run a business managing club acts who are permanent club acts most difficult situation: death of a fan at a gig or death of a band member.
Who would be your dream band/artist to manage? Past/present, dead or alive! I'd like to see Led Zeppelin play another show.
Did you manage Metallica in the 99-00 era? Their PR department were terriblly inept and incompetent during that phase. No one was there to tell the band they were fighting a losing war??? We were right next to them. sorry, dude, I believe in their cause. you can go borrow all the music you want. and then don't complain when there is no new music that you know.
When looking for interns, what really makes a resume stand out to a management company in the music business? i applied to a bunch but didn't hear back from any. :( Beats me. we have someone here who gets them.
How much input did you have in the Orion festival and Through the Never? Do the band (that's Metallica, for those that don't know) basically say, we're doing this, can you help us out with some stuff? Do they say "is this a good idea, should we go ahead with it or not?" The idea for a festival came out of our office. so we would have some input. the band was deeply involved in the talent selection and all the side shows.
What are your thoughts on the 'loudness war' (eliminating dynamic range in favor of maximum loudness)? Certain people mix and master their records too loudly. we don't like that. and that's all I will say.
Hi Peter What are your thoughts on audio and/or video streaming of concerts like Phish has been doing? And, do you see any of the bands you manage doing something similar? I know Metallica already records and sells live shows afterwards. Why not. RHCP does it. you have to be big enough because believe it or not it costs the band money and unless you sell enough of them to break even, it isn't worth doing. also you need to have a good audio and or video setup on tour.
How did Josh Groban get thrown into that mix? Also those are some great acts you get to work with. What is MUSE like in person, they've always seemed chill in interviews, etc. (I'm seeing them for the 5th time at ACL in October, can't wait!) Thanks for doing this AMA, you've got a bitchin' job! I do have a bitchin job. And everyday I pray to every god you can imagine and some you can't thanking them for it. We've managed Madonna, Shania Twain and Josh Groban. And Gillian Welch. We just love music and musicians. And funny ones. Josh Groban is hysterical as well as musically incredibly talented.
Hello, Mr. Mensch. Thank you for doing this AMA. You've had an amazing career and have worked with some of the people who have inspired me the most in the entire world. I currently play in a band that has been playing locally for the last couple of years. Our plan for the next year is to step it up and start touring regionally. We've got some good contacts and a great fan base that is super supportive of us. We even started a local music festival that is intended to expose and develop the fantastic music scene we have here in my home town. We are about to release our first studio EP which we will pimp out to as many music blogs as possible. I would ask you for advice, but it seems that your advice is to keep doing what we are doing and hope that someone discovers us one day. I'm a little more pro-active than that, but it'll do. What are, if any, your favorite music blogs or podcasts to find new music? If not, then where do you go to find new music? What is your favorite new act that is playing now? You've got it down. pimp your music out to as many blogs as possible. just make sure that someone you trust says the stuff is great. not just good or very good. but GREAT. there is no room anymore for anything else. favorite new act (not so new) is Florence and the Machine. she has a real stage presence. I miss real stage presence. I want to be led by a singer
I've been curious about the various identities that rock bands generate for themselves. Overall, do band mates resemble more there personas or are they just usual, artists who have to put on an act? All members of any band I have managed have always wanted to perform. start with your memories of having to stand up in Miss Taylor's 3rd grade class and read or do something. Some of you loved it, most hated it. band members loved it and usually have something to prove or say so they like performing. usually off stage they take off the cape and tights and become normal people.
Hello! Do you personally handle their tour arrangements? For example, did you negotiate the RHCP deal to headline Coachella? If so, can you describe how that experience is? In this case, I made that deal fresh off a plane from Australia over a mexican meal with Paul Tollett somewhere in Hollywood. it didn't take long. but that is a rare occurence.
Looking to hire anyone fresh out of college? If not, do you have any advice for people looking to get into the industry? We start with interns. we pay them minimum wage. sorry, it's the only way in.
Hi! I was just wondering how you actually get gigs for bands. When I went to the Voodoo Music Festival in New Orleans last year, Green Day dropped out, and Metallica filled in (super awesome). Did the promoters of the festival approach you, or did you approach the promoters? It was the promoters. because as you so acutely point out, they were short a headliner. have rock, will travel on short notice. happened again at this year at Roskilde.
If you could manage any band you wanted, wich band would you manage? I can't give that away. Other managers would hate me.
Do you agree that spotify and Pandora (streaming services in general) are screwing bands out of royalties. If so, what can and should be done not only by bands, but consumers as well? This is way too complicated to be answered here. Consumers should buy albums if they want to keep bands in business. full stop.
Hello. What is your opinion on the economics of streaming? Do you feel music catalogs will grow in value? Large catalogs getting played alot will make money. like the 200+ Beatles songs will get streamed a lot and the Beatles will make money.
Hey, great bands! My grandfather used to be a concert promoter (Robert Lewis- he did the Rolling Stones first concert in the US, worked with Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, ect.) and he is FULL of crazy stories. What is your favorite crazy story? Settling up a show with Bill Graham as a tour accountant for Aerosmith.
The night in Lubbock I first saw ACDC.
What's your view, as the manager, of the 'rock star mentality'? Wrecking hotel rooms and showing up to concerts late. What do you do when stuff like that happens? It hasn't happen on my watch in decades. sorry. it just doesn't happen anymore. no one wants to be banned from hotels.
Hey Peter! It seems you've worked with a lot of talented people that have been through a lot. Out of all the people you've worked with, what's the craziest story you've heard or witnessed? When bands were doing loads more drugs and booze, stories were generated.
Were you dealing with Metallica pre-Some Kind Of Monster? Whether yes or no, has their dynamic changed since? Been dealing with Metallica since 1985. dynamic has mostly stayed the same. the process around skom made everybody more aware, but we still function in the same way.
Of all the artist managers with whom I've worked, Q Prime (especially Holland back in the day) were the most real people of all. So thanks for contributing to that culture. Is it difficult to keep the ruthlessness of the entertainment business out of the everyday relationships with vendors and designers and such that support the more mundane aspects of your world? It's easy to keep the ruthlessness out because you know how it feels to be on the other end. especially with vendors and designers. shit, they do stuff I could never do.
What is working with these popular bands like? And which guitarist out of all the bands listed do you think is the best? It's the best day job i could have ever imagined. it's my life. not going to pick guitarists. gets me into trouble.
Hi, Peter -- thanks for returning here. Not sure if you can comment on this or not, but Jimmy's social media presence has been a bit sporadic the last 6 months or so - his official twitter and facebook accounts have been a bit quiet ... everything ok on that front? Do you know if his team will get back to it -- maybe hopefully with some exciting news? See answer below. Welcome to the world of managing Jimmy Page.
How did you get into the industry and what do you suggest to someone trying to break into it? Are there internships, etc? Or is it mostly a 'who you know' kinda field. There are internships and sadly it is a bit of who you know. but there are local radio stations, college radio stations, local clubs. people will usually take people looking to work for free or dirt cheap.
Hey Peter, I'm in a band and we experienced some moderate, early success but wonder what it takes to move beyond that our current stage of dealing with small indie labels, self-funding for recording, promotion, and publicity...etc etc. How do you prove yourself to be a wise investment, and how do you get the bigger label guys (we've gotten some nods from Kevin Lyman, Lou Plaia, and others are Warped Tour) to notice when your purse strings are pretty tight? How good are your songs??? that's the question. owning your masters isn't dumb, but you need to find someone to connect you to a larger organization to promote your records. It is very very difficult to break out of the indie label scene unless you are Arcade Fire or someone in Garden State says "the Shins will change your life"
Can you please convince Jimmy Page and Zep to do a US Reuinion tour?!!! Please? Please?? I don't even have a flip answer for this. it is a tragedy.
What do you sing in the shower? And would it take for the music industry to be really run from London ? I can't sing.
And part of the music business is run from London.
Do you party with your clients at all / often? If so, who is the most fun to be with after a show? Do I go out for dinner after gigs yes. do we party, no.
What is the best show you have been to? Acdc in Glasgow. highway to hell tour and LZ at O2.
Any Spinal Tap like moments? Proud to say we've avoided most of the Spinal Tap moments. but if you have a theory there, let it rip.
For concert shots, do you generally deal directly with photographers for your company/the artists or do you just purchase shots you like from freelancers when they strike you? What sort of things do you look for in a photographer if you deal direct? Sadly for you, I stopped caring about live photos - too many out there. the great photos are the off stage ones.
What personality/characters traits and other skills are necessary for someone to do what you do? Brains, compassion, love of music, trust your gut (a learned skill by the way)
What's the worst experience you had with a venue? Hall manager in lubbock in 1978 on July 4th.
How many people have asked you for a job in this thread? Fewer than you would have thought.
My friend just started a band and its taking off pretty well. I have some business acumen and he is wanting to get a band manager for his band because my friend is shouldering all of the work + a day job. I want to volunteer for this duty probono until they start making money. Am I foolish, is there something I need to know before stepping into this? Any advice is appreciated. Make sure he respects your talent as much as you respect his. and make sure your ambitions are in Vulcan mind meld as well. often baby managers get flushed when the band out grows the manager.
What advise would you have for a small Texas band that is starting to get play on smaller local radio stations in Arkansas and Texas to get to the "big time"? FYI we are not on a on a record label and are totally self financed thus far. Call the guys at C3.
Hello Mr. ÜberMensch :) Black Sabbath is touring again. Would you recommend seeing them? Sure, why not. I was never the biggest Sabbath fan, but they are legends.
How do you get started managing a rock band? I have a buddy who does it (and has become quite successful at it) while I do "real people" things and daydream about being involved in the music industry. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. Get close to a good band. and convince them that you know things they should do that they haven't thought of. be a fan.
I love Dawes! Make them perform in NYC more! Please? Trust me, we're trying. we're playing Port Chester (NYC suburb) tonight. see you there. I'm the bald guy.
Will Gillian Welch be touring any time soon? Hopefully making a record. or a machine record.
Are you the guy who handed me a free front-row ticket at the Spectrum in '96 for Page/Plant when I answered your Led Zep trivia questions correctly? NOPE.
Whom, among all the acts/people you've managed, has the most sheer musical talent. John Frusciante Matt Bellamy Josh Groban this is under the concept of writers, players, singers, arrangers. Flea is an amazing bassist. Hetfield kills as a singer and a rhythm player.
I could go on.
A lot of musicians get sober after battles with addiction, what's the most amazing transformation you've seen. Mark Lanegan.
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