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2020.10.30 23:19 CodaChomsky Any Advice on Where to Find Some Kind of "Visual Dictionary"? Reading Retention Problems

TLDR; I need to connect words to images to remember them, but I can't figure out images for some words/concepts in my university classes. Any suggestions? Online illustrated dictionaries I've found don't have most of the words/concepts I need.
Full Story:
Do any of you remember things better if you can think of it as an image or picture? I've noticed I do, so I'm trying to write my notes for classes like that but it's so hard with some words/concepts!
For example:
If I want to remember the sentence:
"Orcas are the largest dolphin species", I'd think of it as an Orca (or Free Willy to be more precise), then a big circle below a straight line (for 'largest' as it's hit a ceiling), then a dolphin, then a quick and empty little family tree (for species). So like... "Orca biggest (in) dolphin family". Maybe missing a few things or ideas but I've got the main concept there.
Buuut obviously this gets harder when it's a class where it's mostly concepts and history. So I'm really, really struggling with reading because I can't envision most (sometimes any) sentences I need to remember. And I'm not sure what to do! I went to my French professor about it and she told me that illustrated dictionaries are a thing so I've searched it up and it'll help with some things, but again, it doesn't have a lot of words I need for my classes (being mostly political science right now).
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2020.10.30 23:16 Simkna Olympus theory

In the Titanfall 2 campaign there is a mission where you are sent to recover a search squad but all you find is the captains deceased carcass so you take the time shift device from his wrist during this period of playing once you switch in or out of the phase shift Jack Cooper makes a 👌 symbol with his hands and in Apex Legends so does wraith. How does this all tie in? At the end of the level you are forced to touch the ‘Zero Point’ and there is a location on Olympus which is called ‘The Rift’ is Olympus the mission from Titanfall 2? Please correct me if I’m wrong on any info and remember the 6-4 are a family and they’ll kick your arse!
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2020.10.30 23:05 MrGiantGentleman [NA/PC] Growing trading/social guild looking to add more to the family!

Hey folks! I run a growing trading guild with a friendly, welcoming guild family. We are searching for experienced traders as well as new traders looking to learn the ropes so if you are interested in growing with a guild, hitch a ride with us!
We currently have a weekly raffle, bi-weekly auction, fishing/dolmen/WB events, and our top 3 weekly sellers receive a bonus. We have a few more plans for the future but right now we need some more folks to join us! We currently do not have any sales quota or dues and don't plan to add any for a good, long while.
Feel free to PM me with any questions or apply to Serenity's Haven if you see our trader in Hollow City! Please tell us something about yourself in the app, as blank applications will be denied!
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2020.10.30 23:00 RedditOG_CoC [Recruiting] Reddit TH11+ Level 18 Social/War Reddit 2.0/3.0 TH3-11

Clan Name: Reddit (yes, the original Reddit)
Clan Tag: #G88CYQP
Clan Description/Culture/Requirements: Social/War clan; CWL: Masters I
Recruiting: non-rushed TH11 and up.
Feeders: Reddit 2.0 (#GJ9PJYCV) TH8-10
Reddit 3.0 (#2PYPGUJUP) TH3-7
Reddit is a level 18 clan comprised of mostly adult players and a core leadership group with Clash of Clans careers as old as dirt. If you have ever dreamed of being part of an historic mobile strategy gaming institution with a truly fabled past, then look no further. Think of us like... the Boston Celtics... but with wizards and baby dragons.
Over the years, Reddit has evolved (as the game itself has) from a strictly casual clan to a more war-focused clan. We aren't a clan that will show you the boot for not three-starring, but we do tend to have more fun with members who are active both in and out of wartime. The majority of our members have jobs, families, educational commitments, or all of the above; so we understand that members who are perpetually glued to the screen are probably not in our wheelhouse. With that said, cracking a base for three-stars or winning a hard-fought war as a team (or both!) is fun, so we do try to promote a culture of healthy competition and improvement.
Although we do not have much in the way of hard and fast base/lab requirements (like required hero levels, for example) listed on our subreddit, Reddit is looking for active players who will put forth a solid effort both in preparing for and participating in war. We certainly do not expect absolute perfection; but we do strongly favor players who are willing to strategize, talk through mistakes, learn and adapt, support fellow clanmates, and try to win. We also reeeeeeally prefer players who are reliable, both for joining in wars when they can and getting both attacks in when they do.
We war regularly (3/week) with war searches on Sunday night, Tuesday night, and Friday night Eastern time. Due to the effect they can have on the war table, rushed bases/labs are discouraged, but not a deal breaker if the player is willing to put in the effort. In the same way, low level bases (TH7-11) are not a deal breaker, but are often better served applying to one of our feeder clans -- Reddit 2.0 (TH8-10) or Reddit 3.0 (TH3-7).
We strongly encourage our members to use Discord (and its associated sidekick features) for war coordination in the war room and goofing around in the general chat. With so many of our members on the go during war days, these apps are invaluable for planning attacks and avoiding duplication of effort.
We war 3x per week (Sunday, Tuesday and Friday; search starts at ~6pm EST). Apply in-game with the RCS password found here. Discord link:
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2020.10.30 22:53 mordfustang199 5 months without weed - lessons I've learned

I wanted to write a little bit about my journey with quitting weed. and what I've learned so far. I unsubscribed from this sub after about 2 months just so I could have minimal reminders that weed was even a thing, however I'll always be so thankful for all the stories I read here, and how it helped me feel like I wasn't alone on this journey. 5 months give or take a few days is where I'm at now, and it's the longest I've gone in over 6 years. The first time i smoked weed was out of a gravity bong made from a 2 liter Fanta bottle at the skatepark when I was 16. I fell in love the first time I smoked. Everything seemed better, literally everything. The day after that I smoked weed and the day after that, and the day after....I went around 6-7 years without a single day sober. I mean smoking from morning until night, all day high. Going to work high, class high, every activity high, wasting countless hours watching stupid Youtube videos, smoking myself to the point of isolation and even when i stopped enjoying weed because of the awkward feeling social affect it seemed to give me after about 5 years i kept going. smoking alone everyday. I could write a novel about my experience I think but I want to keep this short in case it can help anyone. Here are some lessons/problems and things to look out for that I've encountered so far. I hope I can help someone like so many helped me on this sub:
  1. Be careful that after quitting smoking your brain will search for other ways to avoid being sober, alcohol was the biggest for me and I have gotten it under control but beware of this, your brain will realize weed isn't an option and for some of us will move to the next best things.
  2. After a few months, you'll laugh at the fact weed would control your life in the way it did. For my fellow ex 24/7 smokers, only sober when you're asleep, weed seems impossible to live without, however it really is possible, many people in fact the majority of the world goes the day without smoking weed, you can too.
  3. It only benefits people in very rare cases, yes weed has proven to help seizures and vets with PTSD fall asleep, but for the majority of us it is not needed, so many of my stoner friends would fool themselves and convince themselves they needed to smoke, that somehow it was helping them...just plain wrong. Weed slows you down, it saps your physical energy, your mind may explode with creativity in the first 20 min after smoking, however all your left with is remnants of those ideas and a body to tired to act on any of them.
  4. When weed exits, reality steps in, and this can be that hardest part. Emotion will crawl back in. From everything like getting road rage to crying over an ex or something, feelings you have pushed away for years will come right back. Humans are meant to feel, you're not supposed to be in some steady state all the time. It's okay to reminisce about good times with Mary Jane, i got so many fond memories. But it was time to move on, mary jane when I abused her made me a shell of myself.
  5. A sense of determination was the biggest thing that came back to me. Quitting is not a cure all, it is far from it, in fact some things get way worse, but that's because they're supposed to be that way. Quitting simply allows you to start facing these problems. when bored your brain looks for something to do to better your situation, a signal that you're wasting time, weed strips this away because it makes simple entertainment (youtube, tv, video games) so much more intoxicating.
  6. So many worries go away. No more worrying about running out, no more grimacing as you drop more cash on an eighth that'll be gone in two days, no more worrying about the smell, the tired look, falling asleep in the middle of the day, no more avoiding family and situations where its not appropriate to be high.
I don't want the post to be too long I rambled on here, I have so many more things I've learned I could share, but we're all in this together and experiences are sometimes eerily similar among us. it's been a journey of ups and downs from smoking 20+ bong rips of weed and tobacco plus a few blunts everyday to no weed at all for around 5 months. I've got so much more to go and so much more to fix about myself but I hope this post can maybe help some people. Everyone who is trying to quit you're making a great decision, and you CAN do it! The only way out of something is through it, and you can get through this. thanks to anyone who reads all of this, keep posting and best of luck
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2020.10.30 22:53 ToqKaizogou Looking for a new PC for editing - Should I go for a normal or gaming PC/What are the general things I should look for in one?

I'm looking for a PC to edit on ready for if I hopefully make it to the Film School I'm aiming for next September, but also intending to currently do some smaller projects and build up a portfolio.
I know nothing about PC building, I'm looking to just pick and pay monthly for the best PC I find on PC World. So I came here for advice on my search. Would I be good with 16GB ram? Are there any other details I should look into? Should I look at normal Desktop PCs, or Gaming ones?
Additionally I'd appreciate advice on maintaining it, keeping it running fast for at least a good three to four years.
Also finally: Pretty sure already know the answer on this but I'll just ask in case because got a family member bugging me insisting I should go for it instead for reasons. Gaming Laptop instead of PC? Would that work just as well? Right now I'm already fairly sure the answer is gonna be no, and to go for a PC, but figured I'd just double check.

Edit: Would one like this be suitable?:
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2020.10.30 22:50 Sam_Ronin Justice finally

Hi there,
first things first:
  1. I don't know if this is the correct subreddit for the story, so feel free to point out one that fits better. I just want to tell the story to someone.
  2. English isn't my first language so i ran the story through google translate. If you find any bad phrasings, typos or spelling errors, feel free to correct me in the comments, or just ignore them.
  3. The whole story was a few years ago and is very convoluted. In order not to write a novel here, I try to keep things clear and as short as possible. If some things are incomprehensible, I am happy to submit updates upon request.
  4. Yes, we were too trustworthy and in retrospect we should have done more earlier.
The story begins in the early 90s when my parents got divorced. My mother had been given custody of me and my older sister by the court. We moved into my maternal grandmother's house. The house was built by my grandfather in the 50's and had never been renovated. There were 2 apartments in the house. One apartment on the ground floor and one on the 1st floor. My grandma lived in the lower apartment. But even though it was actually too small for a woman with 2 teenage children in the upper apartment, my mother initially wanted us to see the house as 2 separate households. It took my grandma some time to convince my mother to consider the house as a whole as not my grandmothers, but ours.
My mother and grandma decided not only to renovate the house, but also to refurbish it. But before that could happen, something important had to be clarified.
Because my grandfather had built the house and he died without writing his last will, the house was not legally owned by my grandmother at the time, but belonged in part to my mother and her sister (let's call her Estelle)
My grandma bought Estelles share.
The 40-year-old stove heating was replaced by a floor heating that was modern at the time, windows were renewed, old pipes and cables were replaced and much more. My mother put all of the money my father gave her after the divorce into the house. Among other things, she paid off an old loan that was still on the house.
In order not to repeat my grandfather's mistake, the three made a will. The share in the house that belongs to my grandmother should go to my mother after her death, as she lived in the house and contributed significantly to its value through her investment. Estelle should get a large amount of money and everything else my grandma owns should be divided equally between the two.
Fast forward to 2015. My mother had retired and took care 24/7 of her mother, who is suffering from dementia. The alternative of putting my grandma in a nursing home was out of the question for us. As long as it was somehow possible, my mother wanted my grandma to stay in the house that she built with her husband and that she called home. I haven't lived in the house for a long time, but I still visited whenever I could to relieve my mother of work. But these opportunities are few and far between, as I live and work around 2 hours away by car. So I was all the more pleased that my mother got help with housework for a few hours a week. This domestic help (let's call her Nadine) is the girlfriend of Estelles son Tim.
When Tim was a Teenager he had fallen out with his father and most of our family had very few contacts with him. He showed up once a year, called on our grandmas’ birthday and on Christmas. For over 20 years, he was, besides these 3 occasions, basically nonexistent.
Nadine works full time in a nursing home. After having been in the hospital for a few days, my grandma was supposed to be in that very nursing home for a while. The insurance companies offer this option so that caregiving relatives should be able to recover for a few days themselves and my mother really needed the break.
But my mother was not granted this break. On the second day, in her demented confusion, she crawled under her room neighbor's bed and did not let the nursing staff lure her out from under it. Nadine then called Tim, who came by. While playing hide and seek, my grandma was slightly injured and was taken back to the hospital. After that, she refused to go back to the nursing home, and my mother gave in and took her home.
In the next few months, it was 2016 then, Tim appeared once a week to, as he said, “take care of grandma”. This “taking care” consisted of going to Grandma, who was sitting in her TV chair, holding her hand, asking if everything was okay and driving off 15 minutes later.
At this point I would like to emphasize again that my mother has basically sacrificed herself since 2011 to look after her mother in need of care. She never moved more than 50 meters from my grandma without someone to take her place. Both my grandmother's doctor and the official auditors in charge of the nursing service had certified my mother that my grandmother was doing great under her supervision.
Estelle's birthday was in March. My mother told me later that Estelle had advised her in a conversation that she should put some money aside for the time when Grandma is no longer there.
Nadine celebrated his birthday in July. Since my grandmother was again spending a few days in short-term care at that time so that my mother could recover a little, Tim offered to pick up grandma for the party.
And in August the mood changed.
Estelle expressed concern that my grandma's confusion was really dementia and instead suggested that grandma was in her condition because of poor care from my mother. Tim was increasingly aggressive towards my mother. In a conversation I insisted on participate, he accused my mother of embezzling my grandmother's money and evading taxes. And although I am a peace-loving person, I lost my composure a little and I was only a blink away from beating him.
After we calmed down again, I suggested that instead of just coming by for 15 minutes a week and spreading accusations, he should really take care of Grandma and look after her for a week at a time.
He agreed.
Two weeks later, Tim and Tim's brother appeared with his family and picked up Grandma for a visit to a fair.
When they came back they told my mother that they had ordered a new TV chair for Grandma and that my mother should pay for it with her money. The reason was that my mother “lived rent-free in Grandma's house” and practically doesn’t do anything. Since my grandmother was so “gracious to take in a mother and her two children” she was entitled to the money, my mother supposedly saved on rent.
A few weeks later my mother had an appointment and asked Estelle to take care of Grandma during that time. When she came back there was also a note on the table. Estelle had taken grandma with her to look after her. First a week to try out.
The joy that my mother had about the free time she gained quickly vanished when it turned out two days later that Estelle took the opportunity to go to her bank with my grandmother to revoke my mother the right to access my grandmother's account. We only found out about it by accident.
A few days later Estelle appeared accompanied by Tim, his two siblings and their families and got clothes, jewelry and everything valuable that my grandmother owned. They said that my grandma wanted to stay with Estelle now because she couldn't stand my mother anymore.
The mood between my mother and grandma had deteriorated noticeably in the months since the first stay at the nursing home. At first, we assumed that the dementia was getting worse.
A few days later, 9 people came to my mother's home. Including my grandmother, Estelle, Tim, Ts. siblings and their family. When my mother was about to let 2 visitors out of the door, one of the group stormed through the open front door, pushing my mother and sister aside and demanding that they leave the (lower) apartment immediately. They supposedly had no right to be there and are only allowed to stay in the upper apartment.
A neighbor saw the incident and called the police. The group convinced the police that my mother actually lived in the apartment upstairs and had no right to be downstairs. To this day I still don't understand why the policeman accepted it that way. In any case, he asked my mother to leave the lower apartment until the matter was legally clarified. The police then disappeared. The group then took the opportunity to exchange the lock and searched the apartment for incriminating material that they could use against my mother. Unsurprisingly, they didn't find anything. My mother hadn't done anything wrong.
The day after, my mother went to see a lawyer to give her access to the home again. After a week back and forth, my relatives agreed to let my mother back into the apartment.
They cleared the furniture out of the apartment beforehand, because they thought it belonged to my grandmother, and switched back to the old locks.
Since they were 9 again and my mother had a nervous breakdown from the whole affair anyway and was on the verge of the 2nd, I wanted to receive the key in her place. However, they insisted that my mother personally collect the key.
Since I could already imagine why my relatives insisted of being in a group of 9 to give the key to a 70 year old woman personally, I had an idea. I picked up my smartphone in a clearly visible position and activated the recording function.
As I expected, most of them noticed my cell phone and remained silent. All except my grandma. Although she could hardly see anything, she recognized me and wanted to talk to me. She accused me and my mother of plotting against her. That she always supported me and she couldn't understand how we could do that to her. It broke my heart to hear what monsters my mother and I had become in her mind. But I knew that this was the dementia talking. I listened patiently and tried to explain what she had misunderstood, but I also knew that she had sunk too far in her illness to convince her of the truth.
One of the allegations in that conversation was that my mother and I wanted her out of the house. As already written that was not the case. But I have to be grateful today that my grandma said that. Estelle was sitting next to her at the time and reflexively replied "It wasn't him, the others."
At the time, I was too fixated on my grandma that I hadn't even noticed. Fortunately, I had my phone in my hand the whole time. When I listened to the conversation a while later, it finally clicked and I could slap myself today for not noticing it earlier:
Since the incident at the nursing home, the mood between my mother and grandma had deteriorated noticeably. We had blamed it on dementia, but now it was clear to us that in her condition between dementia and the strong painkillers she was taking, my relatives had talked her into believing some conspiracy against her.
My mother then applied for guardianship for my grandma. In Germany it is regulated in such a way that it is first checked whether the care is necessary. That was a relatively straightforward matter.
Then a judge has to check whether there is a possibility that a relative will take over the guardianship. This test was an on-site appointment at Estelle
As I could deduct from the court papers, the judge was of the opinion relatively quickly that family-internal guardianship was not possible. The decisive factor was apparently, among other things, the aggressive behavior of my relatives towards my mother, whereby the judge was almost injured with a burning cigarette.
Mrs. G. was declared to be my grandmother's guardian. A few weeks after Mrs. G. took over her job, she paid my mother a visit.
Ms. G. said that she was amazed when she met my mother for the first time. After all, she wasn't the hell spawn my relatives described her. We learned that Estelle's family had apparently spread wild rumors about my mother in town. We also learned that apparently my grandmother's set up a new will.
Since my mother lives in a small town, it didn't take long to find out that Tim was named the sole heir in the new will. Nadine had said the same to a friend and if you know someone who knows someone…. Small town.
My grandma died in July 2017. Shortly afterwards, I drove to the court to deposit my grandma's will there so that it could take effect. The lady there said there would already be another recent will. I still insisted on depositing the old one.
The will was opened a few weeks later. We saw for the first time what we are dealing with.
The new will was drawn up by a notary which is normally better than a handwritten will from over 20 years ago. In the will, Tim is established as the sole heir with Estelle in the 2nd position (in the event that Tim would have died before my grandmother). Not a word about the fact that part of my mother's house already belonged to her, instead she was only given a right to live in the upper apartment. But the real shock came when we saw the date. The will was written in July 2016. On the day when Tim and Estelle had so generously agreed to pick up Grandma from the nursing home. When they were still trying to pretend everything was fine and their “only concern was Grandma's well-being”.
I made an appointment with an inheritance lawyer. The lawyer first wanted to convince my mother to only sue for her legal inheritance claim and to otherwise accept the will. Challenging a notarial will is one of the most difficult cases you can try in German courts and it takes a lot of evidence to do that.
My time to shine. It took me almost an hour to convince the lawyer that my grandma had dementia and that the new will is therefore invalid. Doctor's reports that certify dementia back in 2011. The report for the guardianship. Every minute I presented her with new documents and in the end she is ready to go into battle with us.
So the matter goes to court, which means that the lawyers write letters back and forth. In one of the letters, Tim's lawyer mentions that there is an assessment from a doctor A. that clearly confirms that my grandma did not have dementia. That would contradict the evidence I submitted to my lawyer. So the court commissioned a new, independent expert assessment.
Although I had a lot of evidence and the behavior of my grandmother was always a clear sign of dementia for me, we waited a little nervously for the assessment.
We receive the assessment and what can I say, I haven't read anything so beautiful and sad at the same time for a long time. It is sad because the expert quotes from many reports that describe what my grandma was going through after she was brought to Estelles house. Nice because the appraiser completely dismantled the other side's argument. For every argument that the other side has come up with by then, the appraiser has evidence to invalidate it. Most impressive is the fact that the alleged report by Doctor A. is completely worthless to the other side. On the contrary, the doctor was so incompetent that he accidentally not only failed to refute my grandmother's dementia, he even confirmed it.
So there is a court date. The appraiser, Doctor A. and the notary who wrote the will are present.
A. is given the opportunity to defend his "report" before the judge. And he only makes it worse. It is going too far to explain that now. In any case, A. made it clear to the judge that he had no idea how to carry out the test.
Then it's the notary's turn. When he testified, it turns out that there were 2 appointments with him and my grandma. And in their attempt to look particularly good in front of the judge, Estelle and Tim admit that they were both present at both appointments. Not only that, apparently the conversation and further coordination between the notary and my grandmother went completely through Estelle’s hands.
The trial ends and my mother's lawyer is overjoyed. She explains to me that if there were any doubts that the new will does not reflect the will of my grandma, these are finally resolved by the statement of the notary.
A few days later, the judge gives the verdict and it's even better than expected.
  1. The house was awarded to my mother.
  2. Tim is no longer entitled to just one cent from my grandma's inheritance.
  3. All claims that Estelle could still make against my mother, i.e. both the stated sum of money from the old will and possible claims under the law, are offset against what was in his possession at the time of my grandma's death. So she has some old furniture, clothes, some jewelry, etc. And what it looks like so far, that means that's all she can hope for.

tl;dr My cousin tried to cheat my mother out of her inheritance. Didn't work out for him in the end.
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2020.10.30 22:48 celal1388 Should I change my name?

Hi. I am celal1387. This year in march i created a 1.15.2 survival server for fun. It became really popular. There were always 30-40 players.
Everything was fun until players became very toxic. I will give you examples about these toxic guys. Someone swears and I mute him. Then these guys ask me why i do mute him. Problem is they do this everytime and litebans mute messages include reasons.
Second example: A very toxic clan build a huge bamboo farm with 5000 observers. Yeah 5000 observers. And they start to make a chunk loader redstone system with nether portals. I tell them to explain system and they say me "GO SEARCH IN THE INTERNET!!" And i repeat again and this time they say "You cannot give orders to anyone older than you." (I am 18 years old by the way.) This time i search in internet and i ask them why they build this. They say when slime block FLYING HARVEST machine works their very good PC fps drops. Isn't it selfishness?
Third example: they call me bro but i am not their friend from army. I hate this unnecessary sincerity. I just tried suicide 1 year ago. My parent divorced. My 2 budgies died. And they say I don't have sense of humour. (Their sense of humour is trash!!!)
Also i didn't ban them. I waited for them to make something against server rules like swearing to me of my family. After waiting and suffering for weeks they got banned.
I am not a good admin. I accept it. I managed server really bad. In May, I gave some donators their money and closed the server. I slept comfortable after months. I was like sick in last days of server. Even my family started to ask me what was wrong with me.
But problem is that my name is blacklisted. If I go a server they know me. Somes say hi, somes say f off. They say f off because I deleted their work of 3 months just in one night. I want to open a new server again. But I know that if I use my name they will attack the server instantly. Also using my name will cost losing most of players from beginning.
What should i do? Should i run away from them with a different nickname or face them? by the way English is not my native language. I am sorry for mistakes. I hope you understand my problem.
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2020.10.30 22:47 mari_waves Any Google My Business Experts? My business never appears in Maps searches...Any tips? I don't want to do PPC before I see results from organic traffic

The business is a physio clinic at the intersection of 2 major streets in a busy neighborhood. The profile/preview is better than competitors nearby. Profile is verified and has name w/ SEO, business description, multiple images, logo, services, covid update & reviews.
If I search the business name in Google (not maps), the website appears, but the Google My Business location doesn't.
Does anyone know:
- Why doesn't my profile show up, but worse profiles (fewer reviews, less complete profile) do appear?
- What can I do to get my profile appearing in results?
- Will investing in PPC help my ranking for organic Google maps results?
Really appreciate any help, as I'm doing this for a family member struggling with Covid!
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2020.10.30 22:44 Elenatkin After you clear hpv when can you have unprotected sex?

So I’ve read that some people got a divorce because They couldn’t have unprotected sex anymore So are we sticking with condoms forever? Even though in the search it says even condoms don’t necessarily protect from it Its just sad if you’re married and want to have children, im not but im infected and often think of the future and having a family and this freaks me out
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2020.10.30 22:38 mari_waves My business never appears in Maps searches...I started a Google My Business. Followed all instructions & got verified. The profile/preview is great, better than competitors nearby, but when I do a search for the topic/area, the profile doesn't appear as result. Any tips?

The business is a physio clinic at the intersection of 2 major streets in a busy neighborhood. Doesn't appear in the search result for physio + each street/neighborhood. The profile is over 1 month old and has 5 stars with 8 reviews.
Why doesn't my profile show up, but worse profiles (fewer reviews, less complete profile) do appear? What can I do to get my profile better search results?
Really appreciate any help, as I'm helping a family member struggling with Covid!
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2020.10.30 22:37 treehouse-of-hrror Converting next week(?), struggling more about the state/future of the Church

Sorry it's long, I want to be as clear as possible. TL;DR In process of conversion, rites of initiation in process. I've come to love the Church, I like a lot about the Holy Father, my parish has some wonderful people. But it feels like the Church is headed for serious trouble.
I'm in my 30s. I became interested in Roman Catholicism & Eastern Orthodox a couple of years ago. One reason I started attending church is that I read The Brothers Karamazov. It resonated with my beliefs. In the RC/EO churches I found an adult view of man's search for transcendence. After thinking, reading out of Catechisms, searching a bit, going to many services, I found that I preferred Catholic liturgy and culture. I've attended my local parish for over a year.
I also became interested because I came to learn that my core values were pretty old fashioned: Yeah, I think sex in a non-lasting relationship takes something important from us; it leads to a feeling of abandonment that is difficult to overcome. Yeah, I think relationships, even marriages, where people aren't open to becoming a family and raising children together is a sign that they've reserved kept a little piece of themselves so that they can start again if the relationship fails. Yeah, I think it hurts a society, a couple, and the woman when she terminates a pregnancy. Yeah, I think men and women are different. Yeah, I think wingmanning for gay friends to help them hook up didn't lead them to lasting happiness. Etc. Like someone trying to shove a square peg through a round hole for years in order to be normal, I rediscovered some of these old values, Biblical values, which, in my opinion, once made the West great.
I am a university professor and spend a lot of time in more politically and socially radical setting. I thought the Church would be a welcome respite from that, a place where these historical best practices that I was slowly rediscovering were written and protected as part of the culture. So being part of that culture, making friends, meeting a woman, and hanging out with old ranching couples who cook together, that was the second reason I attended.
I've done RCIA. There were good discussions with the teacher. Not long ago, he said that I'm ready, that I don't have to wait until Easter, that I'm more than ready, that I can get baptised, confirmed, and take first communion in one go. This is set to happen soon.
However: Like cold feet before a wedding, I am struggling. In discussion with the priest recently (to be clear, I think he's a nice man and he wasn't chastising me-- he might even have been trying to show that the Church is welcoming and cool), he kept saying things that would've fit perfectly in the university echo chamber. He spoke about not denying anyone commuion (OK, he's not expected to be a private investigator watching everyone all the time). He spoke about refusing gossip from others about who should accept (I like this-- gossip isn't good for us, eyes on your own plate). He criticized converts who are nostalgic for a period of the church that he feels didn't exist (yeah, maybe overzealous discussion about altar rails and receiving on the tongue from 30-year-olds in 2020 comes from the same lack of self identity that made 20-year-olds in 2010 go on and on at parties about In the Aeroplane Over the Sea-- have you heard it? it'll change you). He spoke about doing campus ministry and how he made arrangements enabling preaching from other denominations, Islam, etc. He spoke about how people that are wary of homosexuality are themselves gay. He spoke about how devout Biden is (I don't think he's the worst person, but I see a real problem with a culture of expediency, even to accomplish worthy aims-- I also don't want to talk about this with my priest), saying that nobody is pro-abortion (sadly, I know this to be false-- I have seen it as a proxy for sexual empowerment of women, an important step in liberating women from the "burden" of family). Likewise, the RCIA teacher (a good man who I love and who I think has a lot of love in his heart) had told me that we should take communion, regardless of sin. He's also said that the church's position on homosexuality being disordered should evolve and posted something in his office that seems pro-female priests.
I feel like taking up a faith is like being on a sport team, knowing that you yourself sometimes struggle to show up or give 100%, but with a good coach and a team that believes, you help each other. I worry the Church doesn't have a place for someone like me, who thinks that strong principle and great mercy should be held in constant tension (like a good parent saying, "You tried so hard! I'll always love you," while still pushing you to be your best). Sure, it is a comfort that if I lie / am impure with myself / etc., I would be welcomed to go up for communion. I like this less "sin management-intensive" approach, which reminds me of something I liked in Eastern Orthodoxy; confess, try hard not to stumble, but take your daily bread. But I'm wary if that comes from the same ethos that would soon create Catholics for Choice, Catholics for Atheism, Katholiken gegen Katholizismus, etc.
In short, I worry that the Church that I care about is dying, that the old values that I painstakingly rediscovered through my own failures, might dissolve just as they have in the secular world. I know nothing's perfect, but I worry that joining is somehow akin to selling out, that it would be a grave wrong to do. I would be ashamed to be someone who would sign up and then quit/lapse in a few years (if I am lucky enough to have a family, I would not bring my children if they were lectured about trans men-to-women folks being women, etc.-- the hypothetical may sound extreme, but so would any of this 20 years ago). Like a divorce, I think giving up on a faith would be very hard for me to recover from. It's hard to truly make a promise to yourself to never give up a second time knowing that I'd given up before. From this I think, "Eh, maybe just keep going, keep sitting in the back, keep not taking communion, it's better to be sincere than to make a promise you don't keep 100%." I know that other parishes will be less radical than my Jesuit parish; however, I enjoy the liturgy, and if I have to change parish because the Church isn't unified, I feel pretty similarly to how I do now. I do like the idea that the Church is a hospital for sinners rather than a museum for saints, but I worry we're on track to completely lose the "hospital" part: it's one thing to preach mercy and say, "Don't throw stones if you don't want em thrown at you. Also, you, don't do that again," and another to say, "I've evolved to not be judgmental. Let me know if you need a ride to Planned Parenthood this week. [Deal with your depression that follows on your own, plz. This isn't a biggie, you'll get over it. Netflix, a couple of boxes of wine, a few cats, you do you.]" I see this culture of permissiveness all the time at the university, and I don't think it's the same as love. You forgive your children, you love them so much, but you don't want to stop pushing them to what would make them virtuous. If everything is permissible (as Dostoevsky put it) then why not be Lutheran? Muslim? Scandinavian Lutheran? Why try to follow any of these best practices that are supposed to guide you to salvation? Why not steal your grandmother's purse, shoot heroin, and go out with a bang? Relativism/postmodernism may crash the Church just as it crashed the West, patting itself on the back for greater tolerance even as it descends.
(I saw a similar question recently on either this subreddit or on CAF, but I couldn't find it.) I would appreciate your advice. Peace.

PS-- I just want to say again how much I genuinely like the RCIA teacher. I worry that even in this anonymous setting, it's like I'm criticizing him. I think he's a wonderful person, I'm just worried about a culture of permissiveness in the Church from otherwise noble people and it was, I think, a useful example. Also, Jeff Mangum, if you're reading this, it wouldn't be a cliche if it wasn't a decent album.
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2020.10.30 22:34 -Frozy My Core! Ep.3

My Core! Ep.3
Friends, Enemies and Aliens!
I put out the campfire and get inside the sleeping bag, between the rocks, for shelter to sleep. There is a storm coming. The first storm after I left my beloved family in the Justice League and set out in search of myself. I wonder how I can survive out here, alone.
I wake up at night and hear the wind shaking the trees. I collect my stuff and go in search of better shelter. I see something bright in the distance, I set out to move towards the light.
I see a man dressed in white standing in a castle and looking down. I stay away. I secure my perimeter and when I turn my gaze to the castle I don’t see anyone.
Who was this man? What is he doing alone in the castle? I'm going to find out, but the castle is empty! Confused by fear, I decide to put down my sleeping bag and start sleeping.
In the morning I wake up and leave to continue my journey. Last night’s event comes to mind and I was left with one question What or who are you? I'll find out!
Until then Stay safe!
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2020.10.30 22:31 General_of_Sloths Dropping out and don't know where to go.

Hello, I just wanted to get this off of my chest as I genuinely don't know what to do. I started attending a local college near me because I was eligible for a scholarship that'd cover my tuition costs while leaving me with everything else. The summer was mostly spent finalizing my participation with the scholarship and during that time me and my family had assumed that we'd been able to cover all of the other costs just out of pocket. However thanks to COVID and my parents divorcing, my family was no longer able to afford even the smallest expenses when it came to college. Due to that and the scholarship program being late with its payment for this semester, I dropped out with the balance still in my account. Now, I have no bank account and searching for a job to help with both paying off my tuition balance along helping my mother with paying bills, but I genuinely don't know what to do. I think I need advice generally on how to go on with my life, but if anyone needs any clarification or info, I'd be happy to provide.
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2020.10.30 22:25 NotFamous307 Searching for a long lost grave site at Lakeview Cemetery of a family that perished in a tragic 1915 fire.

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2020.10.30 22:13 Verastahl Don’t ever stop at the Traveling Spooktakular Roadshow

Fifteen years ago, I was driving down a dark road with my two best friends in the world. Evan, who I’d known since the fourth grade and been dating since the tenth, and Peter, who we’d met our first day of high school. We were sophomores in college at the time, all back in town together for the weekend—our first time together in two months to hang out and celebrate Halloween.
My stomach was in knots at being around them both again. I’d known for some time that things with Evan were fading out, and I’d had my excuses for why that was so—it was young love, we were at different colleges and were growing apart, etc. It was only as Peter and I began talking more and more about the what ifs of some possible future together in the past few weeks that I’d come to understand what I had to do. I’d give us all this last good weekend together, and then as gently as possible, I’d end things with Evan.
We’d been on our way to a Halloween party that night—it was being thrown by an old high school friend, but I could tell that Evan and Peter weren’t any more excited about going than I was. We were all faking a level of enthusiasm that we didn’t feel to try to keep the other two happy and entertained, and while the sentiment was kind, it still lead to us staring down the barrel of hours of forced reunions and awkward conversations with people we didn’t really talk to anymore.
Evan saw the lights up ahead first, and when he called out to us, I felt a twinge of relief and excitement at the orange marquee with its flashing light bulb arrows and blinking neon skulls. The lettering on the sign stood in shabby contrast to the care that had been shown to the sign itself, with mismatched black readerboard letters trailing across a single line:
The Traveling Spooktakular Roadshow
“Hey, Becca. Slow down. Let’s check this place out.”
I could hear the excitement in Evan’s voice and felt a new twinge of guilt. He really was a good guy, and I wasn’t sure what I had to do wasn’t going to break up our trio for good. Pushing the thought aside, I tried to smile at him. “You sure? Aren’t you super-pumped to get to Erik’s party?”
He rolled his eyes as Peter leaned in between us. “Cut the shit. None of us want to go to that really. Being a few minutes late to check this weird shit out can’t hurt.” He met my eyes for a moment before I looked away. Peter had been harsher with me this weekend and quick to side with whatever Evan wanted to do, and I got it. He didn’t know when I was going to talk to Evan, but he knew it was coming, and the combination of guilt and wanting to maintain appearances made it easy for us both to focus on making Evan happy and avoid acting too chummy with each other. Grimacing, I slowed the car and turned onto the small dirt track that wound past the sign into the dark.
We only had fifty feet to go before I could see the glow of pumpkin lights strung across the frame of what looked like an old tour bus. A single spotlight lit the open side door at the front of the bus, and next to it was an elaborately-carved wooden sign that said “Enter if you dare”. Raising my eyebrows, I glanced back at Evan and Peter.
“Well this looks sketchy as fuck.”
Evan grinned. “Yeah, right? It’s awesome. I didn’t even know this was here.”
Peter looked at him and then back at me. “Yeah…me either. I don’t think it was. I mean…when I came back into town last night, I came this way. There wasn’t any sign out then—it was late and I was tired, but I wasn’t that tired.”
Evan shrugged. “Maybe they just didn’t have the sign on anymore. You said you got in after midnight.”
Peter looked out at the bus as he sat back. “Maybe, but is this thing even open? Where are the people? It’s the night before Halloween and no one is out here? They could still be setting up for tomorrow.”
I nodded. “That, or this is some cover for a holiday meth sale. Either way, it looks creepy.”
Evan frowned at me. “So are you both against me?”
I heard Peter suck in a breath as I swallowed. “No, no. Not saying that…I just…well, if you want to check it out, see if it’s open, then we will.” I turned my head slightly without looking at Peter. “Right?”
From the shadows of the backseat, Peter’s voice sounded far away. “Sure man. It’ll be fun.”
We looked around the outside of the bus for someone to ask about a ticket or if they were even open, but there was no sign of anyone. Pointing at the open door, Evan said maybe we paid inside or it was just a free attraction someone had set up for fun. When he grabbed my hand and started forward, I went without complaint as Peter brought up the rear.
Climbing the five narrow, metal steps inside the doorway led us to a large driver’s cabin with a cracked, red vinyl seat and a large steering wheel wrapped in some kind of skin. There was no sign of a driver or guide, however. Just the way we’d come and the way forward, which lay through a thick black curtain that divided the driver’s cab from the rest of the bus. Giving me a nervous smile, Evan pushed past the barrier, and we followed.
I felt a sense of relief at what lay on the other side. It really was just a small haunt—the interior of the bus had been heavily customized, and it looked as though it had been hollowed out to make space for several discrete rooms in the long, wide body of the bus. The first held a decent-looking plastic corpse tied to a bedframe. Periodically, the sound of electric zaps would play from a hidden speaker as the body jolted and twisted in time with some internal mechanism. Peter let out a small laugh behind me.
“That’s pretty cool.”
The next room was littered with rubber body parts, and in the corner, a large drum bubbled as heads and hands bobbed on the surface of a misty brew. As we drew closer, a snake lunged out from beneath the water, causing Evan to jump as I let out a yelp. Cursing, I shook my head.
“Yeah, that got me.” I found myself actually growing tense, wondering if there would be a third room, and if so, what it might hold.
There was a third room. And a fourth. A fifth and a sixth. All similar in quality, but different in theme. It was actually a surprisingly good haunt, even though it was strange that we hadn’t seen or heard any actors or other staff yet. Still, my unease was growing steadily with each new scene. Not because of the jump scares or the animatronic monsters, but because…
“How the fuck is this thing this big?” Peter’s words were barely a whisper, scarcely audible above the whining strains of a creepy violin filling the funeral parlor we were in. A small white coffin lay to one side, and I felt sure something was going to spring from it as we got closer. Still, his words concerned me a lot more, as they echoed my own thoughts. As Evan looked back, I saw he’d heard it too, and the expression on his face mirrored my own.
“I…yeah, it’s weird, isn’t it?” Evan looked around. “This is what…our sixth room?”
“Seventh, I think.” I didn’t turn around, but I could hear the worry in Peter’s voice.
“Okay, seventh. And we looked around pretty good outside, right? There wasn’t another bus or a building or something attached to this thing. Or am I crazy?”
I shook my head slowly. “No. You’re not crazy.” Looking down at the floor, I frowned. “Maybe…I don’t know, maybe it’s a trick? Like the floor has been sloping down and they actually built the rest of this place underground? I know that sounds dumb, but it really feels like we’ve gone farther than the bus is long, so maybe we’re not really on the bus anymore.”
Evan nodded slowly. “I don’t know. Maybe. Or maybe we’re just misjudging things. This might be the last or…well, at least one of the last rooms. We have to be close to the end if it’s just the bus, right?”
I nodded back, and behind me, I heard Peter puff out a breath before adding, “Yeah, man. I bet we’re close.”
So we went on.
The rooms continued on. At first, we were silent except for the occasional gasp when something startled one of us. Then, we began making nervous jokes about how this would never end and how it really was impressive and how we’d have to tell people about this place when we got out. By the second hour, we were going through the rooms at a near walking run, ignoring most of the scenes as we held each other’s hands and focused on pushing forward.
We were at room sixty or seventy by this point, and while there had been some repeated broad themes, we hadn’t run across the same room twice. There were no branching paths or even noticeable curves, which meant that we’d somehow traveled in a straight line for what I guessed was close to three miles.
I based that guess in part on the changing size of the rooms themselves. As we went, they had slowly gotten wider and longer, so that by the time I glanced at my phone and saw it was after ten o’clock, we could barely make out the next black curtain at the far end of a fog-shrouded cemetery, and even the side walls were so far away we couldn’t touch them standing side by side.
Peter was the first person to suggest turning around and going back the way we came. Evan was against it from the start, insisting that it had to end at some point, and that so far, nothing bad had happened. It was all fake dolls and robots. Nothing real. And we’d have such a good story to tell when we got done, right?
I agreed with Evan to keep going, but not because I believed what he said. It was because I could tell he didn’t believe it either. There was a desperate sheen to his eyes in the yellow light of the artificial graveyard moon. A look that said what was being echoed in my own heart of hearts. So long as we kept going, we could pretend like things were okay. But what if we tried to go back and…
What if we tried to go back and it wouldn’t let us?
I lost count of the rooms we traveled through. I was thirsty and tired, but above all, terrified. I could feel myself edging closer to panic with every new place we visited, and the only thing worse than my fear of going on was my fear of what might happen if we didn’t.
Then suddenly, we stepped off of a bloody hill littered with plastic sacrifices to some strange wooden effigy and found ourselves in a large stone room. This room was different than the others—it was round, and there was no sign of another curtain at the far end of the circle. In the middle, surrounded by three large, silk pillows, was a short stone table that seemed carved from the rock of the room itself. On that table, was a single, laminated card of bright yellow. It said:
Be seated. Tell the others your most frightening story. Above all, tell the truth.
We were all in shock by then, I think. Grateful for anything different than the neverending haunt, ready to take any guidance that might provide a way forward and out, we didn’t even question the instructions. We all sat down on the pillows, staring across the table at each other. I already knew what story I had to tell. The memory had come back to me as soon as I’d seen the card. So I raised my hand, and without preamble, I began.
When I was eight, there was a man that lived at the end of our street. This was the year before you moved to town Evan, and I never told you about it because I was afraid it’d freak you out and you’d stop coming over to play. Anyway, this man…he had lived in the neighborhood for a long time. Everyone liked him and his family—they were the kind of people that would loan you stuff if you needed it—I remember Daddy had used his lawn mower for a month when ours died—and they always decorated their house and massive yard for the holidays.
That was the first thing that I noticed that year. They hadn’t decorated for Halloween. Not only that, but his kids hadn’t been to school for over two weeks and no one had seen the man or his wife either.
We weren’t a nosy neighborhood, but one night my Mom called over there to make sure they were all doing okay. The man answered, telling her they’d all been down with the flu, but they were doing better. Said he appreciated the call and he’d have to come visit us soon. She told me and Daddy about the call, but she seemed strange, like she was still worried about something.
Maybe that’s why I paid so much attention to the man’s house as we drove near the next day. I was excited when I saw him out in the yard, raking up huge, neat piles of autumn leaves. It was still early and he was nearly done, so I guess he’d been at it since before the sun came up.
I called out to Mom…I think hoping that pointing out that he was working in the yard would somehow make her feel better. And at first it did. She slowed the car a little and gave him a wave as we drove by. It was as he was returning the wave that I heard my mother gasp.
“Oh God.”
I looked at her, and then followed her gaze back to a distant part of the yard, to one of the piles of red and gold leaves that had started to scatter in the cool morning breeze. To the thing that poked out from beneath it.
It was part of a leg.
She drove on, making it three blocks into town before she saw a police car and flagged it down. The cop didn’t take her serious at first—he thought she was playing a joke or had mistaken Halloween decorations for the real thing. But she knew better, and when she threatened to call his superior if he didn’t check into it, he grudgingly relented. An hour later, our street was filled with lights and sirens.
They’d already arrested the man. They’d found him still raking the yard, carefully restacking the leaves the wind kept trying to carry away. As though he was tucking in the dismembered corpses of his family for a long sleep.
My mouth closed with an audible snap as I finished the story. I’d never told anyone that before, and my parents hadn’t mentioned it since the man had been found hanging from his bedsheets at an institution upstate a few months after the murders. This was all so strange and…
Then it was Peter’s turn.
My dad used to be in the military. You guys know that. Well, before I was born, maybe before my parents were even married, he was stationed in Germany for a couple of years. He was really young back then, and he’s told me some wild stories from his time there—getting in fights, doing dumb shit with his buddies, you know.
But one story he only told me once. It was one night not long before he died. He was drinking a lot by then—I don’t think the booze helped the pain that much, but it seemed to make him worry less about the cancer and leaving us behind. Those nights, he’d stay up late talking to us, almost…well, almost like he was trying to get in as much time with us as he could before it was too late.
This night, Mama had fallen asleep, but the two of us were still playing cards and talking. We’d watched a scary movie earlier in the night, and that made me think to ask him what was the scariest place he’d ever been. I expected him to talk about one of the few times he saw combat or something from his childhood, or maybe not have an answer at all, but instead he immediately sat his cards down and looked at me.
“It was a place called The Red Circle. It’s in Croatia. Me and a buddy had a week’s leave and decided to travel Europe some. We’d heard Croatia was cheap and full of beautiful scenery and women. That was all true, but as we traveled around, we kept hearing different people talk about this place called ‘The Red Circle’. That if we were looking for adventure, we needed to visit The Red Circle. If we wanted a story to tell, go to ‘The Red Circle’.”
My father shrugged slightly. “These were strangers we were shooting the shit with at bars, so at first we didn’t pay much attention. Whenever we asked what The Red Circle was or why it was so great, they would always get real dodgy. Talk about it being haunted or some bullshit.” He sighed. “Still, the fact that it kept coming up in different groups, in different towns even…we got curious. And while they were always scarce on details of what went on there, everyone who mentioned it to us was real good at telling us how to get there.”
“So our last night, we went. The directions took us out on a country road into the middle of the woods, and we were about to turn around, having decided that it was all a practical joke that locals played on stupid Americans, when we saw the start of the village.”
“The place was dead. Long dead. There were no people or cars…hell, I don’t know if there’d ever even been cars in that place. It was creepy as hell, and we loved it. It felt like we were on an archeological dig, finding a place that time had forgot. We just walked around at first, but we kept pushing each other, showing off how brave we were, and before long we were going into the empty houses and stores, the rotting chapel and the decaying city hall. And with each place that we visited, we somehow grew both more terrified and more driven to keep looking. Not because the buildings were abandoned.”
“It was because of the holes.”
“Every shop, every home, nearly every single place we visited had a large hole in the floor. It might be in the middle of the room or some dark corner of a basement, but it was nearly always there. And these weren’t holes that were being dug, either. Between the dirt pushed away and the broken floorboards pointed at the ceiling, it seemed clear to us that something had come up from underneath. Underground.”
“I don’t know why we didn’t leave sooner. We were both close to pissing our pants before we were halfway done, and it wasn’t until we heard the noise that we finally broke for the car and got out of there. We heard it first at what looked like a tiny post office. And then next door at what had once been a bar or restaurant I think.”
“It was a thumping noise, kind of like a weird heartbeat. Coming from those holes and getting closer.”
My father wiped his mouth before looking down dubiously at his empty glass. “I…We ran. Didn’t tell anybody about what we saw and heard. There was no point. They’d never believe us, and over the years, I stopped believing it much myself.” His eyes flickered up to mine for a minute. “Then a few years back, I heard from my old Army buddy. He wasn’t doing too good. Said he kept dreaming that he woke up down in the dark. Down beneath the earth in some mine or cave. He couldn’t see much of anything, but he could hear that sound. Thumping, thumping, as something came for him.”
He let out a short laugh. “I blew him off. Told him he just needed to let that shit go. Get some help if he couldn’t.” He lowered his eyes. “I heard later he killed himself.”
I didn’t know what to say. My father wasn’t an emotional man at the best of times, and now he seemed on the verge of tears. “Dad, I…”
He cut me off. “Thing is, I still didn’t believe him. Didn’t want to. Until last week.” His smile was terrible as he looked up at the ceiling. “Cuz last week, I started to have the dream too.”
Peter stopped talking suddenly, turning to Evan even as my own gaze shifted in the same direction. Face pale, Evan began to speak.
One night last year…this was late September, I think…I was up late. It might sound dumb, but even after a month in the dorm, I still had trouble getting to sleep a lot of nights. It wasn’t my bed, my room, my town, you know? Some nights I’d go for a walk or read a book for awhile, and on this night in particular, I’d opened the window to judge the weather for a walk before heading out.
That’s when I saw the person in the bear costume.
They were just standing out on the lawn of the dorm—A figure in a purple bear costume with cartoon eyes, a wide mouth, and a too-large head topping a body of shaggy lavender fur and a fluffy white chest and stomach. I let out a small laugh before catching myself, looking back to make sure I hadn’t woken up my roommate.
It was so odd, but then so much of college was like that. People got drunk, people did hazing rituals, people did weird shit to be funny, stand out, or get laid. I looked down at the bear for a few seconds with mild amusement, but that was about it. He was just standing there, hanging out on the grass in front of the building at like two in the morning and…well, it was dumb and funny, but that was about it. I was about to close the window and try my luck outside when the bear turned and looked up at me.
I froze for a moment, feeling weirdly caught for doing nothing more than looking out my window. I mean, it wasn’t like I was spying on him or anything. He was just out there to be seen. Still, I gave him an awkward wave, and felt relief when he gave a giant-pawed wave in return. Then he stopped waving, raising both arms as he began beckoning, as though he wanted me to come down.
I hesitated. I wasn’t scared, but I was tired and not in the mood to get tangled up in someone else’s bullshit. But then the thought occurred to me that maybe the person in the suit was getting hazed and they needed help. Maybe they had to stand there all night or some dumb shit to get into whatever fraternity or sorority was torturing them. Maybe they needed something to drink or something. Did I really want to leave them hanging if I could take a minute and help them out?
So I reluctantly nodded and gave them a thumbs up before putting on my shoes and heading downstairs. The dorm is laid out with the night exit being at the far end, so I had to walk out and around to get to the front lawn. When I did, I was pissed at first. There was no sign of the bear anymore, or that’s what I thought.
Then I noticed the crumpled pile of purple lying in the grass.
I walked up to the discarded suit and moved it with my foot as I looked around the yard. There was no sign of anyone. I figured they must have tossed it off as soon as I left the window. The thing was, I wasn’t even sure how they’d gotten it off at all. As I looked closer at the bear costume, I didn’t see any Velcro or zippers, no individual pieces or seams. It was all just fake fur and fabric aside from whatever kept the head in shape and the mouth open.
And looking into that mouth…it didn’t look right. Even when I tilted the head toward the security light overhead, I couldn’t see the inside of the costume. It wasn’t just that it was dark. It felt wrong. Like instead of looking into the mouth of a costume bear, I was staring down into something much darker and bigger. When I spoke near its yawning jaws, I even thought I could hear a faint echo from somewhere in the distant black.
I threw the suit down then and ran back to my room. I didn’t sleep at all that night, but by the next morning, when I looked out, it was gone.
As Evan finished, a new card fluttered out of the air and landed on the table between us. It was laminated like the first, but this one was red. It said:
Pick which story stays.
Our reactions should have been fear or confusion. Anger or rebellion. We shouldn’t have understood what it was asking for or been willing to decide so quickly. I’d like to say Peter and I didn’t know the consequences when we stood up and walked closer to one another, but there’s little point to lying now.
Taking Peter’s hand, we both spoke Evan’s name in unison. For his part, he never argued or even bothered to stand. He just looked at us with his sad eyes as the room began to grow dark. We found ourselves back out by the car, with no trace of the sign, the bus, or Evan to be found.
Peter and I got married the next year. Had a little girl that turned six this year. We’ve loved each other fairly well, I think, though that love has always been tainted by the guilt and shame of what we did. At the time I tried to tell myself he was accepting of our choice—that he loved us and was willing to sacrifice himself to set us free.
I don’t think that anymore.
Because last night, I couldn’t find our daughter. I searched the house from top to bottom, my calls becoming frantic and angry as panic gripped my chest. It wasn’t until I reached the point of looking outside that I saw the trail of candy leading off our front porch and into the grass.
The line of sweets was mainly hard candy, which Lexi didn’t like, but I saw mixed in a couple of empty wrappers where she’d opened small chocolates as she made her way out to the yard. Heart pounding, I followed the trail across the yard and to the edge of the trees beyond, and there I saw where the candy led.
To the open mouth of dirty, purple bear costume.
The suit was empty and seamless, lying in a wrinkled heap except for the head—large and cartoonishly bulbous with wide eyes and an open maw that seemed impossibly large. Not just out of proportion, but so big it seemed less like a mouth and more like the small opening of a cave or tunnel. Frantic, I picked up the suit and shook it, as though I thought our baby might come tumbling out. When nothing came, I checked the mouth again. Evan had been right. Something was wrong with it. It didn’t look like it should.
But that didn’t matter. I had to find Lexi. I called out to her again, and I jumped when I heard a responding sound—not an answer, but the faint echo of my words coming from the cavernous mouth of the bear. I dropped the suit and stepped back, staring in horror as it landed with the mouth pointed toward me and widened enough to admit at first a small child, and then a terrified mother.
I heard a new sound from inside. It was Lexi, crying out to me. Telling me she was lost. That she was scared. That she needed me.
I knew what this was without understanding it. It was a trap. A dare.
I wept as I crossed the yard back to the house. I called Peter and 911 when I got inside, but I already knew they’d never find her. By the time they arrived, even the bear suit was gone.
Maybe I should tell Peter about it, but I doubt I will. He’s already troubled and distant these days. He stays late at work, and when he’s home, he stays outside tending to the yard as though to avoid me. Even at night, I hear him moaning and crying out from some recurring nightmare. I’ve tried asking him about it, but he only gives me a haunted, almost angry look before changing the subject or getting up to go outside.
I think about the Roadshow all the time now. I wonder if we found it or it found us. If we could have done something different. If we ever really left at all.
But of course we did. That’s ridiculous. Whatever that place is, wherever it goes, we escaped it.
I have to stop here. The noise is back again. Something is underneath the house.
And it’s trying to get in.
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2020.10.30 22:04 Geo_305 Theory time on Clive and other aspects of the game, expectations, party, characters, story etc.

Don’t want to get too crazy here or anything but I’ve been digging like hell on this game for weeks now. Really hope they continue to stick to the premise and setting they are putting in place here. Would hate to see this game go the way FFXV went (I did enjoy the game and it was good but you can just tell the game was ripped to shreds with the changing of guard that happened along the way. Prevented it from being a great game and you could tell it wasn’t completely finished.). Guess we will never get to know what Versus XIII could have been but under how much I followed that into its change into in XV, we definitely got a very different game that was just copy and pasted with portions from the original idea and concept, I loved the entire idea and the pieces we got early on in development. Unfortunate how long it took for the final product to come out. I don’t think or even see that here at all with XVI and don’t think we will be waiting 10 years for it either or ending up with a completely different game. Doubt it’s 2021 but it wouldn’t shock me first quarter of 2022.
Now to theory time:
Drum roll... Clive is the Ifrit dominant, unknowingly among his family and Rosaria. That said eikon being dormant until spoiler Joshua and Clive father the Archduke is murdered(beheaded) by Iron Kingdom or Sanbreque infiltrators on the invasion of Rosaria. The night that Clive and Joshua’s lives changed forever. Their home destroyed and overruled by other warring nations. My prediction to go away from everyone saying Joshua will just flat out die. Either Joshua gets captured or the brothers get separated in some sort of way after the Ifrit and Phoenix showdown. Maybe Joshua dying by the hands of a feral raged Ifrit(Clive) but to later be found or heard of and rumored to be alive aka the Phoenix rising from the ashes (The Ashes in the East of Valisthea) , the start of our journey in the time jump when our leading man Clive joins the resistance.
Time jump 7 years into the future, the Blight has spread viciously across the twin realms of Valisthea. Select Eikons of warring nations going rogue and acting out of character. The commoners among the nations of the Twin Realm dying and becoming ill from this said Blight. A resistance is made in hiding to take down the Eikons and bring peace to the Twin Realms. (Yes the Iron Kingdom execute them at birth but this resistance is looking to eliminate all of the existing or the unknown Eikons we may encounter)
Unknowingly to this resistance is a Dominant in Clive among them, his motive: to kill who brought the end of his family (Father and/maybe Joshua) and nation Rosaria. What leads our protagonist Clive to join this resistance and manhunt of the dominants and their Eikons is after discovering his younger brother Joshua may still be alive. For the twist, the resistance come to find out Clive is a Dominant himself. (Think of beginning of some FF games in past where you have some temporary party members that you don’t even move on with to the rest of the story early on, two of the three men we saw with Clive at the camp fire being Biggs and Wedge. The third being a leader or captain of some sort of this resistance in hiding, turning into some sort of not main but reocurring antagonist for Clive in the story.) After some events transpire in the snippet we got from the trailer and the revelation the Shiva dominant is in fact Jill Warrick, Clive adopted sister from the fallen northern territories. Clive abandons his role with the resistance refusing to eliminate the Shiva Dominant (Jill Warrick). Enraging the resistance. The Shiva dominant being the Eikon of the Fallen Northern Territories. In search of more answers our hero ventures out not only to seek the truth of Joshuas fate but the mystery of Jill being a dominant as well. Meeting allies along the way who join Clive on his journey which ends up being a twist that the bigger antagonist is not said nation who destroyed and took over Rosaria but the Mother Crystals and their use over time that has brought on the ever progressing and ruthless blight of the inhabitants of Valisthea and it’s Dominants and Eikons.
May be a lot of speculation, may be a lot of theory but I could see it playing out like that. In terms of the game, I just don’t see how SE would go with only one actual playable character after essentially doing the same with FFXV on launch and it being met with a lot of negatives. Are we going to have something from the past where we have anywhere from 7-12 (14 at one point) party members? I seriously, seriously, seriously extremely doubt that. For fleshing out the characters and having a good story and developing them, I think 6 is max you can go. I could see something like 4 or 5, the max being 6.
Making a prediction that Joshua and Jill are part of the party at some point in the story, Joshua being a white mage or red mage of some sort, Jill being a black mage or blue mage of some sort.
Your 4th member being the dominant in hiding of the Iron Kingdom being a bandit or thief of some sort, maybe too predictable but would be fitting for the story.
If we get a 5th(maybe) or 6th(pushing it) party member, one or both of those consisting of a rogue knight or dragoon etc from Sanbreque who has turned on the empire where we meet him/her in the Crystalline Dominion. And/or a feral like/beast man creature from the Kingdom of Waloed area.
(Come on, when was the last time the mainline had a non-human in the party? 12, that was the last game. I’d be surprised if we didn’t considering the team involved with this game.) My prediction is we are getting 5 or 6, I’m leaning 5 right now. 6 would be great for what I envisioned the game could be.
Prediction on antagonistic figures, the general or leader of that said resistance in the time hop will be a reoccurring antagonist. Lady with the pipe will be seen as the main villain for good portion of game, with it turning out to be the strings are truly being pulled behind the scenes by the empire Sanbreque and it’s emperor and champion.
Gameplay wise, very stoked DMC5 and DD guy is working on it. Could see something like a cross between the good bits of FFXV system, FFVIIR and DMC5. If it so happens to be we’re gonna have a KH system with one main and two AIs or however many AI’s. I doubt and I’m kinda hoping not cause it wasn’t received well with FFXV. I’m comfortable if it happens knowing the FFXIV team is involved as the AIs in that game are way better than any other AI system in previous mainline installments.
Another prediction, there will be dominants/Eikons and mothercrystals hidden we discover during the story that are not directly tied to a nation.
My prediction on Clive, our main Protagonist was born with a gift of inheriting the powers of either eikons.
My prediction on the whole drake thing, Midgardsormr or Bahamut is unleashed on Valisthea after our heroes vanquish the Blight from the now found awful Mother Crystals.
I expect to see a return to the past installments where we actually really see fleshed out cities, towns and kingdoms and shops and pubs. FFXIV made Chocobos as a companion to fight as well, wouldn’t be shocked to see that make its way.
As for weaponry and upgrading. I’d expect we see a system like progression of how the FF7R worked. Won’t have a gazillion weapons but a good amount that we can upgrade and tether to the style we’re going for.
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2020.10.30 22:00 Southern-Primary-593 Extreme rumination on if I have NPD/have a PD (terrified to have)

Quarantine has not been easy by any degree. I am 20 years old and have had my fair share of uphill mental health battles. In second grade I was diagnosed with ADHD, in middle school depression and generalized anxiety was added, towards the end of high school major depression, generalized anxiety, ADHD and OCD. I grew up in an affluent home with two physician parents with all the resources in the world at my disposal. I have trouble accurately perceiving my past home life from time to time and tend to oscillate between feeling like my parents could not meet my emotional needs and were at times cold, dismissive, critical/overbearing, to feeling like I am selfish, entitled and ungrateful for feel such due to everything they provided me with knowing I was by NO means an easy child (lots of behavioral problems) and that they did there best, to a combination of these two thoughts (grey thinking). Overtime I began to fixate on the negative side and tried to talk to my parents about such which ultimately ended up turning into what felt like a blame game (starting my senior year up to my sophomore year of college). I engaged in drug abuse (which I solved/ended on my own though I do use psychedelics from time to time and smoke weed every night), angry outbursts, passive aggressive tendencies (picked up from my mother I presume), severe lack of sleep, self-harm behaviors, chronic depression, disordered eating, etc. during this time. I very much so was concerned with myself/my needs and gave little thought to how the people around me were being affected which would then shift to a hyper-realization of how it had been affecting people (friends, family, etc.).
Sometimes my upsets/qualms were met with a sympathetic ear by my parents but more times than not was turned back onto me hearing statements such as “I’m so sorry I failed as a parent/ that I was such a terrible parent.” But sometimes it would end up being a very sweet/empathic conversation. I feel like I put too much on them/ was very unfair with my rehashments. Consciously I know this (guilting/ passive aggressive response to having hurt someone) isn’t an appropriate response at all but I also understand the defensiveness as I am not a parent and realize they are human not perfect. This is why since a couple years ago I’ve made a considerable effort to validating the truth not perception of people I have conflict with and refuse to mitigate their experiences. I always fear accidentally entering manipulative/gaslight behavior as I know I have engaged in such in the past (or am sure I have). And because of a lot of guilt / shame from these situations I see myself as non-redeemable and everything I’ve tried to do after feels fake to me because I know what’s in my past.
My parents worked heavily (dad was at work 5-6 days a week)/ when my mother was home she was often doing work around the house, errands, or working from home. We all had little common interest and I was often told as a child to “entertain myself” not necessarily a bad thing but nonetheless sad to reflect on. She’d also tell me things like “you’re such a joy to go on vacation with” or laugh in a cruel way when I was hurt/angry or upset it made me want to lash out. I often times feel like she hold secret resentment against me when we live apart but the feeling vanishes when back together and I’m confused. I was also scolded for wearing “girls” clothes, playing with makeup, etc even though I was reassured being gay was okay. I felt very closed off from my family / didn’t feel like I actually knew them (while knowing them extremely well). I often felt like my sister was the kind of child they’d expected/hoped for and that unconcniosuly they seemed to care for her more even though my negative behaviors garnered far more of their attention. I remember them being highly disappointed / sometimes angry with my failures/ lack of effort in school and dismissing me voicing that It was bc I was sad/anxious. I was even told at one point from my father that “nobody likes the sad kid” and that there was “nothing to be sad about.” Fortunately they did put me in therapy in 7th grade after I suffered a sexually traumatic experience at sleep away camp (I believe this caused my feaOCD of semen and my hyper-sexuality along with finding porn at a young age) and I have been in ever since.
Growing up I have very specific memories of my mother and father and I getting verbal and physical with one another. We have all said incredibly nasty things to one another. My mother and I would be more yelling/ passive aggression where my father and I would be that but physical as well. He and I would often escalate over things such as school, etc. We would begin to raise our voices at each other as I always felt extremely criticized by him and often times felt like he was unable to empathize (he was able to Channel his ADHD in a way I could not). Either I would say something to him or would shove him (losing my temper something I never did with friends), after this point I would know I had gone too far and that the situation was unsafe. Instead of us walking away from one another his anger would escalate to rage and he would grab me by my shirt collar and pull me up the steps, shove me back or scream at me while my mother watched / only intervened when it was going too far. I often wonder if this scared he if she felt it was appropriate. As I’ve gotten older I’ve also noticed the have a tendency to be passive with each other. When these things are brought up to him he is unable to recognize such/apologize. I don’t blame him though, he had a tough childhood and his father is without a doubt an abuser and he had to emotionally take care of himself for the most part. His mother is a holocaust survivor and I know intergenerational trauma is a real thing. My father is loving, caring, loyal to a fault and does seem to have high empathy from time to time, he is extremely goofy/a bit childish at home and is hyper-professional, serious and laid back at work. While I do love him he has always tried to manage my life in an overly helpful way (something I’ve fallen back on) and takes a lot of credit for my success has even stated he’s the reason I’m at college. He hasn’t really ever allowed me to truly fail at something (though I have failed on my own times and had to deal with it) he has always seemingly swooped in to help/fix— I am thankful for this and I’ve been able to get more on my feet but also feel like it has disservices me. I worry if I have the perpetual mentality of a child that needs mommy/daddy’s help. I also have access to their money to some degree and am allowed to use a their credit card for things like food, groceries, school supplies, etc and often feel guilty about such/ my financial dependency. I don’t overspend but occasionally I will impulsively shop even though I know I am by no means entitled to their money and almost wish they’d revoke it from me.
I often times felt like I was left alone growing up with my thoughts and found comfort / often times developed codependent friendships where I derived my courses of actions, advice, and almost treated them like parents from time to time (babysitters as well). If I had friends/chosen family and theimy own approval I didn’t need my parents. I think this caused a level of district to authority within me. My parents were always there however to offer a listening eawould ask what was wrong but would mostly give me space/ give up if I shut them down (what did I expect?). I feel like their parenting style, my mental health struggles and production of certainly what can be described as a false self from hiding my queerness for 16 years has made me a vulnerable narcissist. I worry I am entitled, manipulative, delusional, lack empathy and that I’m just pretending to be who I am when the reality is I’m a nervous, shame filled person who can’t escape past misgivings (something I have been vulnerable/ open about though with most of my friends.) I often times become lost in my own thoughts/world in deep / heavy self-reflection, guilt/shame spirals about the ways I’ve harmed people in the past, fear of people finding out about the darker / more harmful things I’ve done not because I fear reputation damage on a superficial level but that they will no longer see me for who I have strived to become/ the parts of me separate from those actions and that I will lose everyone. I don’t know the line between having privacy of my best and what needs to be divulged. I have many close friends/friends but I often times feel like I’m not doing enough to maintain/cultivate those relationships or that I am cold/emotionless a lot of the time. I have interest/hobbies but have a hard time continuously committing to them and often times hyper-focus on something from time to time. I have fluctuating self esteem from time to time as well often not thinking of myself as good/bad but merely myself and then dipping into either higher or lower points situationally. My gender identity/expression is also semi-unstable as I could never authentically present it till college and I worry if this means I am hollow. I also excessively read about personality disorders and fear the way’s they’re describing a pathological narcissist is actually the thing that I am. That was is being written is in fact my reality that I’ve gotten so good at denying.
Part of the reason I think I'm a covert/ some type of narcissist is because I occasionally have fantasies of having a perfect love (crave being in love), having a job I love/ in the field I desire being apart of even though I’m not particular good at all the subjects (I am pre-med/health) and am very aware of such/ don’t pretend otherwise.
Some of my negative traits that I think indicate that I'm probably a narcissist myself:

  1. being secretly hurt by certain things but remaining calm on the outside and internally processing ( I tend not to hold grudges though and allow lots to slide but it does remain on my mind and by no means lash out at all forms of perceived slight/criticism)
  2. When I do voice hurt/upset about being critiqued I often feel like I’m being unfaioverly dramatic or creating too harsh of boundaries
  3. disregard to others' personal spaces (I’ve gotten better at this though)
  4. I think I lack empathy and compassion from time to time more on an affective than cognitive level (or I question if what I’m feeling is or isn’t empathy, where Is the line between empathy and projection?) sometimes I feel like I’m being cold/unmoved by what’s said and I remind myself to tap into “their shoes”
  5. Emotional numbness ( I cognitively know how I feel but I question if I really feel like I’m feeling it or not)
  6. Fluctuating perception of others but overall I am able to see people as grey not black or white even if they’ve caused me harm (I don’t split but sometimes I do in moments of upset/anger but more internally)
  7. Low self esteem (but sometimes stable/ good self esteem but I fear these are just narcissistic defenses kicking in and are not genuine)
  8. Extreme, often unrealistic perfectionism that never plays out in the way I desire while also setting the bar for myself at average
  9. Suppressed aggression that occasionally has come out as raw anger in the past but I can better control it now with self-soothing techniques/words
  10. inability to react appropriately on occasion
  11. self esteem roller coaster when feeling unstable (from hot shit to piece of shit)
  12. Going from limited capacity for social interaction to need / desire for such (I isolate from time to time)
  13. get distracted extremely easily
  14. Sometimes wanting to be the center of attention but often times feeling fine not being
  15. While I’m good at cognitive empathy and know I do experience affective empathy for friends, family, movies/books, strangers I sometimes find defining affective empathy difficult and wonder if other people are better at it or experience something else than me / if I’ve simply learned to mimic emotion extremely well / adapted emotional grammar to sound like I understand when I may not
  16. Expect praise and feel disappointed having not received it but not crushed/ can understand not everything I say / think is novel/great
  17. a lot of my fantasies are about finally being able to prove I actual am smart (something I’ve been told but only believe from time to time/ I don’t intend to fish for compliments but when they’re received I often times look down and thank the person but disagree/ don’t truly accept them)
  18. I rarely dream (but I do smoke weed each night which surpasses REM)
  19. Feel like a lot of the time I’m depressed, anxious, elated, lonely or numb. I’ve read these are the emotions most narcissist experience and not on a deep level and that I actually have shallow emotions/feelings)
  20. struggle with long term goals ( I know I want to go into medicine/science but from time to time I’m interested in Journalism, international policy/law, history, etc. and sometimes don’t know what I want to do/ if I’ll actually do medicine)
  21. quarter-life crisis from time to time (what am I / who am I becoming?)
  22. Engagement in people pleasing behavior from time to time but NEVER use it to guilt people (this is wrong, you do something to do it not to gain)
  23. irresponsible/impulsive
  24. Either too assertive or unassertive
  25. Shoplifted in high school with no remorse after a point in time but now regret it/ have tried to move past it
  26. Using sex/hook-ups as an unhealthy coping mechanism
  27. Engaged in toxic behavior when forming a deeper relationship with someone I have strong feelings for (fearful-avoidant attachment style to some degree)
  28. Unsure if I search for “narcissistic supply” or if I just want validation/comfort as I can’t differentiate in literature between “extension of self” v.s what an authentic friendship would look like as I believed all my friendships are authentic/ wonder if I’ve surround myself with Narcs
  29. Engage in gossip but have realized a lot of qualms had are shadow projections and I try to keep that in mind
  30. Have a tendency to talk about my own problems a lot but also make an effort to also listen to my friends/families and help them out/ just listen, I ask friends opinions on situations, ask them to analyze with me and only feel calmed for a period of time after talking to them (eventually have to self-soothe and move past even though I’ve been confiding less recently)
  31. I don’t know if I gloat my “achievements” or not there’s only one I feel particularly proud of which is making it far in sports which I miss dearly
  32. Either think with my emotions/feelings or try and analytically process how to go about things/ how to feel
  33. Overly critical internal monologue that I actively try and reprogram with nicer thoughts/more gentle thoughts when they come up
  34. Always self conscious. Always wondering if I was in the wrong/ that I was wrong. That I was bad. That I should be ashamed. Always anxious about if I’m being myself and if I’m enjoying my life.
  35. Paranoid friends/others speak about me behind my back/secretly fear me and are only friends with me out of some kind of unknown obligation/connivence
  36. Unsure of what I bring to the table
  37. Know a lot of my weaknesses and strengths but tend to believe I have more weaknesses than strengths
  38. Blocking outside stimuli / try to avoid difficult emotions unsure if I accesses them properly
I have realized that I have some utterly narcissistic traits— and try to avoid/suppress them as the very last thing I want to be is a narcissist. I want to be kind, understanding, level headed, loving, attentive, respectful, contemplative, outgoing but slightly introverted, empathic and caring. Things I am told that I am but I often just fear it’s a mask I wear. When alone I feel numb, lonely, sometimes bored but often times think about myself / my mistakes from the past. I never try to “fake emotions” I think it’s pointless and only creates a further facade. However often times I am distressed /disturbed when someone says something to me and I almost feel slightly bored, like I want to laugh at what they’re saying or that I’m not actually experiencing the emotions I should be (like I should be feeling something burning/intense in. The moment). I am always there to be a listening ear to friends and I do feel like they feel like I provide sensitive and real advice. I’m worried I am a delusional narcissist that has surrounded myself with codependents, enablers and supply to help feed my delusion of normalcy. I have talked to my therapist and friends about all this and they deny that I am a narcissist. Nonetheless my friends seem to love and care about me deeply as well as my family. Sometimes when I say “I miss you” or “I love you” to a friend or family member that I feel embarrassed almost or like I’m potentially not feeling those things which terrifies me because does that mean I have zero capacity for those things (while also knowing I do experience those things in the way I think I should). Love and missing people are actions as well though not just “feelings.” When catching up with people I always try to ask curious questions, ask how they’re doing, remember things to ask about in the future to check in, etc. Regardless of my reflection on things / obsession with it I often times wonder if this just means I’m a “self-aware narcissist.” I try to read a lot, re-assure myself that I’m probably overthinking things, that these behaviors could be due to a multitude of things and that I’m fairly young but it keeps nagging at me. My worst fear is being a pathological narcissist. I don’t want to become / or be one and it makes me frightened to have kids.
The reason so much was written out was not just to talk about myself ego wise (maybe it unconsciously was though? as I understand the length might mean egocentriscism) but an attempt to get as close as possible to encompassing the individual I am. I fear omitting by mistake/ fear of leaving out significant details that may shift what people may say (I.e excluding things that maybe could potentially qualify as NPD behavior unknowingly) so the overcompensation is an attempt to make sure the candid truth is being presented. So that enough facts are present to give the most accurate critics/feedback even if scared to receive. So yes in short very OCD (been told this by friends, family, medical practitioners, etc.)"
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2020.10.30 21:49 Abblesauce30 AITA for telling my stepmom to die of cancer, after she ruined what little was left of my father and I's relationship?

Hello there. I wanted to share this story because I really like and respect Mark Narrations. I was hoping to get his opinion on this. This story is pretty long, but I wrote it to the best of my ability and memory. TL;DR at the bottom.
The Cast:
WT - Wicked Troll (Stepmom)
WD- Wicked Daughter (Stepsister)
Dad- My Dad
Sis - My younger sister
Me- Me
Background Information:
My mom died due to complications with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 12 (I'm 30 now) years old and Sis was 9 (She's 27). Dad struggled for many years trying to find love and tried to raise us as best he could. My parents favored one child over another. I was my mother's favorite because I was tasked with helping her the best I could. Both parents called me "woman of the house" when I would take on these duties. It started when I was 6 or 7 years old. My mother was wheelchair-bound, so I primarily assisted her with cooking, cleaning and other household chores. Due to stress, I hardly bathed as a kid, had a huge binge eating problem and was constantly bullied by kids in my class. Dad favored my sister because they were a lot alike in personality. She eventually had to help out around the house as well, but she was younger, so got to do normal things and go out with my dad on grocery shopping trips.
Both parents loved us, but it definitely wasn't equal. When mom died, I took it very hard. from ages 12 to 14 I struggled with suicide attempts and self-harm, on top of the other issues that persisted - my hygiene was okay, but not great. I was also very judgmental of the women my dad brought in his life, but grew out of that at age 15. At age 17 I permanently fell out of the Christian faith, while dad and sis were very religious. Dad and I loved each other in our own way, but our relationship was very rocky by the time WT and WD came around.
Story starts 11 years ago. I was 19 and Sis was 16. Dad met WT while going out dancing at a local lodge. The two hit it off and started dating after several months. Things were okay for the first year. Dad doted on her and spoiled her with money from his life savings (Dad was in his 60's and was close to retirement). They were both very happy we were eventually introduced to WT and WD. They seemed like good people.
Until I started being open about my Atheism. I had kept it to myself for two years and tried to revert back to the faith as much as possible. I used to be desperate to believe again, but nothing ever worked. I struggled with my worldview in silence up until then, but ultimately decided to be honest with myself and embrace who I am. I also decided to be open and honest with the people around me. Dad didn't care too much. He believed it to be a phase that I would grow out of, (never happened).
WT and WD never let it go. At first, I was quiet and respectful. I kept my opinions to myself and didn't speak out. However, every time I was alone with one or both of them, they'd say and do passive-aggressive things "for my own good". These instances often hurt my feelings and I asked them to stop multiple times. It would be little things like bringing up bible verses every chance they got, commenting on how awful my mental state must be, etc. They also shamed me for my weight and eating habits. The one thing I made sure to keep up was my hygiene around them, with shame being the motivating factor. All of this was done within I was completely alone with one or both of them. Never around Dad or Sis.
I kept silent until my 20th birthday. I ended up having to ride in the car with WT and WD alone on the way to a nice restaurant for my birthday dinner. This was due to the amount of family that was attending. They proceeded to talk down to me in the car, told me to watch what I eat, and kept insisting that my Atheisim would lead me to killing myself if I didn't turn to God and start going to church.
That incident broke something in me. I talked to Dad after that and cried about the things they said and did. Gave him examples of how I had been treated and every detail about the birthday incident. He seemed to believe me at first, but WT told dad that "I hated them for some reason and she and WD ever tried to do was help me". Dad believed them over me and things got even worse over time. The effectively strained our link beyond repair. Sis, at least, believed me.
Once I was out of the way, they started working on Sis, who was far closer to him than I was. WT and WD did not succeed against her, however. So they resorted to making fun of Sis's weight, many piercings and preference for black hair and black clothes. WD was nicer to her, but went along with WT's cruelty anyway.
We eventually realized that WT and WD were trying to get us out of the picture, but that came too late. Dad and WT married, making her our evil stepmom for a time. WD became our evil stepsister. It should be noted that WT only married Dad after he'd been diagnosed with stage three colon cancer. When I found out, despite strain and hardships, I took CNA classes to become his caretaker (Never happened because I couldn't pass the test in time). During this time, WT hooked her claws into Dad hard. She canceled his home health care since the money could be used for "more important things". This amounted to WT spending as much money as possible. She went out all the time with WD, while he was left home alone for hours at a time. Dad deteriorated because of the lack of care - Sis and I weren't allowed to visit as often, despite my training.
When Dad was alive, she PLANNED HIS FUNERAL without his say and NAGGED him about how THEY "COULDN'T DO FUN THINGS TOGETHER ANYMORE". She made him miserable and I believe the stress WT caused directly worsened his health.
Dad lost his battle with cancer seven years ago and WT made every aspect of the funeral and wake about her and her loss. Turned the few left in Dad's family against us. The obituary barely mentioned his children but had five paragraphs of WT talking about herself.
Sis and I were not allowed family pictures that included our mom, not even one. Eventually, no pictures of us were allowed at all. Sis and I were not allowed to speak at the wake. Nor were we given support. We were essentially tossed out of our own family. The only ones who seemed to love us were our aunt and uncle on his side, but my aunt died shortly after. Never saw my uncle again after that.
Come inheritance time, she tried to take everything we were supposed to have. She ended up with 50k, a car that was meant to go to my Sis, and anything she wanted from the house. That wasn't enough. Oh no. She kept coming over to our place (Sis and I lived in our childhood home together) and kept hassling us about the money in another account that was in Dad and I's name - I handled bills and other expenses for the house. I refused her every time.
Both WT and WD also harassed me on Facebook, tormented my sister because I stopped trying to talk with her and a lot of petty and horrible actions. I became sick and tired of it all. I typed out a very long, hateful rant. Here is where I might be the asshole. Given all the information, I willingly accept the judgment. My response to her has haunted me for years.
Here is the message in full:
"Dear Troll Bitch,
You are definitely a petty piece of work. You chose to randomly search through my facebook, took something meant to be a joke and decided to talk about how my dad wouldn't like it. I'd ask what would inspire you to leave such a remark, but that would mean I'd have to wait for you to fumble around and come up with some kind of "logical" reasoning. There really isn't. You're just a drama whore, joansing for another fix so she can snub her nose at her dead husband's two "inferior" children. Yeah, he wouldn't. He also wouldn't have liked how you took the car meant for my sister. Or the way you made everything surrounding his death about YOU. You made it perfectly clear with the way you took charge of everything. Your actions concerning money and the car only serve to prove where your heart really lies.
So I don't want to hear or read about my father from you. You never deserved to bear his name, share his love or live with such a good man. You are an ignorant shrew, a loathsome little troll that will die an empty shell of a person. And that day is getting closer and closer with each passing second. I would pity you, but that involves caring to an extent. If you were to die, I wouldn't give a sh**. In fact, I'd be thrilled. At least then, there'd be no chance of you harassing my sister at work. She cried over that. I bet you're proud of yourself.
And just to twist the knife further, you were never my father's Soul Mate. If anyone, that would've been my mother. What my parents had was far more real and loving than anything you two ever had. You did not respect him, you twisted him to your will with your words. You whined and cried about not being able to do things with him anymore. AS IF IT WERE HIS FAULT.
Sincerely yours,
An actual human being.

I feel like I'm the ahole for wishing cancer upon her and writing that lengthy message insulting her. Part of me wants to apologize, but she has pictures of my dad on her facebook again, and it hurts seeing them. I have mixed feelings on my dad, but I loved him deep down. I see them together and think of all she took from my family. I wish things had been different. Mark, you're a smart guy with a good sense of morals, do you think I should suck it up and reach out to apologize/forgive, or should I not bother? Am I a horrible person for hating her still?

TL;DR I ask Mark Narrations AITA for wishing my ex stepmother cancer, after my relationship with my dying dad was ruined by her. I also detail that there were other causes, but the stepmother was the one who broke everything apart. I feel guilt for my past actions, but still hate her and don't want to apologize.
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2020.10.30 21:46 Northeasterntv The Unsolved Murder and Disappearance of Molly Bish

(More information about this case is reported in the new, student-run true crime series NUTV Files:
The morning of June 27th, 2000, Magi Bish dropped off her daughter Molly Bish at Comins Pond, a local beach in the small, tight-knit town of Warren, Massachusetts. Molly Bish -- a feisty, honey blonde, 16-year old athlete -- had just finished her junior year and was now starting her summer working as a lifeguard.
Molly was known for being conscientious and highly dedicated to the job. She was super excited about making 9 dollars an hour, eagerly having lifeguard training the winter prior. Thus, all these known attributes made her sudden disappearance on that fateful morning all the more unsettling.
June 27th was Molly’s eighth day working at the beach, but it was her first day of swimming lessons. Molly was running a bit late for her shift, getting last- minute supplies.
At 9:50am, Molly and Magi made a quick stop at a convenience store. The store’s camera had the last photographic showing of Molly who was just buying a couple of water bottles. At 9:56am, the mother and daughter pair checked in at the local police station to pick up Molly’s two-way radio. At 9:58am, they arrived at Comins Pond with Molly saying ‘I love you’ before running off to set up for her shift. The beach was empty with the sole exception of a dump truck dropping a load of sand.
Magi drove off at 10am.
Around 10:20am, Sandra Woodworth -- a local woman of Warren -- and her kids arrived at the local beach for Molly’s swimming lessons, only to find a deserted lifeguard station. The items present were an opened first-aid kit, a backpack sitting on the bench, a towel draped over a beach chair with a whistle wrapped around the arm, a pair of sandals on the ground, and a Poland Springs water bottle. But, Molly herself was nowhere to be found.
Woodworth reports Molly's disappearance to Molly’s boss, the Park Commissioner Ed Fett. At 11:44 am, with no sign of Molly, Fett uses the two-way radio (that was Molly had brought on the job) to relay the incident to Warren’s Police Department. The police arrived, seeing no signs of struggle on the beach, and initially assumed that Molly left her post to hang out with her friends. But, after three hours and still no Molly, the police decided to call in Molly’s mother Magi.
The Bish family refused to believe that Molly simply just up and left her shift, a trait so uncharacteristic of the responsible young girl. The local police began to believe in the family’s intuition and, by that late afternoon, allowed the Massachusetts State Police to take over the investigation.
The state officials believed that, perhaps, Molly was a drowning victim, which could explain why her sandals were still on the beach. However, once again, the Bish family disputed that claim, rejecting the possibility that Molly, an athlete and a lifeguard, would drown.
The Massachusetts State Police searched for several hours into the night and to the next day, scavenging into a nearby forest, finding a footpath leading towards the cemetery connected to the pond.
While the police focused their investigations on local residents as suspects, Magi and John Bish, Molly’s parents, thought otherwise, with John stating "I don't believe any of these people around here were involved in this. This is the work of a professional, who knew what he was doing." In fact, Magi believed that she may have seen the man who abducted her daughter, a day before the disappearance.
It was June 26th, 2000 (the day before the disappearance). Magi spoke of seeing a man sitting alone in a white car in the parking lot when she dropped off Molly for work.
She described the man as “between maybe 45 and 55” with dark, salt and peppered hair, dark eyes, a mustache, and smoking a cigarette, dubbed as the “White Car Man” as seen with this composite sketch.
Magi noticed the stranger, glaring at Molly, focusing his attention on the young athlete. Magi helped Molly for the upcoming shift then returned to find the man still there, still smoking his cigarette. Magi and the mysterious man locked eyes, with Magi trying to scare away the man but to no prevail. She waited for 20 minutes when finally the man drove off.
Witnesses of the area also confirmed the whereabouts of this suspicious man and his white car in the vicinity of Comins Pond. Whereabouts include a car wash at the base of Comins Pond and at the end of a trail from the beach to the cemetery.
John Conte -- the District Attorney of the case -- pursued the white-car theory and his team did a cursory search of around 125 white cars. This case grew in publicity with people all over the country providing tips about the man. This all led to, what John Bish Sr. to admit, “having too many suspects” but there was no discriminating lead to point into the direction of Molly’s disappearance.
Despite the growing list of suspects, however, the state police officers were consistently at a dead end.
The only traits they could gathered about the offender was that he must have knew Comins Pond well, knew the forest and fishing area being either a fisherman or hunter, had a history of violence towards women, and knew of Molly’s schedule (since as previously mentioned Molly had only worked at that pond eight days before her disappearance).
However, with no more credible leads, the state police -- who were living at the headquarters in Warren for months -- had to drive back to Worcester to continue their investigation as months then years passed by.
Three years after Molly’s disappearance -- finally -- a big break comes in… in the form of Timothy “Tim” McGuigan. McGuigan was a former police officer, obsessed with an abduction of a young girl that took place seven years prior to Molly’s abduction -- Holly Piirainen. Blue eyes and blonde hair, Holly didn’t only share similar physical traits like Molly but also a similar fate.
In 1993, Holly was only 10 years old when she disappeared from her neighborhood in Sturbridge, Massachusetts -- a town in the same county of Warren. Piirainen’s remains were found two months later, but like Molly, her kidnapper was never found. But, even several years after the incident, McGuigan was not one to give up, thus starting his own investigation, which soon turned to an unhealthy obsession -- succumbing into alcoholism, the fall of his marriage and his career.
McGuigan was writing a true crime account of Holly’s case when stumbling upon and becoming interested in Molly Bish due to the similarities. McGuigan got involved with the investigation, questioning hunters in the similar fashion of how Holly’s body was found.
Finally, three years after her disappearance, new lead finally subsurf -- a weather-beaten blue bathing suit. The same one Molly Bish was wearing on the day she went missing. The swimsuit was found in a heavily wooded area only known to local hunters. The bathing suit was sent to the laboratory and another round of intensive ground search began. At the time, it was the largest search in Massachusetts history.
June 3rd, 2003 -- Three weeks later, police uncovered a human bone, an upper arm bone from a 14-20 years old, found on a remote hillside in a wooded section of Palmer, Massachusetts known as Whiskey Hill. -- around the same area where her swimsuit was found. A total of 26 bones from her skeletal remains were discovered. On June 9, investigators confirmed that the remains are of Molly Bish. No cause of death could be determined
Bittersweet filtered the air on August 2nd, 2003, a day that would’ve been Molly’s 20th birthday was a day of her burial. Her family said their goodbyes by bury them in a baby casket as her killer continues to wander freely.
Here are few suspects of the case. (Note: For disclaimer, the three suspects I will speak of were not only suspects as many others were questioned during this case.)
In the beginning of the investigation, the police interrogated local sex offenders. The police took several of them into the station to take polygraphs. Some showed signs of deceptions when questioned, but that wasn’t a decisive factor to prove that they were the guilty party. The sign only called for more examination into that individual’s history and background and whereabouts.
Out of the ones questioned, the police interviewed 52-year-old Worcester native Oscar Baillargeon. Baillargeon was a convicted child rapist, guilty for rape and indecent assault and battery in 1991. He admittedly bears a striking resemblance to the sketch of the “White Car Man” and had once met Molly at his nephew’s June graduation party, weeks before she disappeared.
Baillargeon was interviewed twice by the police about any involvement with her disappearance, and he had repeatedly denounced them. Even Magi Bish had her doubts, remarking how much Baillargeon’s hair differed from the composite sketch.
Steven Lukas was Molly’s boyfriend for three months before her disappearance. They recently attended prom together and seemed like a happy couple despite having opposite personalities.
Magi, Molly’s mother, described Steven as a homebody and much quieter than the energetic and outgoing Molly. Although Magi said she didn’t approve of him with Molly, she admits that Steve was never unkind or disrespectful to Molly or the family.
On the day of Molly’s disappearance, Steven was home. When the police interviewed him, they noticed that he had a cut on his lip and a missing eyebrow ring. According to Steven, when he got out of bed, he had accidentally hit his bedroom door, cutting his lip in process. However, his friends tell a different story with Steven telling one of the friends that he had a cold sore on his lip. Thus, the inconsistencies raised some questions.
A lot of Molly’s friends and even Steven’s friends went to participate in the search, going to the woods. However, Steve did not. Additionally, Lt. Thomas Greene of the investigations states that Steven wasn’t cooperative with law enforcement.
However, regardless of the suspicions, the Bish family didn’t believe that Steven did it. Steve went to the Bish family on the day of the disappearance, and they don’t believe that a teenage boy would have committed such a sociopathic act, but rather an intelligent predator.
Furthermore, with a passed polygraph, there is no evidence that points towards Steven’s involvement with his girlfriend’s disappearance.
Eight years after Molly’s death, in 2008, Steven (only 25 years old) died in a car accident, never knowing the whole story of what happened to his late girlfriend.
Our final suspect, one more recent in the investigation, is Rodney Stanger. A local hunter and a fisherman, Stanger lived near Warren for twenty years and strangely moved moved to Florida a year after Molly’s disappearance.
In 2008, Stanger was convicted for murdering his girlfriend Chrystal Morrison, sentenced for 25 years. The Massachusetts police connect Stanger with the Molly Bish case with a tip that refers to a conversation between Chrystal and her sister Bonnie M. Kiernan that took place a week before Chrystal’s death. In the conversation, Chrystal allegedly dropped hints that Stanger was involved in not only Molly's case but also Holly’s.
Stanger lived in near Warren for twenty years. His past was littered with violence as told from his two ex-wives and his deceased girlfriend’s sister. Additionally. he hunted in Whiskey Hill (the forest in) Palmer where Molly was found. He fished at Comins Pond. Stanger had a brother named Randy also lived in the Massachusetts area and was a person of interest to Holly Piirainen case, living down the road from where she was found. Randy also used to drive a white car.
There is a chance that Stanger and Molly may have crossed paths weeks before her disappearance when Molly took classes at the YMCA to become a lifeguard. Rodney was living just a few blocks away from the YMCA, his house on the same street as the institute. The two may have met when crossing roads.
However, his past and coincidental set pieces weren’t enough to prosecute against the convict. Stanger himself, while pleading guilty to the murder of Chystral Morrison, denied any involvement with the Molly Bish case. His trailer in Florida was under forensic analysis, including items such as hair decorations for young girls (something Chystral, an older woman would not wear). However, the evidence tested for DNA had come up inconclusive.
Despite her death, the spirit of Molly Bish still lives in the small town of Warren, effectively changing police training in the Massachusetts area, starting with providing children safety awareness and prevention exercises and activities. As years passed, the Bish family have worked in the honor of Molly for never again should a family suffer in a similar light.
In 2004, John and Magi Bish worked with Anna Maria College, creating Molly Bish Center for the Protection of Children and the Elderly. The center has helped around 15,000 Massachusetts residents and hundreds of organizations to help establish training programs for child safety. Through these efforts, they established the first Massachusetts Missing Children's Day and "Amber Alert" found its home in Massachusetts.
The Bish family additionally continues to aid and improve state legislatures involving the use of DNA in solving criminal acts, registrations and notifications of sex offenders in the area, and the redesigning of state license plates (making them bigger to easily spot and recognize). They hope that these efforts can help build hope in cracking down on unsolved cases similar to Molly’s.
The family continues to honor Molly year after year on the anniversary of her disappearance, arranging a public vigil in the remembrance of their carefree, energetic athlete.
This year, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the family decided to do things differently.
On June 27, 2020, the twentieth anniversary of his disappearance, the family drove from their home to Comins Pond -- using the same route Molly used on that fateful morning. Members of Warren were invited to light the Bish family’s path, turning on their porch lights or placing a candle in front of their window. On social media, people were encouraged to use the hashtag ##justiceformollybish, sharing memories and thoughts of Molly.
Year after year will pass, but the Bish family and the tight knit community of Warren will continue to memorialize Molly, keeping her spirit alive in hopes that one day, they find justice for her, finding the wicked monster that took her away, too early, too soon.
(More information about this case is reported in the new, student-run true crime series NUTV Files:
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2020.10.30 20:53 ar_david_hh Oct/30/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Artsakh (Karabakh) \\ Syrian jihadist captured alive \\ Azerbaijan uses phosphorus weapon \\ battlefield & analysis \\ successes in two fronts \\ diplomacy & world response \\ diaspora donates & demonstrates \\ Artsakh recognition \\ economy & COVID \\ other news...

3272 words. 13-minute read.

army captured a Syrian jihadist hired by Azerbaijan

His name is Mehred Muhammad Alshkher. Born in Hama, Syria. Married and has three children.
He says Turkey recruited him and 250 other militants on October 19th. They underwent training by Turkish commanders. They were promised $2,000 but he never got paid.
He says Azeris told his group to go first, followed by 2-3 lines of Azeri troops behind them. His comrades left him to die after he was wounded.
ANNA military correspondent has identified his dialect as being from Idlib, Hama, North Latakia area, which has a significant Turkoman population.
Video of the militant (translated):
Armenian language:

"Second Turkish-backed armed opposition group leader killed in Karabakh"

Abo Hussein (Kaljabrin town), a commander of the Turkish-backed Syria-based Hamza Group, was killed in Artsakh on Wednesday.
"Adel Shahir, the commander in chief of the central forces in the Hamza group, died a few days ago along with four other militants during the ongoing battles Nagorno-Karabakh."

Associated Press: "Azerbaijan hits maternity hospital in conflict with Armenia"

From October 29:

two random combat videos

Video of Armenian soldiers using a guided anti-tank missile against an armored vehicle.
Video of Armenian soldiers defending their position, possibly in the north. Date unclear.

October 30 events // battlefield & footage // international response & diplomacy // demonstrations & donations

22:18 Russian WarGonzo reporter: according to sources close to UDV [aka Union of Donbas Volunteers… a Russian political organization consisted of ex-volunteers who fought for the independence of Donbas from Ukraine], there will be a meeting on October 31st during which UDV might discuss providing aid to Artsakh.
The meeting will be chaired by Putin's ex-aide Vladimir Surkov and the UDV leader Alexander Boroday. Ex-Putin aide Surkov might return to politics after the creation of a new political party.
8:16 WarGonzo continues: UDV has signed an agreement with Russia's [nationalist] Rodina political party to form a new political coalition, possibly for the upcoming Parliamentary elections. Putin's ex-aide Surkov is returning to politics as part of the coalition.
During the October 31st meeting, UDV will also discuss the Artsakh conflict and the possibility to send aid to Armenians. There will also be a "big announcement". ,
00:27: Trump's security adviser Robert O'Brien called Pashinyan to discuss a ceasefire.
00:34: Russian WarGonzo reporter Pegov has returned to Stepanakert, Artsakh. He shared a video where you can hear artillery, missiles, and air defense in action.
Others reported that Azeri drone might have bombed a weapons storage which caused a chain-explosion.
Artsakh govt: the loud explosion you're hearing is coming from the explosion of ammo stash belonging to infiltrators. The storage was found and destroyed with precision strikes. Their losses are significant. The operation to destroy infiltrators continues. , , , , ,
6:10 MMA spoiler alert: Gerard Mousasi (Armenian) MMA fighter won the Bellator fight and dedicated the victory to Armenia while wearing the tri-color. "Հայաստան սիրում եմ ձեզ, ախպերներ, քուրիկներ։"
7:30: Germany has donated 2m Euros to the Red Cross for humanitarian help in Artsakh. It'll go towards solving food shortages during the upcoming winter.
8:06: Armenians held a demonstration in Hawthorne, California in front of the SpaceX headquarters. They called for Elon Musk to end the contract with Turkey and not send the latter's satellite to space.
Earlier they organized a mass email campaign that caught the attention of TechCrunch.
9:37 army: at night we identified the enemy locations and destroyed large quantities of weapons and manpower.
The enemy launched an attack after midnight in south-west and north, but was repelled after sustaining heavy losses on both locations. The search and destruction operation continues.
Video of Armenian soldiers watching the explosion of the ammunition storage:
Video showing the explosions in Azeri weapons storage:
9:56: today is the Emergency Worker's Day in Artsakh. President Arayik awarded medals to a group of rescuers. "The homeland appreciates the selfless service and professional work of its devoted children."
10:47: an 84-year-old Armenian POW Misha Melkumyan has died in Azerbaijan. Medics weren't able to transport him to Armenia yesterday due to his unstable condition. Armenia's Human Rights Ombudsman accused Azerbaijan of the mistreatment of POWs, which led to Misha's death.
10:50: Armenian Assembly of America has collected $2.1m in donations as part of a "two million" campaign for HimnaDram.
11:05 army spokesman: early in the morning Azeris launched an attack in the north but left dozens of dead bodies and retreated.
The intense battles continue in the south.
11:16: Pashinyan gave an interview to The Telegraph. Said Europe should take steps to stop Turkey... Azerbaijan and Turkey had planned to invade Artsakh within a week... Russian peacekeepers are acceptable but Azerbaijan rejects them.
12:04: the RockForArtsakh concert, organized by ONEArmenia yesterday that featured several famous performers, has collected $3.3m in revenues. It will be matched by the organization. $6m will be donated to
12:25: Kanye West made a present for Kim's 40th anniversary. It's the holographic image of Kim's late father Robert, who says "You're a proud Armenian, and I'm a proud Armenian father."
12:47: BBC made a 10-minute documentary video featuring soldiers telling stories, and their families in bomb shelters.
12:49: Diaspora Committee chief Sinanyan held a meeting with reporters and activists. "Diaspora's mobilization is unprecedented."
13:00: the government of the Netherlands has also warned its citizens about a possible terrorist attack in Baku, and to reconsider travel to Azerbaijan. The US had issued a similar warning earlier.
13:09: Syrian president Assad and the Russian airforce conducted numerous strikes in northern Syria's Hama, Homs, Al-Raqqa, and other desert areas occupied by ISIS and similar terrorist cells.
Turkish army, which supports many of these cells in northern Syria, began withdrawing its soldiers from north-west Hama, months after finding themselves surrounded by Syrian government forces.
13:10: Arts for Armenia exhibition is featuring the works of 200 artists from around the world. The revenues will be donated to
Over 33 book publishers will take part in the Book Market. Half of the revenue will be donated to soldiers' medical expenses at ,
13:19 army spokesman's interview to FactorTV: today the battles were more intense in the south (Vorotan river) than in the past few days, but it's more localized; cannot compare to the first days.
In the north, Azeris launched an artillery strike then attacked, but retreated after leaving dozens of dead bodies.
The army has cleared two villages east of Qarin Tak from Azeri infiltrators. (not far from already-mentioned Avetaranots, which is 6km from Shushi).
Our reconnaissance units had located and destroyed a large ammo depot and a base belonging to infiltrators. It was so big that the fire was visible in the capital Stepanakert. As you know, there are thick forests between Hadrut and Shushi. The infiltrators are active in these areas.
The warfare in forests is different. It's not a positional battle. You find and neutralize infiltrator groups. They often run away after being discovered. Often our reconnaissance discovers their position and passes the coordinates to artillery to conduct strikes.
For several days, Azeris tried to move from Fizuli to Martuni (east) but failed. Now they try to avoid direct confrontation and chose to send infiltration groups instead. It could be done for multiple purposes: to provide PR for Ilham Aliyev, create panic, cut supply roads, etc.
Azerbaijan's breakthrough-groups (punching fists) aren't as effective anymore after the initial days but they still have attack power; we must remain vigilant. There were three of these punching fists, with each having 10,000-20,000 soldiers and hundreds of armored vehicles. These groups failed the blitzkrieg.
Then they waged a different type of war, the one about squeezing and taking advantage of the numerical superiority. However, this squeezing tactic is also wearing out under our artillery and other bombardments.
Today they use a tactic one rank lower. They were forced to choose infiltration warfare due to their heavy losses. There aren't even many vehicles anymore and they get destroyed easily.
Shushi is a strategically important city. Not just for morale but also because it controls the road to the capital Stepanakert. Many of the infiltrators who tried to reach Shushi have been destroyed, but obviously, they will try again.
Last night we ruined the infiltrators' plans to bring reinforcements and create a bigger base for a future assault against Shushi.
There is no effective method to destroy all the drones. Even Saudi Arabia, with the most expensive defenses, sustained heavy losses in its oil sector when the drones targeted it last year. Even Israel, which has the highest density of air defense, has difficulties. The same about the United States.
We did improve the quality of our air defense recently, which led to the destruction of some Bayraktars.
We are working on our loitering drone industry but it's far behind what Azeris purchase from Israel.
If Ilham Aliyev didn't think he could capture all of Artsakh on the 32nd day of the war, he would not have started this war. Without Turkish support, their quality would have been much worse.
The most important resource in this war isn't the dollar amount, but the power of will and the nerves. We defend our homeland and existence so we improve our [aforementioned] resources with each strike, while the Azeri public will soon begin wondering about the death toll and search for answers for other questions. ,
Some diplomacy news
10:26: Iranian delegation has visited Armenia, after making stops at Russia and Azerbaijan. Iran is attempting to find ways to establish a ceasefire. They appear to support a "regional" solution, which could include Turkey's participation. Armenia says the Minsk Group is the preferred platform of negotiations.
10:46: MFA Mnatsakanyan spoke with the MFA of Uruguay. Yesterday, four former presidents of Uruguay expressed solidarity with Armenia.
10:53 U.S. House Rep. Frank Pallone: War crimes by Azeri forces continue to mount. Azerbaijan has now shelled a maternity hospital being used to treat COVID-19 patients, a historic church, and numerous other civilian structures throughout Artsakh. The State Department must condemn these heinous acts.
15:42: Vladimir Putin and the Russian Security Council are discussing the Artsakh conflict. Security Council chief Patrushev later expressed concerns about "the activation of radical-Islamist groups in Russia".
17:08: the Foreign Minister of AM and AZ are holding a meeting in Geneva, brokered by the Minsk Group.
17:50: Pashinyan met the Iranian delegation in Yerevan.
17:55: former presidents Levon Ter-Petrosyan and Robert Kocharyan plan to visit Russia for negotiations. The government has welcomed the efforts of former officials.
Update: Kocharyan is diagnosed with COVID without symptoms. He won't travel to Russia. , , , , , , , , , ,
Back to regular programming...
14:32: Spanish city Amposta has officially recognized the Artsakh Republic.
14:44: the graduates of Yerevan State University's Oriental Studies faculty will partially subsidize the tuition of soldiers who're in the front lines or those whose parents are there.
14:59: the latest losses in the Azeri army: 60 soldiers, 17 vehicles, 6 drones.
Total of 6914 soldiers, 6 TOS, 649 tanks and armored vehicles, 25 aricrafts, 16 helicopters, 232 drones.
15:31: popular singer Arsen Safaryan is still in the front lines. He performed a guitar song
16:39: army released footage showing the destruction of a group of Azeri infiltrators at night:
16:42: the MoD released a video about a group of female volunteers training on how to avoid landmines, provide first aid, weapon handling, etc.
16:54: the German Parliament held a hot debate around the Artsakh conflict. Several MPs criticized the Turkish-Azeri aggression. Calls were made to expel Turkey from the Minsk Group. The use of Syrian jihadists was criticized. An MP suggested the creation of a fund to help rebuild Artsakh.
16:59: Artsakh president Arayik met the Belgian House Representative George Dalman and expressed gratitude for visiting.
"Unfortunately, we see that this war unleashed by the Turkish-Azerbaijani tandem in the South Caucasus, including various groups of terrorists, is already expanding towards Europe, and the recent events in French cities serve as brilliant evidence of this," said the president.
The Belgian MP described Azerbaijan's human rights violations as a threat to Europe, too. , ,
17:20: in other regional news... a 6.6 earthquake struck eastern Turkey's Izmir district and was felt in Istanbul and Greece. 12 deaths, 419 injured, 20 buildings destroyed. A tsunami was formed in Izmir. A church was partly damaged in Greece.
Tsunami in Turkey:
Sea water recedes in Turkey:
Moments after the quake:
Destruction in Turkey:
The moment it hit Turkey:
Church destroyed in Greece: ,
17:34: Azerbaijan fired a missile towards Shushi but it fell outside the city. The skies above settlements were relatively calm today. ,
18:32: Turkish Lira hit a new record low. 8.37 per $1.
18:35: on September 29th, 8 Armenian soldiers repelled a 3-hour-long attack by 80 Azeri soldiers in the north, before the Armenian reinforcements arrived.
"That was the heaviest day of the war. The enemy began climbing to capture our position. After 3 hours of battles, they left behind the weapons/ammo and fled. Numerous bodies were left in the buffer area while 7 were killed already inside the trenches.
Interview with the soldiers:
19:37 Artsakh govt: today Azeris showed some activity towards Lachin. During the battles they sustained heavy human losses and began routing, leaving behind their positions.
The operation to find and destroy infiltrator groups continues in other locations. One military vehicle was destroyed near Tsaghkaberd.
19:50: Russian Parliament MP Vitali Milonov, who recently visited Artsakh and expressed solidarity, says this whole thing about Turkey using terrorists around the world "can lead to the 3rd World War which Turkey won't be able to stop".
Full interview in Russian:
19:53: Ukrainian opposition MP Ilia Kiva will submit a question to the govt to explain details about a cargo flight to Baku carrying weapons.
20:47: Armenians organized a protest in front of the Turkish embassy in Brazil. A caravan of 450 vehicles jammed the roads to raise awareness last week.
20:57: Iranian outlet wrote an article about the deployment of Syrian jihadists near Iran's northern borders, and how "Iranian air defense prevents Israel's attempts to violate the borders disguised under [Azeri] drone flights."
21:00 Artsakh govt: one civilian was killed and six were injured in the village Aknaghbyur after Azerbaijan's indiscriminate bombing of civilian settlements.
21:34: Latvian MP has accused Azeri state-run outlet Haqqin of spreading fake news about her allegedly expressing support for Azerbaijan.
21:51: a group of Emergency Ministry workers has volunteered to join the army:
21:57: a video was published allegedly showing Azerbaijan using an illegal white phosphorus bomb to burn down the forests. Forest fires are seen. [update: white phosphorus is illegal if used against humans but it can be used to burn enemy facilities]
22:00 army spokesman Artsrun's briefing: early in the morning Azeris attacked in several directions. In the north, after a short artillery fire, their infantry attacked several positions but was massacred and thrown back, after leaving behind many bodies.
Battles continued near several heights in the south, north of Araks river basin. We made positional improvements but the battles continue and I can't give details.
In the center, intense battles took place near the Martuni-Chartar area. Azeris used mainly artillery and attack units (not many vehicles) to try to make a breakthrough but failed. No positional changes. Intense battles continue.
In the center-eastern area near Avetaranots village forests [6km of Shushi], several infiltrator groups and a base was destroyed. We do have significant success here but the battles against other infiltrator groups continue; they try to infiltrate from other areas.
You saw the video of a captured terrorist [Syrian militant] today. He gave details about who trained them [Turkey], how they got there, etc. These militants are being used as cannon fodder. They are used as livestock to clear the land mines. That's their fate; I want the whole world to know this.
The war isn't as fierce anymore but in specific localized battles it can be very heavy, with the use of artillery, etc. but not many vehicles.
Q: any comments on an incident in Davit Bek [settlement right at the border with the Republic of Armenia and southern Artsakh].
A: I don't have a casualty report but Azeri artillery hit this direction and caused some damage.
Q: is it true that Azeris used a phosphorus bomb?
A: we're still examining the reports of the use. Overall, the war crimes and illegal weapons used by Azerbaijan against civilians is a recorded fact, which the international community should be aware of. The Armenian population was attacked. Armenians have the right to destroy legitimate targets deep within Azerbaijan from which the aggression comes from.
Large Azeri cities have various military objects within them, including the airports used by Azeri and Turkish military aviation. Artsakh has the right to target such objects.
If Artsakh's older Soviet-made missiles miss the target and land elsewhere, there is no excuse for Azerbaijan's state-of-the-art precision missiles to target Artsakh settlements without military objects. They didn't strike Shushi church or the hospital "accidentally".
22:03: Trump's security adviser Robert O'Brian has directly accused Azerbaijan of being the one that hesitates to agree to an unconditional ceasefire.
He said work is being done to place Scandinavian peacekeepers in the region.
Neither the U.S. nor Armenia will accept Turkish peacekeepers or the meddling in the conflict zone. [isn't this kinda yuge?]
22:49: painter Nikola Aghababyan (Gelndale) has auctioned some of his pieces and donated the $33,000 revenue to

COVID stats

+4,836 tested. +2,398 infected. +28 deaths. +1,059 healed. 31458 active.

COVID vaccine

Armenian-American businessman Nubar Afeyan's "Moderna" is finalizing the 3rd stage of the COVID vaccine study. The results will be published in November.
30,000 volunteers participated in the trial of mRNA-1273 vaccine. If successful, the company will produce 20 million units this year, and 0.5-1 billion next year.

the economy is recovering post-COVID

The economic activity index rose by +10.6% in September vs August. Industrial output +3.1%. Construction +9.4%. Trade turnover +5.2%. Exports +8.7%. Imports +2.7%. The inflation was -0.2% (deflation).


The government agencies won't distribute salary bonuses this month. Additionally, the Prime Minister's office has redirected $2.2m from its budget back to the federal coffers.

Top-5 highest-grossing փաստավավերագրական books in September

5) Դենիել Գոուլմանի «Հուզական ինտելեկտը»
4) Հանձնվել չկա, by Ani Kochari.
3) Յուվալ Նոյ Հարարիի «XXI դարի 21 դասերը»
2) Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, by Յուվալ Նոյ Հարա.
1) The monk who sold his Ferrari, by Robin Sharma.

How to donate to Artsakh (international, medical help for former soldiers) (international, for Artsakh) (U.S. tax-deductible, for Artsakh)
Prior events:
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2020.10.30 20:47 Joker_ERP [M4A] (A playing as F) Massive list of RP prompts (Rule 34, fandoms, Games, OC, Incest Ect.)

Hey there! Today I’ve got a massive list of rp ideas and have written out some starters along with some ideas to how I see the rp going. I’m open to change and ready to do other ideas too. So if you feel like you’ve got an idea I might be interested in feel free to talk to me about those: ).
As for my replies. I write in first person mainly and my reply length varies. I generally do anything from a few sentences to a paragraph or more and generally require my partner to do the same. Fair warning the less detail you reply with the less interested I’ll be in rping with you. (Not looking for a few words as a response)
I enjoy having a story to go along with the smut so it’s not just constant sex, some cute or action driven moments are fun as well. – Hand holding and cute dates are pleasant! I mainly do my rps on kik, discord or here. I also have an RP facebook account, so feel free to ask for my users for those! : )
My kinks and limits list might be a big read, but none are compulsory. I’m just here to have fun and hopefully meet some cool rp partners : )
Kinks: Harems (Doesn’t mean having to play all characters at once, just one by one is fine!), Incest, Outercourse (Which is stuff like titjobs, thigh jobs, grinding, hot dogging) Risky public spaces (Toilet stalls, changing booths. That kinda thing where people could get caught.) Facials, Freckles (Face and body). Big/nicely shaped bums (Especially if they jiggle). Creampies, Cum on tits/body, big cumshots, Thigh high socks. showewater sex (pools, shower, hot tubs ect.) Mutual desire for sex.
Limits: Pregnancy (Hard limit sorry), Vomit, Piss, Blood, Toilet stuff, Rape, Gangbangs (Unless it’s multiple females) Male on Male, futas, rimming/pegging.
There might be more that I’m forgetting so if you’re unsure feel free to ask me! The rougher side of sex like Name calling, slapping choking spanking I can all do as well! : ) Without further ado let’s jump into the starters!
Disclaimer: I am 18+ and all participants and characters must be 18+
Here's the basic list of ideas if you wanted to look them over before reading the full posts. I’m also open to some ideas that I may have missed! And please note: I’m looking for FEMALE characters only!
Rule 34/Fandom/Game Ideas: Idea 1: My Harem (Hero) Academia. Idea 2: Pokémon Idea 3: Naruto Idea 4: Bleach Idea 5: One piece. Idea 6: Sword Art Online. Idea 7: Fairy Tail. Idea 8: Avatar The Last Airbender. Idea 9: Persona (Girls from 4 and 5). Idea 10: Harry Potter. Idea 11: Final Fantasy. Idea 12: The Witcher 3.
OC Ideas: Idea 13: Fantasy harem adventure. Idea 14: Only Man of the town. Idea 15: Zombie and Nuclear Apocalypse. Idea 16: Sci-Fi space crew.
Incest Ideas: Idea 17: Brother sisteMother son (Or both). Idea 18: Aunt/Cousin. (Can be both) Idea 19: Incest family vacation.
Idea 1: My Harem (Hero) Academia.
(So my character will be a transfer into Class 1-A. His power is the power of persuasion. With the power he’s able to convince someone to do something as if it’s their own will. However, he’s hesitant to use it on other people and to tell everyone he even has it as he’s been outcast at his last school for the villainous nature of his quirk. As such he can’t use it to its full extent and can only issue small commands to begin with.
My idea with this is that one or more (cannon or non) of the girls decide to help him out in a private setting and overtime it gets more and more sexual in nature. And as he becomes more confident, he’s able to issue more longer-term commands. This can also be mixed in well with some story and some action to keep the plot interesting.)
Starter: It was a day which started like most others in Class 1-A. The students got ready in the dorms and headed to class to chat among themselves while they waited for Aizawa to enter. However, unlike most days there seemed to be an extra desk placed in the room. The seat caused some confusion which didn’t last long as the first bell rang and Aizawa entered the room.
“Morning everyone.” He stated in his mainly bored and sleepy tone which seemed to sound like he was stifling a yawn. “Today we’ve got a new student transferring in from another school. He’s from Shiketsu, some of you may recognize the name since it’s got the same level as prestige as U.A. but regardless make sure he feels welcome.” He said pointing a sweeping stare at everyone and finally resting on the problem child of the U.A class Bakugo.
With that he fell silent and I felt it was my cue to enter. Swallowing a little at the nerves I steeled them quickly and entered. My blue eyes sweeping over some of the familiar faces in the room. Many of the students had standout performances in the UA sports festival and as well in the news reports about the villain attack on the training camp.
I had a lot to live up to if I wanted to join these legends in training but regardless, I was determined to do just that. Breathing a little and shifting my auburn hair from my eyes I smiled the best I could. “My name is Schwarzer, Chris Schwarzer. It’s a pleasure to meet you all.” I say bowing to the class.
Satisfied with the introduction Aizawa nodded to the spare seat in the room. Taking that as an order I nodded back and headed over to my seat sitting down and getting my books out. Curiously I turned to the seat next to me noticing one of the girls in the class and gave her a slight smile as Aizawa began his lesson.
Idea 2: Pokemon. (So this one is super simple. Some trainers or a trainer and his Pokémon go on a grand adventure. For this one my favourite Canon female are: Marnie, May, Hilda and May. And my favourite Anthro Pokémon are Lopunny, Arcanine, Blaiziken That’s just for reference though and you can really play whoever you like! Ocs are of course welcome too!)
Trainer x Trainer Starter:
I like many others in the world of Pokémon have just started on my journey. Although I had done so a little late. Regardless me and my starter Pokémon Aipom which was a gift from my late father. Setting off with excitement to make a name of myself.
That excitement wore off pretty quickly however as an advanced trainer stepped in my path and soon, I realized how big the gap between us was. He wiped the floor with my aipom and laughed as he took my “Prize money” Scooping up my aipom I rushed through the rest of the route and over to the next town ducking quickly into the Pokémon centre.
Looking around there was a few new trainers who seemed to have fallen to the same fate as I had and I shook my head. Guys like that were total assholes and without hesitating I headed over to the counter where the nurse took my Aipom from me. Once he was gone, I was told there was going to be a short wait due to the amount of Pokémon they had to treat. I nodded as I headed over and sat down in one of the seats.
Idea 3: Naruto. (So for this one I like the idea that my character is a nomadic mercenary hired by the leaf to help train the ninja of the village, maybe he also has some kind of hidden power that boosts his chakra but also increases his libido. Not too sure how I wanna go about this one.)
Starter: The Hokage Tsunade Senju looked over me with a curious gaze and then down to my application form. “You’re younger than I expected given everything you’ve done.” She stated honestly. “But the intelligence division did a thorough search into you and you check out.” She stated as she slammed the approved stamp down onto my paper.
“Just remember, if you do anything to endanger this village, I’ll snuff you out personally.” She said in an icy and threatening tone. Feeling a cold bead of sweat roll down the side of my face I nodded. “Of course. I wouldn’t dream of it.” I say. Internally I make a mental note not to cross her in any way.
“Good.” She said putting a smile across her features. “Your first group is down on the training field waiting for you already.” She stated. “Your lodgings will be set up by the time you’re done, here’s the key.” She said tossing the key to me which I caught and stuffed into my pocket. I was a little shocked with how quick she wanted me to get to work but I nodded. “Right!” I say giving a respectful bow before heading out.
It took me a little longer than expected to actually find the training grounds as I hadn’t ever been here before. And when I got there much to her credit there were a few ninja standing around. Approaching them I gave them a sheepish smile. “Sorry I’m late guys.” I called out. “I got lost.” I added on.
Idea 4: Bleach. (So a new human soul reaper makes it into the soul society. His power isn’t captain level to begin with simply being enough to take out the average hollow. And with the resurgence of the hollow threat the Soul Society has offered to give him a substitute badge to take out those hollows deemed too small for the soul society to handle. Maybe he’s paired up with someone or someone like Orihime steps in to help him grow.)
Starter: Another boring day at school followed by a night of boring patrols. With all the big hollows being taken care of by “Full-fledged” Soul reapers it didn’t leave me with much opportunity to train against bigger enemies.
At least that’s what I thought originally. A few blocks from me there was a rift which opened up and the pure spiritual pressure that came from the hollow that stepped out of it was enough to make me feel as though gravity itself was pushing against me.
It was hard to breathe and even harder to stand as my hand clutched my blade in my left hand tightly. I shook my head as I heard the loud roar of the large breast and could even see it’s towering form from my position.
It was nothing close to a menos, but it was enough to tower over a three-story building for sure. “Shit.” I hissed to myself as I knew there were no soul reapers around at this stage. With a threat this big I was sure they’d come, but until then it was up to me to buy some time and make sure no humans or souls were consumed.
Pushing myself forward I reached the park that the Hollow had appeared in. Thankfully the park was deserted at this time of night. When he saw me the hollow. “You don’t smell like much, but you’ll do as a snack.” The hollow commented as it charged forward. “Just evade, buy time.” I comment to myself as I began to leap around the battle field looking a bit like and feeling like an idiot.
The hollow toyed with me a little while enjoying the chase before it seemed to ger bored. Just when I was thinking I was fast enough to keep avoiding it the creature’s mouth opened and its forked tongue shot out at me with faster speed than I was anticipating I raised my blade to defend myself but it was a feeble attempt and I knew it wouldn’t be enough.
Idea 5: One Piece. (So I’m not quite sure how to approach this one, but I’ll give it a go. Much like the MHA starter my character will have the power of persuasion, having eaten the Persua-Persua fruit. I’m thinking either he joins the Strawhats and goes on their adventures or he makes his own crew with girls from the story, I’m gonna leave it fairly open ended so we can jump in whenever along the story we wanna go!)
Starter: Alone in a bar I sat staring in the amber liquid in my mug. I was down on my luck after having my whole crew and my ship destroyed in a long battle another pirate crew. The only reason I was able to live through the ordeal was due to my crew sacrificing themselves to give me a chance to escape.
I spent days adrift with little food and water and soon washed up upon the island I was in. Immediately I found a tavern ready to drown my sorrows and feel sorry for myself for a little while.
Letting out a sigh I downed the rest of my drink soon looking at the few drops of liquid bottom of my mug. I knew being a pirate wouldn’t be easy, I knew it’d be violent and end in violence. However, to lose in that fashion without even being able to use my devil fruit to calm or question our opponent and losing everything still took its toll on me.
Scratching at the growing stubble with one hand, the other I raised my mug to demand another drink and as such the bartender approached to fill my mug. “You’re looking a little rough there, you sure you need another?” The bartender asked as he took the mug from me. “I don’t have anything else to do. I don’t even know what else to do with myself.” I responded grumpily. “Just fill it up.” I demanded. “Right.” The bartender responded as he filled it with more of the alcoholic amber liquid and slid It in front of me.
Idea 6: Sword Art Online. (Fairly simple it’s SAO set in the original death game. I love the idea, so I’ve always loved rping this one. If you want to play canon characters my fave is for sure Lizbeth, but I’m open to OC characters!)
Starter: It’s been months since Akihiko Kayaba has trapped us into this death game. Or at least that’s how some people looked at it. Others saw it as their dream come true. But most if not, all wanted to push forward and beat the game.
Despite the desire to push forward little progress has been made. Guilds and parties have formed to push through dungeons but with the increased danger and with it more deaths; more and more people simply decided to live out their lives on the lower floors.
Unlike those rushing in to push through the content I was happy enough to go through it at my own pace. This place was like a dream for me, save for the fact I had an increased chance of dying I was able to live in this game without the worries of the outside world.
I was doing some late-night grinding in an area of dense forest. The sun had set and there was little light save for the bright moon poking through the trees. All was calm, the trees swayed with the wind and the occasional sound of creatures moving about was enough to calm me.
However, the deeper I got into the forest the louder a sound became. At first it was quiet but as I approached, I heard it more clearly. It sounded like steel clashing against steel. Someone was fighting. Moving from a casual walk into a jog I quickly came to a small clearing where I saw two figures fighting, although in the low light I couldn’t make it out until I got closer.
Idea 7: Fairy Tail. (it’s been a little while since I’ve seen the series, but I’ve always loved it! Given my time away I might have to take some time to refamiliarize myself with the magics. My character will simply be an entry level member into the guild to begin with, canon characters are welcome just as OCs are!)
Starter: Another day in magnolia and another party being held at the large guild building at the centre of town. A large-scale job had just finished with some of the senior ranking wizards. and even though I wasn’t part of that mission, instead being on my own D-Rank job I joined in on the celebrations.
I had only been part of the guild for a few days and so far, it’s not been as exciting as I’d hoped, although I figured that it’d pick up once I proved myself. I was drinking by myself when I was approached by Makarov. He was wearing an essentric looking orange outfit. “Schwarzer my boy!” He said as he patted me on the shoulder. “How are you fitting in?” He questioned. “Fine sir! Everyone has been very welcoming.” I say to him in response. “Glad to hear it! You’ve been doing a good job, although I’d like to see you do more.” The male said. “So I’ve arranged a partner for you on your next job, that way you can take something more challenging, what do you say?” He questioned.
“Yes of course!” I say eagerly as a smile spread across my face. “Great!” He said cheerfully. “I’ll introduce you to who you’ll be working with.” He said as he stood from his spot and lead the way over to a female clearing his throat loud enough to get their attention.
Idea 8: Avatar the Last Airbender. (So for this one I guess it can go two different ways. My fave girls from Avatar would probably be Ty Lee, Suki and Toph. Maybe my character is a powerful bender that either the fire nation or team Avatar wants on their side. I think it might be cool to think that Aang isn’t the only airbender and instead a small faction managed to escape and continue the lineage. Either that or my character is a powerful firebender of some kind. I’ll leave whichever you prefer to you in your first reply as I’ll leave it open ended.)
Starter: The world was at war ever since the Fire nation attacked. With the intense fighting came mercenaries. Freelance benders or soldiers ready to fight on either side. For a fee of course. And despite my age, being only eighteen I was quite renown amongst the other bounty hunters for my bending.
Of course, there were talks of the Avatar returning, having repelled an invasion in the south pole, the liberation of Omashu and then the fire nation prison. It seemed they were making quite the stir in the earth kingdom.
It’d only be a matter of time before they reached the small town, I was in. Perhaps they were already here. But if that was the case surely there would be some kind of stir. Pushing my hair from my face I ordered another drink from the barkeep. “You know you’re my favourite customer Schwarzer…. You’re the only one who consistently pays his tab. Unlike the rest of these soldiers or the workers around here.” The older man says in clear annoyance.
“Well who knows, if I wasn’t so successful, I’d probably mooch off you too.” I admitted with a grin. “Try not to talk too ill of the soldiers on either side.” I added on flicking him an extra coin for a tip once my drink was finished. “Well I better check if anyone has a job for me.” I say as I pushed myself up from my seat.
Idea 9: Persona. (So basically this is just gonna be a fairly interesting idea. My character along with the girls of persona 4 and 5 get stranded in this strange dimension where they have to fight their way out to make it back to their own worlds.)
Starter: It all happened so fast. One minute I was in a team meeting with my group discussing what we should use our newfound powers for next. And the next second, I had blinked and I was in some kind of strange room.
One by one more people were added into this room. Some of which were dressed in some elaborate costumes. And I frowned as I looked to each one of them, all of which I didn’t recognize at all and judging by their looks they didn’t recognize me. Although before we managed to introduce ourselves a booming voice broke the silence.
“Welcome all!” The clearly male voice commented. “To the room of my design.” He added on. “I’m sure you’re all confused. And no doubt you’ll want to return back to your homes. However, to do so you’ll need to enter my labyrinth. “Make it to the end and you’ll all return home.” The voice explained.
“Of course, this maze isn’t without its dangers. Enemies, much like you encounter on a regular basis will roam these halls. As well as beasts of my own design far stronger than those… Fear no though for every check point you reach this room will become more furnished with amenities. For now, you simply have beds to rest on.” He said as there was an audible click and the dark room was suddenly lit up. Sure, enough there were rows of beds all lined up one for each person to sleep on.
“When you’re ready to test yourselves step through this door and enter the first level of the labyrinth.” He declared as a large door appeared and opened up in front of them. For a while nobody said anything probably all too stunned to even process the information. “So, I’m guessing we’re all persona users given what he just said.” I spoke up. “I guess we should probably start with names and strengths, right?” I questioned the group. “I’m Chris Schwarzer.” I say. “My persona Serapth focuses on ranged combat.” I explained.
Idea 10: Harry Potter. (So to keep this one interesting I’m thinking of having it set in an AU where Voldemort and Harry don’t exist. However, there are still dark wizards who are part of a cult around. Defs looking for a Hermionie, Luna or Ginny, you could even have other celebs/ecelebs as teachers or students for this one! Ocs are of course welcome too!)
Starter: Another year at Hogwarts, the last for some; and another year of learning was right around the corner. Although times were not peaceful in the wizarding world. Aurors who were the police of the magical world were going missing or showing up dead.
The ministry not wanting to make a panic kept it fairly under wraps, however some of the families have come forward with the information and rumours abounded about what was really happening. Stepping off the train I sighed a little rubbing my temple where a headache had begun to set in. During the train ride here, I found myself stuck next to a boy who wouldn’t stop going on about the rumours and conspiracy theories.
Glad to be off the train I looked around for a minute lost as to where I needed to go. “I know it’s around here somewhere.” I commented, although my sense of direction was always off. Usually I followed everyone else. But this time it seemed I was one of the last ones off the train.
Idea 11: Final Fantasy. (So this is simply going to be an idea with no starter since it will probably change depending on the many FF universes. My favourite however is defs FF7. (Tifa, Jessie and Aerith are best girls) with follow-ups being 12, 13, 15, 10, 8 and 9. Basically a fight would take the Main character of those series, Cloud, Noct, ect out of commission and needing a leader the other characters step up and hire mine on. Similar to some of my other prompts but I never said I was creative :^) With that being said though if you ARE interested in this one let me know and we can work out details depending on what world we’re in!)
Idea 12: The Witcher 3. (So my character will be a Witcher. (wow!) Saving people, hunting things you know? The family business. Anyway, I’m gonna leave it super open ended for you to come in however you like! If you wanna play a canon character my top two are for sure Ciri and Trist, and OC characters are accepted too!)
Starter: A Werewolf, an odd and rare contract, although I figured it wouldn’t be a hard one. In face I figured with my silver blade that the creature would go down rather quickly. Starting the encounter, I was faced with a harsh reality due to my hubris. I started off well enough, however due to my carelessness I was quickly on the backfoot.
The beast roared as it swung its large clawed hand towards me. I had barely managed to roll out of the way of the attack. Probably due to the increasing levels of bloodless resulting in a careless action on my part. A level of confidence quickly pushed down by the fact a handful of open wounds stung at my flanks.
More scars for later given that I make it out of here, although with my silver blade thrown on the other side of the area leaving me with only a steel sword which barely even phases the thing. I had to reach my blade, although with my focus on dodging the attacks it was hard to find an opening to do so.
I raised a hand and cast the igni sign launching flames at the creature who leapt back and I tried my best to make it past the creature only to have to dodge another strike as the beast recovered remarkably fast. “Stubborn bastard, aren’t you?” I questioned a little sourly.
Idea 13: Fantasy harem adventure. (This one is fairly basic in nature. Basically, a young man with little combat experience leaves his poor hunting village once he’s of age and sets off to join the adventurer’s guild to make a name for himself and also to send money back home. He’s fairly modest, naive and kind hearted. Which makes him likable and easy to take advantage of.
We could add a story with war elements, racism and darker themes to show him that the world he idolizes isn’t as cracked up as he thought it’d be. Ideally, I’d like a full harem party for this one but I’m cool with one on one too.)
Starter: It had been a few days since I was finally able to leave the small village, I was raised in behind me. Sword on hip and keen to become an adventurer. Of course, I also wanted to make a name for myself and I was even more excited to see everything the world had to offer. With driving me forward I headed from my village over to the closest city which had a guild branch. A city called Ruan. It was nearly five times the size of my village if not more and yet it was nothing close to the capital city of Grancel.
Smooth dirt paths soon gave way to cobblestone and my boots clacked rhythmically against the pavement as my steps soon got faster and faster as Ruan came into view. My stomach was in knots as I gripped the straps on my bag tightly and after steeling my nerves and taking in the sight of the large city, I headed through the large stone arch to the busy streets beyond.
My excited eyes looked around at every nook and cranny as I took in every detail that was on offer. Soon coming across the large marble and wood building of the adventurer’s guild in front of me. I stood in front of the large building clearly awestruck and for a moment I felt completely overwhelmed. This was it. This was the first step I was going to take on my journey and yet I felt far too nervous to head inside. Instead I stood there shaking slightly as I tried to work up the courage to push those large oak doors aside and declare my presence to the world.
Idea 14: Man of the town. (So again the premise is also pretty basic. My character wakes up in a town where there’s no men, as if they all vanished at once. Including his father which leaves him home alone with his sister and mother. (It’s up to you if you want incest in the plot or not.) We can have a story with an element of mystery to it too if you want! Or we can just bounce around the town having him bonk as many different people as you want.)
Starter: It’s been a few weeks since all the men in the town vanished one day. One day they were there and the next they were gone. There was of course a panic even though it is much calmer than originally, it continues to creep in the back of everyone’s mind. It doesn’t help the fact that no outsiders have come into the town and some strange thick fog seems to stop everyone from leaving.
However, with no answers it was left to the women of the town to pick up the slack and try to push for some level of normalcy. Except for me it seemed. Since the whole act started, I was in lockdown not being free to leave my home since my mother and sister was much too paranoid that I’d disappear too. With the amount of time I spent indoors going stir crazy I began to wonder if it was better to be wherever the rest of them are.
Today was different though and finally I was given the chance to leave the house while my mother was careless and rather quickly, I headed out into the street just glad to take in the scenery as I headed over to a nearby park. I headed over the soft grass feeling it beneath my shoes and then to the pond where I took a seat on one of the mounted benches.
Idea 15: Zombie and Nuclear Apocalypse. (Not a whole lot to say here other than it’s one of your run of the mill Zombie/Nuclear apocalypse scenarios. I might toy with the idea of having multiple zombie types like games such as Dying light and Left for dead in order to spice things up a little but we’ll see where we go with it. As for nuclear I’ll probably be following along the Fallout franchise. Being part of these worlds will probably make my character a bit more brash, blunt and even a little rude. However, given some time he’ll warm up.)
Zombie Starter: No one knows quite when the outbreak started, however it swept over the globe causing panic. People eating people. People dying and coming back to life as a shambling corpse joining the armies of similar creatures. Society crumbled over time and the cities which were now hot zones for hordes of the undead creatures were left abandoned to all but the most daring or desperate of individuals. However, these rabid hordes weren’t the only thing to look out for in the apocalypse.
Society had begun to reform in its most primal form. People grouped together for safety. Those who just wanted to live peacefully became easy prey for those who saw the end of the world as we knew it as a playground to kill pillage and steal what they’d like. These bandits created their own factions with their own fortresses and seemed to have an endless supply of guns and ammo as they used it quite liberally.
I had been on the trail of a particularly nasty group of bandits as they razed whatever small settlements, they had to the ground callously and without mercy. I had just arrived at one of these towns. Dying people lay scattered about while fires licked at the makeshift buildings. It was still quite fresh. Approaching a nearby body which seemed to be moving slightly I turned it over the man was in bad shape and was clearly on death’s door. His eyes looking into mine in a pleading sense.
“Do you want me to make it quick?” I asked him reaching my left hand down to my machete which hung on my belt. Weakly his hand reached out to grip my right as he gave a nod. I knew the death wouldn’t be clean, as I unsheathed my blade. However, I couldn’t waste any ammo on my pistol nor could I risk tipping off the bandits that did this that I was following them. With a quick swing I slammed the blade into the head of the man ending his life and after wiping the blade off on his shirt I slid it back into its sheath my eyes scanning the immediate area for any of the undead which had turned or for a slim chance of getting a glimpse of survivors.
Nuclear Apocalypse Starter:
The world as we knew it ended in a flash. A white light followed by a rumble which washed over the world in nuclear fire. Billions died then and there reducing the world’s population to the brink. Those who were lucky to survive a direct blast were mutated to become much different than humans and more akin to zombies. Those outside of it didn’t have much quality of life as the radiation created mutated creatures which made living in a barren wasteland that much harder.
There were others however who were lucky enough to be given a spot in giant underground vaults. There they lived out their lives separated from the horrors that this new world wrought. One by one these vaults opened to allow these vault dwellers into the wasteland that was our world.
Their blue suits and clueless natures made them stand out and become easy prey to raiders, giant creatures and everything in between. Many of them didn’t get far before being gutted and robbed for their illusive vault suits which earned enough to feed a scavenger or bandit for a month.
The world and society began to rebuild. And with small settlements and towns popping up here and there it wasn’t all doom and gloom for the wasteland. Many were able to create jobs in local milita, mercenary work. Even trading or bartending.
I was such a mercenary a few generations of my family lived through the bombing and the radiation which was lucky enough for me, I guess. I was hired to do whatever someone wanted for the right price. And today I was tasked with delving into a recently opened vault and check make contact with the inhabitants inside.
Colt python on my waist I headed over to the large vault door which at this point was sealed shut and knocked loudly. This job seemed rather easy and was paying a lot which made me wonder who I was working for and what purpose they had with these vault dwellers. However, I wasn’t paid to ask questions nor did I really care at the end of the day. The less I knew the less guilt I could feel.
Idea 16: Space/Scifi. (So this is a scifi adventure. My character is the captain of his own ship and is currently looking for recruits to join him and help run it. There will probably be lots of interesting planets our characters go to and I’ll certainly be making them up as we go along! Your character can range as anything from a human to android or even an alien.)
Starter: Stepping out of The Tempest I breathed in the humid station air of Astra station. The station which was on the furthest reaches of the space ruled over the galactic council; was a haven for the depraved. Outlaws, mercenaries, drug dealers you name it Astra has it and in bountiful supply too.
Which made it a perfect spot to find someone who was desperate to get off the station. Someone who would work for cheap or for free. All I needed to do was to find them. “Schwarzer, don’t forget to stock up on food, military rations are sad.” A voice commented through the earpiece I had. “Yeah. I’ll head through the slums and to the market. Thanks, Evai.” I responded. “And don’t cause any trouble, I don’t wanna rot in this ship while you’re dead.” The voice added on. “Yeah yeah I’ve got it.” I responded as the communication line was severed and I started on my walk.
I headed through a nearby door and down into the depths of the station. Soon I the overcrowded and frankly smelly slums. Beggars and gang members lined every corner all looking at me with a cautious eye as I passed. There were even a few tweaked out drug users laying scattered about in some dark corners. Even a few corpses.
I didn’t stop though, if you stayed in one place too long down here you were asking to be jumped and quickly, I pushed on heading over to the bustling markets. The food quality here wasn’t the best although it was abundant. I even talked to a few of the store owners to see if they knew where I could find the extra hands to help me on my ship.
Idea 17: Brother sisteMother son (Or both). (So, this starter is gonna be fairly generic, however it’s open to allowing any of the familial ties to be easily included. I have a few ideas for immediate family and will post them below and if you have any ideas, I’m happy to hear them.)
Starter: It’s a hot and lazy day in the middle of summer break. I had laid splayed out on the couch at home. Despite the air conditioner being on full blast my skin underneath my tank top was getting stuck to the leather couch; which did little to alleviate the heat fluster that was going on. I sighed after looking over the back of the couch to the pool outback longingly. I sighed a little resigning myself to bite the bullet and peeled myself from the couch.
As much as I wanted to strip down and run out, I wasn’t entirely sure if I was home alone and as such, I headed up to my room to change into a pair of swimming trunks before heading back downstairs. Passing through the laundry and grabbing a towel on the way.
I headed onto the back deck and draped my towel over the railing before I rushed over and leapt into the pool immediately feeling the cool water wash away any of the heat I had been feeling. I resurface and breathed a sigh of relief as I pushed my messy hair back from my face.
Idea 18: Aunt/Cousin (Can be both). (Again like the incest scene above I’m not quite sure how to spruce this one up so I’ll leave it rather basic and we can go from there.)
Starter: My family has gone on holiday without me as I had to stay behind due to being caught up in exams. Rather than meeting up with them later they decided it would be more fun for me if I finished them up then headed over to spend some time with my Aunt and my cousin across the county. While I wouldn’t be leaving the country, I was still getting a vacation in a way and as such I tried my best to be upbeat and positive about it, even if I was envious of the others.
While it wasn’t the same pristine beaches and high-class resorts that the rest of my family was going to, I was still grateful for the hospitality. The plane lands in the airport and after collecting my bags and checking my phone for a confirmation I was going to be picked up I sent my family and my aunt and cousin a quick text telling them I landed safely. After gathering my small suitcase from the conveyor belt, I wheeled it through security and out to the meeting area keeping my eyes peeled for any sign of my cousin or my auntie. There was a little confusion about who was going to greet me so I wasn’t sure who to expect myself.
Idea 19: Incest family vacation. (So, this one is again going to be like the other two before it. They kinda roll off each other in a way. However, I believe it allows for a wide range of engagements with multiple characters at some kind of beach resort.)
Starter: It’s the dead middle of another scorching summer and rather than tough it out in our homes which has air-conditioning which never seemed to help, our large family decided to all go to a large resort (Could even be a cruise too) together. Many of the rooms were rather luxurious and I was more than excited to see what the rest of the hotel had to offer.
We pulled up into the lobby and while the parents were checking in I headed over to check out a map on the wall. It seemed there were quite a lot of different things to do around the resort. There was a pool with a poolside bar, a beach which had volleyball games, a massage parlour, hot tubs and many different activities ranging from native dances to eating competitions.
Just the realization we were here and the excitement at the many possibilities that could come from the vacation. Maybe I’d even meet someone nice and have a vacation fling. Although with so many family members running around, I doubted that I’d get much peace to do that. Regardless I was eager to get up to the room, have a shower and change into my swimming trunks to explore all the different places.
We headed up to the rooms where I noticed mine had a large double bed. However, judging by my mother’s comments outside It seemed there was some kind of mix-up in the rooms and I’d be sharing the room with one of my family members. Not that I minded too much. I placed my suitcase down and waited to see who would come in and if they were interested in joining me look around.
Closing words: So yeah that’s about it! Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or suggestions, I’m open to hearing them! I know this was probably a big read so thanks again for your time and I hope to talk to some of you soon!
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